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    What shows are you all going to this month? We are going to: Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show on Sunday 12/08 Chapel Classic Car & Bike Show on Saturday 18/08 and we are concidering going to the London Cartel International Auto Show on Sunday 19/08... We have not applied tho... yet... lol We also hope to make it to the Classic Vehicle Meet and Family Fun Day at Queens Head, Barns Green on Saturday 25/08 and to the now re-arranged SADCASE Show on Monday 27/08
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    Found a couple of pics, one with the system fitted, the angled over axle pipe to miss the shockers. Then found a pic of underfloor tank, but with the vital part missing.......no bloody exhaust !!
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    They are just a generic block,....one size fits all.....usually after a bit of modding
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    You can drill a 10mm hole in the drum so you can manually adjust with a flat bladed screwdriver once the drum is on, you'd be surprised how much more adjustment you can get on them. Most drums have a wear lip which you have to get over, but once on the gap between shoes and drum could be as much as 4mm overall
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    Have a look at the Piper Exhausts, Ford Heritage range. Stainless manifolds and exhaust systems in different configurations depending on engine type and power output.
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    You don't drive around at 1,000 rpm! ....... what is the output at 3 - 4,000rpm - you could be overcharging and cooking the battery? Batteries are fairly resilient things and overcharging / undercharging is generally what kills them! The differences you state are maybe 5 - 10A which shouldn't trouble a healthy battery / charging system for hours of use - as headlights are usually included in alt. load / battery capacity calcs they can be discounted so the addition of a elec. pump maybe within the excess allowed for battery charging (unlikely but possible) but even so the battery (say a 45ah type) should still run everything + pump for 9hrs with engine running normally!
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    Straight swap no problems. Engine fits to gearbox no problem.
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    Yeah, not bad for 30 year old seats. The drivers seat has a small tear in the fabric, but otherwise it's good. Just exited to get them in the car now
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    Std RS system goes from right to left anyway, so shouldn't pose any problems. Difference between LHD and rhd will be the front pipe to get around the column nothing else. The RS rear silencer is quite a large one so may have an interference problem on your under floor tanks on the Aussie ones but apart from that can't see any other fitment issues.
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    Thanks for that it’s my parents address so all he would find is not a lot lol Cheers though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I sent him a copy for you and erased your contact information as it was a bit unsafe on a public forum. Contact Visa if you have continued problems sending messages but it could just be issues with Tapatalk. Try on a regular computer and see how you go. RP2000
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    Might be an idea to delete your details, buddy. I know of a Nigerian Prince who's looking for an old Ford and he'll just...
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    We got them They look great. Minor repair work to be done one one of them and then they will be put in the Capri. (Pic is of the one that doesnt need any work)
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    (Details sent through privately)