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    This is what I like about these old cars. I knocked an old boys door in my village a few weeks back who used to have a Lotus Cortina, Mk1 Mex and a beige Mk2 RS when I was a kid. I remember I always used to look at his cars and pester him about them when I would visit my Uncles in the same street. I spent ages chatting with him about his old cars, but the best bit was when he asked me could he sit behind the wheel as he doesn't have a licence now he's in his late 70s. Also took him for a little run around the village and he absolutely loved it.
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    Hi , I am in the middle of making proper tab washers for original crossflow either round or oval air filter housings . These were the tab washers that sat over the filter housing mounting studs on twin choke webber carburettors that held the retaining nuts in place . I couldn’t find any on the market anywhere close to the original Ford ones . I had an original lent to me to be able to copy . I have just got to get them plated now and then fit them to my Mexico . Has anyone else used or seen this type in recent years ? .
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    Great views of the circuit from the showground and no blaring background tannoy playing dodgy music. And oh yes, best club stand again. We're making a bit of a habit of this. Excuse the knees And home, 480 miles done!
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    Here's mine... Sussed out after 5 years how to add a file....
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    Bloodyhell lads, you certainly know how to make me think. And I do appreciate what you're all saying. Well I've just re-insured it today and for what it costs and costs to keep in the garage I've decided for the time being to keep it. Cheers 😀
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    That sounds like a great sticker for the OSF Shop "OSF - No Plastic Shit, Less Chav's!"
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    Got home very late yesterday after getting to the finish line at Westward Ho! Around 8 ish. Driven some amazing coastal roads. Been great. In Total, the Morris 1000 traveled 4391 miles around the coast of Britain over 22 days. Out of that, Top Banana traveled 390 ish around Cornwall and West Devon Thank you all that have donated. Here are a few of my favourite pics from yesterday.
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    We are off on our little tour of Devon and Cornwall. The couple in the Morris 1000 have travelled the whole of the UKs coastal roads. Good effort I say as it was still in bits the day before that started 2 weeks ago.
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    Thanks to Scott for the couple of pics of mine on the track, one coming round the hairpin which reminds me I need to change the diff ratio as I couldn’t keep it on song round it. The other pic is overtaking I think was a v8 Capri down the straight. I’ve just looked at my go pro footage of the knob in a fiesta 🤬 who kept getting in my way to to a full quick lap. He should have been black flagged the amount of times he cut in front of me. But hay ho good day. I’m really struggling to blow the head gasket though even at 9200rpm 😜
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    We quite enjoyed the new venue (other than the weather) a few teething problems especially the narrow bridge that Scott mentioned. Great views of the track, and an awesome breakfast in the diner.. Good to catch up with everyone we spoke to and we'll be back next year.
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    I thought for a first attempt it was pretty good. Some more loo's maybe and a good at un bumping the camping area if thats possible? When we were first shown to the spot to camp it seemed a bit on top of each other but after a few minutes you didnt even notice. You could see most of the track wherever you stood or sat and there seemed to be at least as many trade stands if not more than usuall? I think youve got to give it a chance, ill go again next year if its there.
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    I've just realised I didn't include a finished engine bay photo
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    Like these, 185x60x13 on 7x13 steels although mine are fitted to a MK2 Corrina.
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    End of today's run. Final leg tomorrow. Time for beer and dinner
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    Five of us pootled down in convoy the 35 miles or so from the Plymouth area today to take in the Duchy Capri and Classic Ford Club show at Trevornick holiday park. Glorious Cornish sunshine eventually broke through and, aided and abetted by strong winds coming in off the sea, has left me quite rosy cheeked this evening! Arriving fashionably late @deltamal had beaten myself, @steve caf577k and three others by several hours so there was already a fine array of Classics (and a few not so classics) on display by the time we arrived. Good to catch up with @PeterWestaway, @capriaddict and @mk2 matt, no sign of @hellblue today but I did see @sab6024 lurking somewhere in the background. Respect to Dale of DB Autos for barrelling down the "freeway" at high speed keeping up with the Escorts in his big F150. I think at 6mpg he probably used more petrol than the rest of us put together! "Gas" must have been pretty cheap in the US in the 70's! The only slight fly in the ointment was bringing along two young kids who had expectations of being entertained at Holywell bay fun park....only to find it had been closed down and was in the process of being bulldozed! Cue "I'm bored Daddy" from about 30 minutes after we arrived! Asked a member of the park staff what there was for kids to do and was pointed in the direction of Pitch and Putt at £9.00 (yes you read that right) per head! Apart from the bored kids, a great little show with some fine metal on display. Stand out car for me was a mint looking mk1 Transit camper, I got distracted though and didn't get a picture of it. The RS1600 sporting the numberplate 5 BDA looked quite special too.
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    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Because I've zero interest in drag racing, I see a nice classic car ( a 2 door Mk5 no less) with a giant nose on the bonnet, enormous wheels and tyres at the rear, likely horrendously loud and uncomfortable to be in, very heavy up front and no practical use as a car..............whereas you no doubt see a race car that's enormously powerful, huge grip, very fast off the line and gives a great adrenalin rush when the lights go green (just don't mention corners eh )? Lol, it's MOT'd too. Though I'm laughing my off at this advisory from 2017. No shit sherlock! Date tested 20 June 2017 PASS Mileage 3,689 miles MOT test number 9412 4915 7130 Expiry date: 19 June 2018 Advisory notice item(s): Exhaust noisy (7.1.4)
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    In the end I bought the exhaust I was looking at, at that money I thought it was worth a try. The section to go over the axle was fine, everything fitted without any cutting or modifying. I have one long section spare, 4 angle sections spare and 3 joint sections spare. I just need to raise the rear silencer up (bracket ordered) and cut the length back as it sticks out a little to far, otherwise really pleased with it, and the new stainless bumper was a perfect fit too. My car isn't a show car but overall I am happy with how it is slowly coming along as a presentable classic
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    Bumpers arrived today. Fittied very well, all holes in correct places, very please indeed
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    To infamy............and beyond!
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    This issue is normally resolved by removing the steering wheel from your pants......It's ok i'll wait.............
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    Just to add to the thread 😁 Have my super rare posh new wheels on soon too!
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    I don't go near my car sometimes for weeks, but then have a grin when I take it out. Took it out on Saturday and first stop was The supermarket to get some money. Ended up chatting with a bloke who came over saying he had the exact same model and colour in the 80s. Second stop was at Neils garage (Preacherman) to re-check my wheel nuts, as my old man interrupted me when I was checking their torques. Had a nagging doubt on one of my wheels not being checked. Had a quick chat about our cars, but had my Betty with me, so couldn't stop too long. Sorry... Next stop was on the hills above Llangynidr and had a chat with Mr Whippy who was telling me about the time he totalled his mates Escort doing handbrake turns. Didn't give me a free ice cream though. Last stop was at a pub beer garden and got chatting to a lad on a Triumph Bonneville. He was looking around my car while I was looking at his bike. Although I've been offered decent money for my car and sometimes it proper makes my p1ss fizz, I don't get chatting with random old petrol heads when I'm out in my daily.
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    I had a very interesting chat with an old chap at classic Ford show about my Mex. Now he didn't own it but had one exactly the same. At first he thought it was his. Same yellow on L reg. We talked about stripes or the lack of them and he thanked me for not putting any on as his didn't have any and he loved mine. Normally when someone says "I had one of those" I smile and not really give them much time. But this old chap must have kept me for 15 mins just walking around the car pointing at bits and telling me stories of his yellow Mex. Think he said he paid £1650 for a 6 month old one in early 1973. Its makes all this hard work and effort worth while knowing you've made someone's day, reliving their youth. So ..... Top Banana my be stripe free for many more years now.
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    There are a few things that would sorting out for next year, more toilet facilities, improvement on the camping ground and more area, staff that know what they are doing. Entrance was a bit poor again better staff for directions in and out of the field. For me personally the track was good, better than doing just a straight line job by. Enjoyed it barring it pissing down which spoilt the day.
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    Agreed, I only got to have a decent look around the cars on the infield before it p****d down and everyone left. Much easier to get in & out than Santa Pod and nice to have a grass area for display cars (even if I didn't get to see em!) Nice to see a few more companies with retail stands too. Some great cars there top marks to everyone who made it out 👍
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    Ooo, hot or not on the bubble arched mk1 Tina?
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    If it’s based on the Higgins shell, then it’ll be shite! Don’t care if it’s group 3/4/5/6/7 any group at all your still starting with a pile of shite. Rather spend my money on burgers tbh, might live a bit longer eating all those against having a crash in one of those recreations.
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    My Father-in-law bought a Mk3 Cortina new in 1976, he passed away in 1998, Mother-in-law tried to sell it localy in Swindon and the best offer she got was a lady a few streets away who offered her £300, ideal to keep her chickens in she said! I collected it the next weekend! Feb 1999, so 20 years and 5 different engines later! still lovin it and used most weekends during the summer
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    So, the day has come for my rolling road. Here's my car getting set up
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    I really like the site, I'm proudly a contributor,I don't post much but read lots . It's a great reference library and soundingboard, the for sale sections don't get as much use as they used to but with ebay and now Retards Club it is understandable. I may not be noticed when I visit as I do not always log in but I'm here! I appreciate your help, and banter please keep it going, I'm sure that we would all miss it not being here Mike
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    So, the drama continues. . . I picked my car up from the exhaust place, and boy what an exhaust, it looks gorgeous. I watched the mechanic perform the dark art of cam timing set up. It is a little confusing but very interesting. Once back together and put in the car it was fire up time and it started almost immediately. I was well chuffed. Next up is the rolling road session and the guy says pop the bonnet and start the engine. Within 10 seconds he says, the carb is f$%&*# it's pointless setting up your engine as the carb is pulling air in where it shouldn't and I can't control it. Apparently it's quite a common problem. He then says that Andy Burton from Burton Power has called him recently to tell him has just got 10 brand new 32/36 Weber carbs. I was going on holiday the following day for a week and my mechanic said he would sort it out while I was off. I now have a brand new carb, but then my master cylinder sprung a leak and pissed brake fluid all over my freshly painted servo! Long story short, it's sorted now and I went to my first show of the year on Sunday in Aylesbury and the car rocked. It was about a 170 mile round trip, so a good first drive. It zipps through the revs and pulls really well. It is now awesome and I love it. There was quite a whine from the gearbox, so that has now been off and into the transmission shop for a replacement bearing and new gaskets which I collected today, so back in the car over the weekend and ready for the re-booked rolling road on Thursday. Just in time for the classic Ford show. . . .if nothing else goes wrong.
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    I think Scott is referring to the fact there ain't much to test on the cars and the fact the young testers wouldn't accept end float on bearings play in steering boxes and stub pins trunion's etc the test would have to be shorter or classic specific
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    So I came across this Sierra listed as a 1 owner with 14,000km. I wasn't really looking to add another car to the collection but I was too curious to see it and hear its story, which goes something like this... It's 1985 and this gentleman having recently been to the UK was fascinated by the Sierra's futuristic design. So back in Malta, he went to the local Ford dealer and ordered a Sierra. Not one of the basic versions, but a 2.0 Ghia finished in diamond white. He also wanted to have xr4i wheels but those would have costed him an extra 1k so he fitted a set of mille miglia instead which were smaller but similar in design. Fast forward a couple of years and an unfortunate accident at his place of work prevented him from driving the Sierra again, mostly due to its lack of power steering. But he couldn't part with it. So he just locked it up in the garage and did not move it ever since. The Sierra was never meant to be his daily car so it was never taken out in the rain or made use of its huge luggage space. When I went to see it (pictures below taken in previous owner's garage today), the doors were stuck, it was impossible to push (sticky wheel cylinders) and it's engine was last started up in 2007. Original steels and trims tucked away in a corner covered in dust. We got some jump leads and all the warning lights from the trip computer came to life on the ignition. We removed the air cleaner, poured some fuel on the carb and after a couple of misses, the pinto came to life! A deal was struck and it will now be off to the mechanic for re-commissioning.
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    Got the 6" variety on mine.
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    Not sure how rare this is - and it's not strictly a Ford. It is a Falcon Caribbean, which uses the good ole sidevalve four, but I'd never come across one...
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    Generally yes, they should fit, dependent on choosing the right offset wheels.....but conventional wisdom is that 6J is about the limit on a mk1 without rolling the arch lips. Before you go ahead, have you considered the impact that 50 profiles will have on your driving experience? They totally screw up the gearing ratios and also the Speedo reading.
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    Picked up my new car today. It's got a DSG gearbox. Impressed hell yeah , so easy to drive and effortless. Can use it like a manual and has flappy paddles. Boys and their toys as my significant other says.😀 This evening I took the escort out.it coughed sputtered cleared its throat and still brought a smile to my face
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    Bought some twin 40 alloy inlet manifolds today which are the separate type but seeing that people have said there are issues with vibration between the two I’m going to weld them together once they are bolted on the head which should solve that issue so now have twin 40 dcoe or Dellorto 40s need to check the jets in each set ported and polished cylinder head full dry sump system toothed belt water pump/ alternator drive kit rebuilt bottom end but unsure what cam is in it as yet Aldon dizzy I’m still looking for a gear drive kit for the camshaft if anyone knows of one? Really need to get some evenings on the Anglia the next few weeks
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    Australian Twincam restoration page and the correct colour for some. https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/reader-restoration/1810/1972-ford-escort-twin-cam-reader-resto
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    Personally I thought it was shite and if it’s at same venue next year I think the numbers will drop even more,congrats on best stand
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    So cortina hasn’t sold so looks like I need to paint it and get the interior sorted I’m going to need some lowering springs, some fishnet recaros (possibly some in the pipeline) and some time! I put the replica 4 spokes on today and they fill the arch nicely track wise but needs dropping
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    Safe travels to all those travelling today and staying overnight. Will see you tomorrow
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    I have indeed been posting for longer than Vista 😁😁
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    Seven cars this morning. Off to lands end
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    Today I managed to find time to complete the route and questions for your navigators (if you have one). Very happy with the route. It is are most challenging yet. As such you will be let out at intervals at the start. Route cards will be handed out on the morning. We have got you a lunch stop. Plan is to all meet up for a bite to eat and a get together for some pics. Finally going to a destination I've planned from day one. Here are a few pics of what to expect 😉
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