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    First of all, thank you those who came. Show stands only happen if you come along so thanks for making it happen. I made it there and back with no issues, I was reluctant to push to car however on the way home it made it flat out up Holden hill so hopefully the gremlins have gone. Back to the show. What a contrast from 2018, weather was fantastic, wall to wall sunshine. A few changes to the day with the introduction of a legends session. This was set up as a "special stage" which allowed cars to weave their way through the paddock, out the pit exit, tight turn before heading through the pits and then out on track. This was for rally car legends, including Coiln Mcrae's 97 impreza and Ford Focus, Peter Solbergs Impreza, Stigs RS200, a few works Lancia's Plus more. Drivers included Jimmy and Alister McRae, Nicky Grist and Craig Breen The stage was adjusted for the Clubmann group, with only the track being used with S bends at intervals. Some lovely motors on show. See photos below, plenty of fords including the Rs capri club, RS1700t, lancia Stratos and deltas, even a tarmac spec Ferrari ....... One trade stand was offering a kit build RS200 project known as RS RETRO, all road ready for 50K. 2020 Rally Day is set to change date and being their anniversary year it's set to be a big one. Once a date has been realised I will be in touch to see who's interested. I will go through my videos and see what's good before posting on here but my pics (mainly fords) are below. Ta
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    Got a boot spoiler for my sport through the post today from Australia, on the recommendation of RP to get one from this guy not far from him. Well to say it was gorgeous would be an understatement, it’s flawless. The spoiler was £225 plus £82 delivery so just over £300 Might sound a lot of pennies but when you consider they’re asking more than this for a years old one that’s distorted and half the studs missing, it’s a no brainer for me. No it’s not an original part but who gives a shit if it looks better and cheaper 😎 whoever thought you could get so exited over a bloody spoiler 😉
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    Hi there, just joined up thought you might be interested in my car. I bought it in March 2018 off eBay from a guy in Scotland without going to look at it, you know exactly how your always told you shouldn’t. It did have a very good description with loads of photos and videos in my defence, plus it was in Scotland and I’m in Wales and that’s a long way. 😁 Anyway, It’s a 1954 Ford Consul with a 2 litre Zetec and 5 speed gearbox. Here are some pics of what it was like when I got it and went to Silverstone Classic in it.
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    Update from the paint shop 😊
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    Tastes like fish..........apparently.
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    Is that because your market model has 36" dia rims?😂😂
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    I bought a carbon fibre type and it fitted very well and looks good. I edged mine with some rubber edging to prevent scuff as the hollow spoiler does flex.
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    Yeah, it,s only a bit of sulfuric battery acid that is reacting with the steel and copper, it only takes a tiny amount and the fur grows. For me, I use Bicarbonate of soda in warm water (say half a teaspoon full in a mug of warm water), take off what you can and drop it into the mug of bicarb/water, use a clean cloth dipped in same Bicarb water to wipe around the battery post, dry it all off, reassemble everything with a fine smear of Vaseline (Better than grease). Job done. Al.,
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    Fantastic pics Chris, thanks for sharing. Good the weather was more forgiving this year for you. 👍👍👍👍👍
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    What he doesn’t show you is it ended up on its roof after that, ambitions and capabilities......lol
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    Apologies. Just checked my eBay account and it was actually called Dodomat. It's fairly weighty, but is very flexible and can be cut with a knife or scissors Definitely made a big difference to the interior noise levels when driving. I might lift my seats and carpet out this winter to see what's around my tunnel. If it's bare, then I'll probably use the same brand to cover that along its length. I would recommend this brand and I'd definitely buy it again. Friend of mine has also used it in the roof of his Landrover Defender and is very happy with it. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F162733411046
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    Blimey never seen a bonnet like that on a cortina, and I lived in Southend in the good old cruise days of the 70s..............
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    i hope the reason its on a trailer is to take it to the knackers yard! i dont know why you'd want to make a mk2 escort look like a morris marina!
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    Hi all here goes Oki I’ve owned this car for 12 years now and it’s finally come to getting it painted and put back on the road! It’s been off the road for 4 years! so it’s about time I got it done😊 it’s currently in the paintshop more pictures to come ✌️
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    Statutory off road notification, we have to declare them off road or tax them.
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    A bit counter productive isn’t it, thought XXXX came in cans ??? could be wrong here as I don’t drink ...lol
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    It's scary when it does happen.this was due to a cracked petrol pipe near the dizzy. The ramair filter certainly accelerated the fire . Took ages to get the carb clean.
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    I'll give that a try. Funnily enough. We are off out for a curry in a hour or so. So heres hoping for no repercussions tomorrow lol.
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    Bi*ch! LOL. I don't think that Donks as you call them are the look Toyota goes for! Actually factory spec wheels tend to be the opposite here, quite small. It makes you think that the overly large wheel thing the over the top modifiers use is some form of compensation about having small ones from the factory? I have heard similar things regarding their engine sizes. (I note those who liked this post and revenge will be sweet!!! 😗)
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    The axle has now been re-built by Old Ford Auto services, 3.09 CWP fitted and set up, plates stripped and cleaned and new bearings fitted to replace the noisy ones which were badly worn, drove it back from Bracknell to Plymouth today all quiet with no problems! a job for next year will be new half shafts as the splines are worn, drag racing I guess!
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    The old school Monaros or the later ones? Looks similar to Calibra then im thinking later ones. I think the later Monaros were sold in the UK too if I remember correctly? The funny thing is you liking Holdens being an Old Skool Ford man. In Australia that simply isnt done, its like a war that never ends. When I was a kid my step father called me into his room and said he had to give me the talk. I never got the one about sex though it was there are Ford Families and Holden Families and that we were a Ford one and it was not right to associate with Holden ones. I am not kidding and the only other talk I ever got from him was voting Labor not conservative!
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    1 of my favourite cars was the monaro, I had a Vauxhall calibra which I always thought was at least styled with holden in mind, I love the fact that holden came with stupid big motors mostly 😁
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    Models like the Vauxhall VXR8 were rebadged Holden Commodores sold in the UK. The Camaro platform is basically also the Commordore which was Australian designed as well, as the Americans didn't have an independent rear suspension layout for that car so they used ours instead. So some export did take place. No more though.
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    Mine is 1978 and I applied this year ,post Office sent it off with the form and guess what Dvla lost it ,eventually they sorted it some 8 weeks later so now tax exempt 👍
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    Will be a while yet, but I believe the winning bid will be home made for you guys and should bring back some manufacturing and jobs: https://www.defenceconnect.com.au/land-amphibious/4783-land-400-phase-3-downselect-contenders-announced
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    Im sure RP will be along shortly 👍
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    When you're a millionaire delivery driver.
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    Steer clear of Turbo Sports. Shocking customer service and attitude. Granted, my engine is a Pinto, but I've had to have one of their crank pulleys reamed and balanced. They also sent me the wrong Aux Pulley twice and then refused a refund. My Cam Pulley on the other hand was a Kent jobby from Burtons and was perfect.
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    Not me but a M8 did for about 18 months - no complaints that i'm aware of!
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    There is room under the roof in the boot when it's down. Not a lot but enough for some shopping, providing you're not doing a weekly shop for a family of five. I lived with one as my only car for several years so it's definitely do-able. The 230 Kompressor is plenty quick enough and from memory, you can push the gear lever to the left and click back and forth to manually shift gears on an auto. The auto is a nicer box than the manual. Yes the headlights do go like that but you can polish it out.
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    Early on a few markets had a N/A 2 litre (SLK 200) but it wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding. Then there was a Supercharged 4 cylinder in 2 litre and 2.3 litre, N/A 3.2 litre V6 and Supercharged 3.2 litre V6. If ultimate performance isn't your goal I would go for the N/A 3.2 V6. Gearbox options: 5-speed manual (Getrag) 6-speed manual from 2001 (Getrag) 5 speed 5G-Tronic automatic (Mercedes) The AMG versions were equipped with Speedshift Personally I would choose the auto. Good details here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_SLK-Class_(R170)
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    Our last show of the year. We have a stand at the NEC. We have a discount code for anyone who wishes to attend. Link to forum post -
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    My ‘64 cortina had consul on the badge
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    Just preparing yourself for that Australian holiday there Col? Like we don't really grasp the depth of the wet weather you guys get, you have yet to experience the wonder of things that melt in cars.
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    Got the same as rich, servo to just front and its transformed the brakes feel much stronger. A few people have mentioned the quality of the servos, some better than others, got mine from mgb hive, lockheed something or copy cant remember, but ive noticed the slightest of delay between pressing the pedal and brakes coming on? Its really slight but there, col had dramas with his too and i think hes removed it now?
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    It just goes to prove a few years ago the value some people put on the above beasts to leave them like that!! HOW things change
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    Back again and I haven't burnt it LOL! Ok - progress so far - I've re-used the crap loom rear half as it was nicely made, wrapped and nylon sleeved - just had to change some of the wire designations but one thing i'm stuck with is reverse lights being a switched live rather than switched earth as Ford originally intended. Added rear screen heater relay and additional wires / relays for the fuel pumps. Across the dash / switches / stalks / ign. switch / dash binnacle, everything has been remade as Ford intended using Ford colours this includes re-using the Escort Fusebox - not my 1st choice but a must if following Fords design. Split through bulkhead wiring RHS - washer bottle, horn, sidelights, oil pressure & alt. warning light, and indicator. LHS - Lights to relays, starter, engine temp & indicator. Mainly done to avoid a massive bunch of cables exiting the bulkhead right into the Zetec exh. manifold ! Both Dip and Main lights are driven by fused relays mounted on the NS inner wing where they should be. I've been roughly bundling the wires in the cabin as I go and all in front of the dash - to aid fault finding, and this afternoon I finished all except the engine harness - that's partly done, just need terminating, all comes through a separate bulkhead grommet and ECU mounts below glove box. Testing went better than last time - couldn't have been worse LOL! I have sidelights inc LED boot lights, Dip and Main lights inc. flasher, Wipers slow / fast / intermittent and screen wash, Horn, Int. light and heater fan - 2 speed! HooRah! But - and this is an odd one - I have no indicators although the relay is clicking double time (no load obvs) but Hazard switch operates the same relay at correct speed but only flashes the front indicators! That going to be a mare to track down but at least i'm a bit happier so far. Think I'll have a day off tomorrow and go shooting !
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    I don't suppose this will help at all as it's not the same car. But KGF currently have this mk1 listed with what appears to be the exact same setup. "Weber 44IDF carburettors and RS special oval air box".
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    It’s a good job we exchange views via keyboard then RP or you wouldn’t understand what I’m saying....lol
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    I keep thinking about that, but I haven't ordered any as yet.
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