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    Thought you guys would like to see this 23,000 miles, 2 owners 2.3 Ghia mk4 cortina A little tatty around the edges but how many off these do you see nowadays?
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    I wouldn’t know, not a druggie type of person. Something that never entertained me to try. Don’t drink either so suppose that makes a boring b++++++d who needs drugs to put your head in the clouds, just buy an escort and think your going to restore it within budget....lol🤪🤪
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    Moved back to the UK after living in Australia for near on 40 years....Great place but new opportunities brought me back and loving the "improved" weather that climate change has brought with it. Managed to ship one on my collection out with me so far, my Aussie GT V6 Capri. Can't wait to get it out again as it's been laid up in storage since 2015. Re-commissioned before shipping it out with a test run of 950 miles to Canberra from Melbourne and back before 5 months in a boat and garage waiting for the UK registration process. Will be out for the Classic Ford Show in June so come over and say G'day.
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    1994 E36 m3, its the 3.0 convertible, only 572 RHD 3.0 convertibles made worldwide, not that many left now, as they've been destroyed for track day running gear, they only made these for a limited time, as when the E36 came out in 92, the E30 vert was carried over till 94, they didn't make the E36 vert till 94, and in late 94 started to make the 3.2 EVO (junk), even in that short period the car took some major changes and this is one of the earlier ones complete bare shell, nut and bolt re build, with literally no expense spared it wasn't quite finished in this photo, but its the only one I have to hand as all the resto photos are on a PC that's died and ive got to get the hard drive rescued
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    After decades without its stripes I finally got them back on (Months ago but thought I should update it on this thread.) I had a set of original ones in boxes but they didn't stick any more so had to have them scanned and copied. None of the replicas were the right size or spacing. Most of the modern computer replicas made each of the letters the same width but back when they were made originally each of the letters were designed and sized by hand and were all different widths so none of the modern computer off the shelf replicas were correct. You always have trouble finding number plate covers for the rear as the flap down frame for the fuel filler has a lip on it that prevents you putting a frame or cover on the rear plate.
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    Hi All, Although I have been registered on here for a while I haven't really posted much lately. My MK1 Escort was bought for me by my wife as a wedding present as a surprise. A mate had bought it on her behalf and added the Mexico graphics to add a bit of colour to it. So now Ive owned it for 10 years so decided it needed a bit of attention. So recently I added a few extras: 4 spotlights, as I only wanted the look I bought them from Halfords and sprayed them white to match the car. Resprayed whole grill silver to neaten up. Front chin spoiler just to tidy the front up. Replica Sprinalex style steering wheel. JBW RS4 wheels and tyres. Sapphire Cosworth leather Recaro front seats and leather rears. Future plans are to remove Mexico graphics and add RS2000 graphics. Hope you all like even though its not anywhere near some of the amazing cars on here.
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    Some may remember in the distastefully modified Ford thread someone posted images from an Old Street Machine issue. It gave me an idea for an April Fools for a friend who loves bubbled arched Mk1s. He has owned half a dozen Escorts over the years but was caught out with the rapid price tsunami and has been locked out of ever getting another again. So I purchased the Magazine in question and he will find it delivered to his doorstep first thing tomorrow morning. It looks something like this ...........
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    hi colr6, these are the original ones you are looking for, they are brand new, i don't have the inner bracket, but you can make them, you just can't see them, rally pack 2000 says thery fetch big money, so i will make you a great price you can't refuse, how about zero pounds for the two, if you want them fast, i will sent them with the post, if you got time i will bring them to the classic ford show, cheers marcel
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    Great run out with North Wales Classic Fords on the above tour. Weather was fantastic as were the cars. Great mixture Anglias, Cortinas, Escorts and a Magnum. Awsome roads around North Wales together with the stunning scenery. About 75 mile tour plus 70 mile home from the finish in Oswestry. Was a red mk4 Cortins with the OSF sunstrip....on here maybe?? Topped off with picking up the award of "Highly Commended" [emoji4] Looking foward to the Moors!!! [emoji106] Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Just got hold of this 1300e a project to get it back on the road and to use occasionally, car comes with a lot of history and as a 1 one owner from new well looked after with a lot of original parts
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    I’ve just got my classic ford mag this month and we have a two page write up on the tour of the moor well done guys for all your hard work ,great advertising for the club👍👍👍👍
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    Hello all, my name is Stefan and I live in Germany. I recently sold my Audi 80 B1 to make room for a 75 Escort mk1. The car is "just" a four door 1100 ccm but I love the design, the simple technology, and the way it drives. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about the little car here. 😊 Cheers Stefan
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    Just take your wallet out of your pocket that will lift the ride height and also give a boost to your power to weight ratio 😜
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    Removed my 1½" blocks and replaced them with 1" instead. Took it out tonight for its first run on these and it seems to feel a nicer drive. Preacherman wasn't playing out though... 😀 Not a lot in it I agree, but I got fed up of scraping the exhaust on speed humps down our high street. Ride height still looks good. Pics below of blocks, checking rear of spring hangers while under car and final ride height:
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    It wasn't that bad!! I thought it was funny and that's what counts!!!
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    My old Daytona Yellow Sport. Not the sharpest pic though...
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    I wanted to keep it original looking, i.e original air filter, rocker cover and carbs with the battery still where it should be, but change the internals and a few other components. I don't want an unruly beast, but I do want a bit more oomph so I've had the crank lightened and balanced along with the conrods and valves, bigger Mahle pistons by 1mm, so I believe this will make it 2040cc, skimmed and ported head and it already had a piper 285 cam so I've kept that. Obviously all new bearings, oil pump, fuel pump, water pump, alternator, starter motor, clutch and Vernier pulley. I may have missed some bits, but I will be finishing the build next week so if I have I will update you. I am hoping to achieve 140 - 150hp. My mechanic told me that I made a great decision to strip the engine as the big end bearings wouldn't have lasted much longer, see picture. It's funny how things work out for the best sometimes. More pics to follow next week.
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    had to share this an odd way as fb wouldn't let me copy it The motorist's pal, millions of uses. Wheel Chock, Jack Lift, Pedal Weight, Step up for shortarse's Made from high quality whatever's in the yard.... 100% recyclable, dolphin friendly. Buy now before Brexit trebles my costs. Standard version £20 Sporty RS version £75 Ideal Mothers day gift !
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    been plated both sides, to a very good std though, no reason to disturb those at the moment, just need a couple of repairs to the top rails sills, a couple of holes, but again nothing bad hole on the inner rear tub about the size of a 50p piece front inner tubs have holes in, but they are mud flap bolt holes that some animal fitted, so they want dealing with front panel needs light surround repairs and inner lower panel plating apart from that, very very solid, the zeebart done its job bear in mind, nick just wants a road rat, so its not a total resto, its just more of a recommission, but the engine needs a full re build
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    Couple of days work eh Ray a man of your calibre!
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    what he didn't tell you RP, is that its me that's gotta put it back together
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    How do I put a price on a mk2 Mexico its a good car, with good paint, it’s had welding over the years some of which if you was anal you would do but then it gets to a point can you drive it as it’s to good! there are still a few bits to do! But that’s the point of buying a old stool ford isn’t it Door hinge pins (supplied) new aldridge seat covers (need fitting) and I’d prob replace the rear as would look out of place once the fronts are done but that’s the issue you keep carrying on! needs a passenger kick panel and some gutter trims original strut tops 2.8i front struts fitted with a heathy 2.1 pinto and 5 speed standard height and choice of wheels 5.5x13 4 spokes, 5.5x13 ford sports, 7x13 4 spokes (JBW) In pics ive now added MEXICO vinyl on the bootlid and the ford badge no history apart from a few mots
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    I never intended putting cibies on the mk1. Like the clean look with just the bumpers but they do look good with the cibies too.... I'm with you on drilling holes in the new, painted steel tho [emoji45] Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    🤣 I did but couldn't resist a Mk2 style joke. I wouldn't have thought the box sections needed drilling to access on cars over there. Mother nature created her own for you guys
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    Got to wait a bit longer before it goes in though as the other half is finishing his mk1 Fiesta rebuild first.
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    Perhaps I'm a little too cynical but every shop thinks their method is the best and would discredit another in order to sell their own process. I think what I'm going to do is find a few builds on say Pistonheads of various different builds that have all been dipped. The dipping should be about 5 years old and I will see how they're tracking today,
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    Seats in progress and rear firewall and floor now sound proofed with Dodo mats under existing sound proof. Fingers crossed they come out as I'm hoping 🤞 What's peoples thoughts on getting the rear shelf recovered in the same vinyl as the seat backs to cover up the old speaker holes? This could be spray glued and trimmed. Alternatively, GS Escorts do a complete new rear shelf.
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    I doubt it. Every panel on my Escort is a different shade of Brown.
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    Some may remember a joke photo I posted last year displaying my Twincam Engines environmental credentials with my three turtles snuggled up to it. The three turtles were given to me as a gift by my sister 15 years ago. A few years back I had a suspicion that they were all female so I took them to a vet who specialises in reptiles. He said yep all girls. Today when I went down to the pond to feed them this afternoon, I found this ......... TurtleVid.mp4 So either the Twincam is miraculous or I have a ringer?
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    Signal is a bit brighter and more luminous from the ones I’ve seen in real life. Daytona is just Yellow. Might changes on the lighting. Bright and colourful in the sunlight after a polish, but indoors with artificial light, it tends to look pale. Another pic of mine in the paint shop
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    Hi all, After selling my much loved and admired Mk4 Cortina many moons ago, I got into old Audis and ended up frying my brain with burnt out sensors and engineering that was well beyond my understanding. Following a health scare last year and one too many deaths in the social circle, I did what any fellow in his 50s would do and started that Bucket List in earnest. I bought this '67 Mustang Fastback and the Old Ford Obsession gripped me yet again. Having owned several Escorts, Capris and Cortinas over the years, I've found another car that gives me great pleasure to own. You can't beat an old Ford! There's not much vintage Mustang action north of the Border that I can find, so I hope that you'll accept this old bus into the Old Skool Ford group - variety really is the spice of life and I love every one of these old Fords - there are some stunning cars on this forum! Craig
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    Here's some of the old Fords that I've owned - late 80s, (Mk2 Capri) early 90's (RS2000 and 2.8inj) and early 2000s . . (red Mk4 Cortina 1.6GL and blue Mk4 Cortina 2.0 Ghia) I sold the red Capri to a pal in Balfron, the RS2000 to a guy in Lanark in '91, the 2.8i Capri to a guy from Edinburgh, the red Cortina went on fire and sold it to a guy in Rosyth, I think and the blue Mk4 Cortina I drove to Colchester to sell to a chap there in Summer 2011. He'd been following the car for many years as it used to belong to his neighbour and he'd pass it every day on his way to school when he was a kid! The Mk2 Capri was my favourite - my pal bought it as a 2.0 auto at the market and rebuilt the engine with all the race goodies and gave the car the works. I just remember it being a flying machine - I wonder how fast it would feel today after years of driving turbocharged cars?! Does anyone know where any of them are today?
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    😆Nice one! Thanks folks. Here's a couple of more photos for you.
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    Owned mine 15 years now. Two breakdowns in all that time. A clutch cable failure and a fuel pump failure. Jinxed it now haven't I?
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    Bloody tough looking crusts on those pies!
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    Scoured the pond at least five times yesterday to be sure there were no stragglers, checked tonight for no real reason and found baby number 3. They are popping out of nowhere now!
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    Very slick Ra, you should see the front of the mk2 RS with the dodgy seats, covered in the stuff - lucky it's black.....
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    Welcome to the OSF family. You could find a BDA/BDG engine, now that would make an awesome road car!
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    1995 to 2019
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    Well I was kinda hoping ud all guess round the 16-18 second mark, not lower haha! 13.4 seconds!! And to be sure we did it 3 times! 13.4, 13.7, 13.5 I reckon on a straight road we'd get 13! So raises the question. Wot diff have I got and is there any other tinkering been done before I bought the car cos JEEZ she flew! Altho, I don't think it'd do anymore than 65mph with the axle in place! A funny whirring noise coming from it at 60!🤔🤨
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    When selfies go wrong! Nice lip gloss though, really brings her cheeks out!
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    Why ? You knock the studs out of the hubs and replace them with the correct M12 or 7/16" whatever you need!
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    I bought my Missus a Chocolate Brown Tina for £80 when she was about 17 or 18, but it was too big for her. I had it for a while then and absolutely loved it while she pottered about in our XR3. Had a decent size back seat too... 😇
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    Thank you for re-affirming my belief that American teenagers are dumbf***ks! I mean, why?
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    @Cuili1 - I notice You became a contributor this past 12 months so if you private message me your details I will send you a set of bulbs for your Mk2 RS2000 Instruments of you would like to try them. @Monza - I haven't yet got a spare 6 dial dash to experiment on for Mk1s but I will try find a set of main gauge bulbs for you contributing this year as well if you haven't got your dash sorted for lights yet. Did you get the main gauges illuminated ok? Traditionally for indicators and aux lights in the case of Mk2s I recommend sticking with a filament globe but with a greater wattage than standard (2.3w). Mk1s use a T10 bulb for its auxiliary lights just like the main gauges so they are a fair bit more powerful than the T5s used in the Mk2s. Because they at 4 watts the coloured lenses on them are quite dark to compensate for these greater wattage bulbs so as the bulbs age they go slightly black which is why the indicator lights and alt and beam lights go very dim in time. When changing this for LEDs you have troubles in that most T10 LEDs have a colour Temperature around 5000 degrees Kelvin whereas the filament bulbs are only about 3200 degrees Kelvin. This means the light that passes through the coloured lens appears washed out and it many cases too bright. The trick here is to get coloured T10 bulbs the same as the lens your are illuminating. So green for the indicators and blue for the beam and red for the alternator light etc. Coloured LEDs are less bright than their white counterparts so it wont overpower the coloured lens and with it also being coloured you will find it enhances the colour of the aux lights even if they have faded with age.
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    A year has passed, I’ve had a bit of progress. Maybe not as much as I would have liked, but this has been my doing. The roof and new door pan is in.
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    Bought some 8x13 banded steels from eBay at the weekend and had some old 205/60/13s which I stuck on them for now
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