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    I’m struggling with this technology
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    I actually hid the thread you were referring to. Firstly it wasn't really a topic thread at all but a personal message to another forum member about some parts who hadn't responded to you in a timely fashion. Of which personal messaging would have been the more appropriate method of contact. Secondly the forum member in question obviously did contact you privately at some point to say that circumstances had changed and they were unavailable or changed their mind for whatever reason. You then continued the thread with a deprecating public response (similar in tone to this one) about how long it took for the other forum member to reply and the end result wasn't to your satisfaction. Turning the thread into what was basically a public squabble of which the other party wasn't even participating. You yourself have pretty much admitted that was the substance of your original post here today. Thirdly I know the forum member in question who is a thoughtful and generous contributor that would help anyone where they could. The bizarre current position dictated by world events that we all find ourselves in often mean delays or changes in priorities. Safety and family first, cars when, and if, we have the ability to fit them in. As such the thread no longer served any purpose other than to create discourse about another member after clearly its goal to contact that other party had been achieved. By all means continue to take shots at me though im cool with it if it deflects from other members.
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    I’m Dave and thought I’d just say hi. I’ve recently became a member after using this site for quite a while and would like to thank all the people who have gave me the inspiration to build my car. Lizzie started life as a left hand drive 1100 and has now been converted to right hand drive running a 2000 Black Top on twin 45’s
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    Mk2 transit Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    You crack on Mark, no skin off my nose 😂 think people know me better than that to be offended. If you do manage to offend me you will just be told to jog on !! Job done......by the way have a nice day😂
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    Today everything was removed again to get the bulkhead fitting better, 4mm trimmed off the back of the splash shield ends then the bulkhead slotted in much easier than yesterday and sits much better around tunnel area You can can see the original marks we done, so just goes to show check before you cut haha, where the mark is below that we need to weld a strip so scuttle can be spot welded to A post (more pics once it’s done) Scuttle in place but still need to add to add all the brackets on as in second pic, look at the state of the original will the repairs! 😳 Tried another front panel for fit, which was better than the other, but that’s for my car
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    Had a bit of time to spare time over the last few weeks so sorted a few jobs on the car. Suspension has been lowered by 2" all round and upgraded the rear shock. Next job will be the front brakes. Thanks for looking.
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    This is a fun way of doing it lol
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    Thanks I couldn't be happier just need to do the last little thing to it and then its mot time VID-20200518-WA0007.mp4 VID-20200518-WA0008.mp4
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    think that's time to throw the towel in
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    I thought I’d put some photos on of my project that I’ve spent the last 2 years working on..... Started out as 1100 LHD now 2000 Black Top RHD......
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    Not done much more since I now have the prop cluch cable accelerator cabel just wating on a clip and a fan to finish I have now fitted the cables and the washer pipe just wating on the last few bits to finish
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    Thanks here are a few from yesterday
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    Hi everyone,I'm Dunk,thought i would sign up to this forum as i am just starting the build of my 1967 Cortina mk2 1600 deluxe,2 door.I imported my car from Finland,and have got the car now registered in UK.I will be converting to right hand drive,and to rack and pinion steering.Also will be loosing the leaf springs on rear and making a triangulated four link,with anti roll bar and Gaz coilovers.Will be fitting 2.0 Zetec with Mt75 gearbox,using original fuel injection,I've been reading on here other Zetec installs,which has spurred me to join as no doubt will be needing help and advise,looking forward to chatting,Dunk.
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    Had a pair of seats delivered yesterday from a chap who bought them new 8 years ago for a project he never completed. Now in his 70s, his wife wanted them out of the spare room so asked my parents if I was interested. Got nothing to put them in at the moment though, but couldn't refuse them, as they are still like brand new having never been fitted 😁
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    Don’t worry khanlad gave a Janet and John tutorial on how to install the app !!! ive been in the valleys of wales looking at trucks, seeing as one of the dickheads I employ managed to put one on its side fully loaded. As per usual the ins company are trying every way to stall paying out😔 also used the trip to drop off a problem gearbox on the way to a fellow forum member.
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    just ticked over 30,000 miles
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    In the middle of up grading the brakes on the Cortina. M16 reconditioned calipers, spaced so I can use Capri 2.8 vented discs.
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    Colin should win it based on the fact hes learnt to post funny pictures alone
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    No idea mate, just found it, it made me laugh so I thought I would share. And seeing as Colin's car get's a lot of love, and he's from oop narth, I am hoping he won't cry..........but if he does....bonus.....😂😂
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    Pressure will be equal at all points even with a crossover pipe. Even if the first piston is fed momentarily before the crossover point, there is no pressure there until the second piston is fed and pressure starts to rise and equalise at both pistons. This is assuming that the crossover pipe is the same internal diameter as the feed pipe. Hydraulic fluid will always take the path of least resistance and pressure will be equal at all points of an enclosed unit. With both pistons being the same size and diameter, it will take the same equal force to move them over a given distance. Bit long winded, but hopefully that makes sense.
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    Hi Guys, Right then, I have a few parts if anybody needs them. 1600 Crossflow engine complete, 711M block. I have seen it run but not driven. sounded really good. Crossflow inlet manifold and twin choke weber. Pair Sport orange stripe front seats no rips but dirty, probably clean-up. Crossflow starter motor and solenoid. 4 Branch sport tubular exhaust manifold. Crossflow rad. Pair of front black door cards, not sure if original but in nice tidy condition. Loads of other bits ascociated with above, just ask. If you need something listed above please let me know. Provided your not going to put it on ebay its yours for a small donation to a really good cause. My wife runs a small charity for under privileged kids in Kenya helping kids that arnt as luck as we are. Not sure If Im allowed to put a link to the charity here (mods?) But its a really good cause. Contact me if you need anything and you can collect Hereford area.
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    Wow a car show I can participate in! Who are the judges and on a totally unrelated matter what type of scotch do they like to drink?
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    My 1300GT.... Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Hi haven’t been on here for a while . I have had time to kickstart my escort project again after a busy couple of years so here are a few pictures.
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    Going to be a nice looking MK1 that. Mine said similar once, but never made the same mistake again...
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    Not as scary as the kid when you zoom in! Thats child abuse!
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    Nope it just fits I drove her out the garage today for the first time
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    Obviously this is not in real time as the engine is in and running and all brakes etc have been done along with quiet a bit of wiring as battery now in boot lights changed to xr2 but LED with built in indicators, xr2 dash, no diz pro ecu, xr2i radiator, bmw 1 series front seats I'll hunt around for what photos I can find. Currently whilst on Lock down have started the body work. Engine
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    There was when I started I’ve replaced the inner and outer wings and the rest of the front end the floor sills front and rear chassis tubs and arches o and the rear panel. I’m skinning the doors at the moment but am still waiting for the n/s skin
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    This is now ready to be pulled and then dropped off to WPE for a rebuild, shell will be stripped and put on my spit so I can then do the wonderful job off removing underseal
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    In this video we modify parts to make them work on the 1958 Ford Prefect 100e Pinto Turbo Project Car. First up is the compressor housing of our new turbo which needs a boost take off for the wastegate, then we take the cleanest completely original Ford Pinto EFI fuel rail we have ever seen, and cut it up! Talking of cutting things up, we cut up the steering column support too! In the end though, we make everything better and the car is getting closer to the point where we take it all apart again...
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    "Pssst, the cage goes on the inside..."
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    Few jobs done over the last week then. Firstly the engine kit arrived from retroford, and its all really good stuff. Very well made and will suit me down to the ground. The engine got a check over, cleaned and paint and then the sump, mounts and water manifold fitted. I then gave the flywheel, clutch and type 9 a test fit and everything seems good. The lrs707 starter appears to be correct, the clutch release arm is sitting in the same position as with the pinto and the clutch cable bracket fits nicely. I am still waiting for a new spigot bearing so thats all i can do for now. I then turned my attention to the wiring and fuel system. The wiring under the bonnet is already in good condition as i have worked on it previously, really it was just a case of taping the no longer required coil and dizzy wiring into the loom ( so everything is always reversible easily!) and moving the temp sender connection to the bulkhead. I already have a kenlowe electric fan fitted with a relay, which was activated by an inline sender. Ive removed this, and ran the earth for the relay also to the bulkhead where the new rad fan switch will live on the water rail. I plan to use the rad fan switch to switch the relay earth, because that way i will also be able to use the me221 management to also switch the same earth (probably via a diode but ive not looked at the me221 wiring yet) so i can fail safe the circuit. With the fuel system Ive took the original fuel tank outlet out, cut it back flush and opened the feed hole up. Now i can weld an an10 fitting to it once i have some gas! The return, im just going to run a pipe through the sender, replicating the original setup on the senders mk2 escorts came with i think!) Still need to strip the cam cover back and paint that, its a real eyesore at the minute, but i also need to block the breather port on the back and fit my an an10 fitting on the side. I also moved the fuse box off bulkhead to the passenger footwell to ensure clearance, and cut the heater matrix hoses back flush with the bulkhead for the same reason.
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