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    We really enjoyed ourselves, even my 16 year old daughter had a good time and she doesn't like old Fords! We will be back next year, hopefully with our Mk2 Transit
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    What a fantastic weekend that was!!! Big thanks to Chris and Scott for arranging the tour. After the horrendous 10hr journey down which included on the M5 turning the van off going in the back getting the flask out and having a cuppa on the motorway🤩 The tour was great and must have taken some effort to arrange that run 👍 Did tell Chris I thought my sat nav could send me down some obscure roads but that run was blinding. Full of fun and some stunning views, must get a better navigator next time 😜 one that can read/ add up and is clever ....lol Did get a few pics, but our resident Kodak man in our group was Monza so no doubt he will be putting his collection up 👍 Them there pasties are something else, worth the trip just for those. Served by the ever pleasant Mrs Gerbil. She’s also my go pro specialist on the side...lol A big thanks from the Northern Monkey, see ya all next year😍😍😍
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    Thanks Scott and Chris for a very nice dry tour this year spot on James
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    Hi. I am a new member and was wondering if there are any members meets near Stafford for MK2 escorts.
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    And finally, the official photographer's shots. I initially tried to get them in chronological order of the events of the day..................it got a but confusing with all the scrolling up and down through 125 pics though. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
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    Very quiet show today at Castle Combe. Number attending looked to be well down on previous years and also the number of Club Cars on show. Weather was absolutely thumping at 32°, which must have been hard work if driving on track. Had a walk around some of the cars, but only took a pic of 1 car that took my fancy. Very nice looking Longroof. Rest of my pics were of the track/drifting. There should be some more vids behind that link of some of today's drifting too.
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    RICH T is ACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He gave me one of his NUTS for free. It was a really nice NUT round with a nice 50p edge to it, it had a nice feel to it, as I rolled it around in my fingers and have since screwed it onto the bottom of my knob (Choke knob that is). When I pull my knob out on a cold morning Rich, I will be thinking of you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????. Let me know if your looking for anything for your motor mate, see if I can return the favour. Cheers. Al.
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    A few (ok lot) more pics. Some good convoy shots too. 😎
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    My thanks to Chris and Maija for all their efforts. I just manage the admin and payments, it is Chris who has done 90% of the leg work Who spotted the Royal Navy's newest, and largest ever, capital warship (HMS Queen Elizabeth) anchored just outside Plymouth Sound in that Sea in the distance? See 1st l shot below, she's between trees.
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    Was thinking just the same James..... Scott, Chris.....?? Awesome tour boyos...well worth the 10hr trip down on friday!! Thanks lads [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    My electric roller shutter door decided to dis assemble itself last week, so what can I do whilst I’m waiting for a new one to be fitted as I can’t get in or out the garage. Oh yes, new roof on the conservatory! Had a quote to do this. WAIT for it.......£8.5k.......you what!!!! Not on your nelly. Get the wood work tools out. Can’t be that hard can it,...or can it ? Wood saw, tape measure, sliding bevel and a pile of wood oh and most important a pencil. Nearly forgot....cuppa tea🤔 Friday afternoon, old plastic roof and frame off. saturday morning, oh shit how do you make a traditional style timber roof. Quick google, look at some pics and a cuppa. A few Gerbil ups with mitres, birds mouths and compound mitres but in the end a bit of head scratching frame up by Sunday night. Looked at the weather forecast, what’s it say ....pissing down 6am tues morning. Just my luck! Ropes in the wife, on the roof and pas those 8x4 sheets of ply up😢 10-45 pm we’d got the boards on, sheet wrapped over the top to make water tight. Tuesday comes....no rain🤬 Anyway tues wife takes the day off work to give me a hand, got it all underfelted and sealed up. Just waiting now for the shingle tiles to be delivered to finish off, job done. All in all six days going into seven to complete plaster boarding inside and the cost of approx £1350. Seems like a well spent week to me. It’s surprising what you can do with a bit of thought and time. Quite enjoyed it really, makes a change from welding burns and trapped fingers...lol
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    From the tour of moor pics 😍
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    First thank you all for coming. These events don't happen with out you lot turning up and supporting our events. I hope you all enjoyed it and will join us again for next year. Thank you Scott for your assistance in getting this off the paper 3 years ago. What was a dream several years ago became a reality with 40+ old fords driving around the moors in glorious weather. My good wife for bringing us lunch and driving around with me many many times perfecting the route and getting treasure hunt questions. @steve caf577k for stopping and getting Top Banana going again. Now on with the review. Saturday morning we all gathered at the River Dart country park camp site for the start of TOTM 2019. The air full of burbling exhausts and carbs, bright vibrant colours that only old cars seem to have now. After the mingling had finished everyone was called to start their engines and line up ready for the off. Route cards were handed out and cars set off in small groups. We left the campsite and headed to the moors. Driving the back road from ashburton we followed the road to Saddle Tor and Hay Tor. With glourios weather we could actually see the tors this year. We then headed towards Bovey Tracey. Before we got to Bovey Tracey we turned right for Manaton. It was at this point we had a change of scenery from previous tours and used small back roads that only the locals know about. The narrow winding roads took us through Manaton and North Bovey. Once these small villages were past we had a quick blast up the main road heading north. Then a left turn to Chagford and right turn for Throwleigh. The country roads got narrow again with tight turns and sharp hills. Skirting around the moors left a few casualties including my own with overheating. It would soon be over and once at Sticklepath the roads opened up and we all enjoyed an opportunity to open up along the A30 bypassing okehampton. After leaving the A30 we traveled through Bridestowe and on to Lydford. Like chalk and cheese this road was long and straight. Passing Brent tor we arrived in Tavistock under the old Railway viaduct. It was time to head to Yelverton for lunch. Its was great to have all of us gather on the old RAF airfield for Pasties and fizzy drinks. Gave the cars time to cool down and for us humans to soak up the sun. Once the group were fed it was time to do a lap of Burrator reservoir. Now back on open moorland roads Sheepstor was quickly passed and on to cadover. At the highest points you could look out over Plymouth City, the sea in the distance and behind us the reservoir. Cornwood was then passed as we left the moors and headed back to camp via Ivybridge and the old roads before the A38 was Built. Back at base, it was time to chill, collect the treasure hunt questions to mark and socialise some more. With a bar on site the drink flowed and the smell of BBQ filled the air. The less we talk about the quiz the better as my reign as quiz master was shortly lived and the winners will be tasked with setting the quiz for 2020. I hope you all enjoyed it and we see you again next year. Please feel free to post photos on here.
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    In 2012 i bought a le mans green 2.0 mk1. In a barn outside Zagreb originally from germany. 2 door. Rock solid with 2.0 pinto. Grand sum of 1000 pounds. I now live in croatia and decided i wanted an RS replica. Well the originals a fortune. Since then i have spent 16k on parts and its still not turned a wheel. I have spent the last 5 years in kuwait so have had no real time to work on it. I finally found recaros for it so had the front and back seats redone by Alldrige trimming in dark brown beta cloth. European 6 dial dash. Yes i bought the wrong one first time round. Had the car professionally polished and stripes added. Team dynamic 15" alloys and loads more performace parts. I have now embarked on an engine rebuild. Again performance parts. Originally i have stayed with original arch but now decided bubble arch. Hey why not. So they are in the post from Germany. The one and only missing part now is a good back end. English with slipper. Preferably a 2.8s rear end. We will wait and see. So attached are a few photos. Any questions welcomed.
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    Hi all, Bought my MK1 Escort back in January this year. Absolutely love every moment of it. Have it out and about pretty much whenever the sun is shining! The second pic is when I first bought the car. Done a lot of small tidying up jobs since then to bring it up to a standard I'm happy with. FIrst pic is of the car a few days ago after a detailing session. And the third is the interior, this is where I have done most of the work to get it looking fresh .
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    My old XR3 was a clunge magnet, back in the day. 😂
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    Translated from Yorkshire speak:
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    I'm so pleased with the results of my color choice that I decided to share another image.
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    An excellent day! a big thanks to Mexican Gerbil and the team for the route and planning 👍 I know it takes a lot of your free time,
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    One of the things we came across whilst doing the tour, even the locals wanted in on it 😜 Sorry no plaque no join in lol
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    I haven't had the spare cash to start refurbishing my wheels yet (not to mention doing my arm in) but one online seller was running low on the centre caps so thought it best to get them before I missed out. I decided on the 63mm caps to fit the wheels as they are.
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    Now that's just unfair, looking at the PT cruiser club for strange car mods is just like shooting fish in a barrel.😂
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    And sailed around the world in a number of different ships and not met any sea monsters (well, other than in Curacao! But that's another story and definitely not one for an open forum) nor fallen off the edge, I was already fairly confident that the world was not flat. Today however I feel I need to see more proof
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    Just on a note though, keep a length of wire with you and if the car stops. Link a wire from battery side of solenoid to ign side of coil, push start the car and it should start. At least it will get you home! The down side of that if it is an ign feed fault then you would have no indicators/ stop lights wipers. if the ‘fault’ corrects itself whilst you hot wired it nothing will be harmed apart from you won’t be able to stop engine with the wire in place as you’ve by- passed everything.
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    The grey sky is in the background for reference, just behind the blue car. [emoji6][emoji6][emoji6]
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    The club stand is laid out, as you drive into the bottom gate, turn left past the controll desk and its on the right opposite the Triumph club stand, there is an 'OSF' banner on the side of the stand, pitch no. 65 enjoy the show!
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    I bought my escort as a barn find. It was in a small village outside Zagreb. The car was from Germany and already had a pinto installed. The wiring was terrible, it had twin side pipe exhausts and jacked up rear suspension. But it was a rock solid 2 door with decent paint. Over the last 5 years I have been in Kuwait working and finishing the car has been impossible. I have all the parts to build it. The car originally cost me 1000 pounds but my spread sheet now reads 17k and its still not on the road. Madness. So here are a few photos.
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    Hope that is total and not per side - would look well knock knee'd with 6.4mm per side LOL!
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    Got some more bits for the old girl got a brand new carb and some will wood 4 pot calipers
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    So you only started doing that recently then?
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    Wicked, innit bruv! Jesus wept, what a sight. And standing on the wing / bonnet?? I was wondering how it fared come MOT time. Answer? Not Well. Though I'm surprised those wheels and tyres are only advisories. Date tested: 7 November 2018 FAIL View test certificate Mileage: 31,790 miles MOT test number: 9896 8784 3745 Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects): Nearside Front Electrical wiring insulation in such a condition there is an imminent risk of fire or formation of sparks wiring coming from battery (4.11 (c) (iii) Repair immediately (major defects): Tyre pressure monitoring system inoperative (5.2.3 (h) (ii)) Nearside Front Tyre incorrectly seated on the wheel rim (5.2.3 (k)) Offside Front Tyre incorrectly seated on the wheel rim (5.2.3 (k)) Nearside Rear Tyre incorrectly seated on the wheel rim (5.2.3 (k)) Offside Rear Tyre incorrectly seated on the wheel rim (5.2.3 (k)) Windscreen washer provides insufficient washer liquid (3.5 (a)) Nearside Front Brake inadequately mounted brake hose (1.1.21 (c)) Offside Front Brake inadequately mounted brake hose (1.1.21 (c)) Nearside Reversing lamp does not emit a steady white light (4.6.2 (a)) Offside Reversing lamp does not emit a steady white light (4.6.2 (a)) Offside Stop lamp(s) not working (4.3.1 (a) (ii)) Exhaust Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits ( (c)) Central Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases (6.1.2 (a)) Rear Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases (6.1.2 (a)) Repair as soon as possible (minor defects): Central Lower Stop lamp(s) emits other than a steady red light (4.3.3 (a) (i)) Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): Nearside Front Tyre wheel/tyre protruding beyond wheel arch (5.2.3 (f)) Offside Front Tyre wheel/tyre protruding beyond wheel arch (5.2.3 (f)) Nearside Rear Tyre wheel/tyre protruding beyond wheel arch (5.2.3 (f)) Offside Rear Tyre wheel/tyre protruding beyond wheel arch (5.2.3 (f)) Rear seat not fitted at time of test Rear seatbelts not fitted at time of test
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    Stripping one of the carbs to replace the spindle will have no doubt altered the balance between the two. Idle seems a bit low for an Old skool engine - between 850 - 1000 would be more usual, they don't have the sophistication of modern cars with microsecond electronic adjustment to fueling and timing to ensure low, rock steady idles. Whilst the carbs came with a set up for a 1600 xflow, it wasn't YOUR 1600 xflow - every engine is different. That's about the limit of my weber carb remote diagnosis skills, hopefully someone more experienced with them will pop up?
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    Picked the arrows in today. Lucky we had the weather we did as there are trees down and branches all over up there now. Tis windy.
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    I can confirm that the provisional dates for 2020 tour will be 26-28th of June. Need to confirm the date of the lakes tour as we don't want to clash.
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    "Love it. I had the exact same car when we needed a 4 door, after 2 kids popped out of my Betty's flower." Hurt my lungs laughing to what "dt36" said, bloody brilliant, you will have to wear "Rubber Gloves" next time you are going "GARDENING" !!!!!. Made my day that has. Oh yeah, nice Sierra as well, forgot all about the car.
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    Some photos on its journey to the mechanic... Fitted a new battery and poured some fuel in the tank and started up without much hassle Any attempts to drive it failed though and a new clutch seems to be the only solution. I was also concerned about the 34 year old timing belt 😆 which will get replaced along with new oil/fluids/filters etc.
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    Not only aftermarket cams - they allow to set any cam bob on but also will allow slight adjustment either way to change engine characteristics ie. pick up a bit of torque low down / lose a couple hp or push hp @ higher rpm and flatten the torque - its all 'dark arts' but can have benefits!
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    I'm South Yorkshire and you're East Yorkshire, and I cant understand a f##### word you say Col. 😁😁😁
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    Went on the classic tour last time they went to Jersey, been to France and isle of man too on the tour. Jersey is good but it is a small island. Some good ww2 history there if your interested in that sort of thing.They normally go when the motoring festival is on which is really good. They do have a big Ford contingent in Jersey and there are people that religiously go every year wherever it is. If you enjoy a lot of driving I would wait and do one on mainland Europe, but up to you. Best tour for me has to be the IOM, going round the tt course👌 even if the engine did blow up😥
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    Hello after a very successful Tour of the Moor today I thought I should share this even with you guys as I’m guessing it might be right up your street 😎 The Devon RSOC have organised a Cannonball Run on the 20th July please see the details on the picture, unfortunately the deadline is Sunday 30th June 😬 Its a navigational run ( via sat nav ) around some of the best roads in Devon, it’s for charity and there are some fantastic prizes on offer so what more could you want 👍 If you would like anymore info or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. you do not need to be an RS owner or be an RS Owner Club member you just need to arrive in a Ford.
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    No not really, people find the way I say words sometimes hard to understand. Most on here I’ve met seem to be able to understand most of the time, some need an interpreter...lol
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    An old thread, but what the hell, any excuse for a few pics....Used and not so abused this last weekend at the Classics on the sea front - Southend........Weather was kind of ok, but fooking windy, but a few nice old motors dotted about - Mine, Munches and Munches car fwiend.....who parked next door.....
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    The OP dropped me an email saying he'd update the thread. I hope he does as I am also interested in how it worked out.
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