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    Hi guys , it`s time for some pic`s from the Escort mk1V6. I have build this car 25 years ago , and in those years a have made same changes. And in those times there was no interweb , so it was harder to find out what work best and also to buy parts , so things are more easy now. And there was a APK/MOT change that did say that the amount of cylinders must stands on the registration , but that didn`t match so i went to the RDW a state institution for road vehicles to made that change , but to made this happen they charge 2000 gulden/900 euro becourse they want to do a complete test brakes , sound test and more , so i did think no way i don`t want to pay so much money and when the escort would fail during a test than you must change it and do that test again and pay again , But now it comes the importend thing there is a rule if the car is before 1-10-73 you don`t need a car type approval/road legal registration [ it must be save ] but that it , but they didn`t know/tell me this , so the car was standing still for 5 years until a met a guy that told me this , i think that it was JP so i did made a fhone call with the RDW and send them mine papers and wright them what the engine change was from a 4 cylinder to a 6 cylinder /weight and that i don`t need a complete test becourse the escort is before 1-10-73 , so i did get the registration papers back in 3 weeks with the change of cylinders but they didn`t change the weight so i did pay for a lighter car , now it total free becourse it`s a oldtimer/classic car. Now i have made same changes with the brakes and the K-jectronic came out and the EFI goes in , engine mounts , crossmember [need also bit of changes] , fat alloy radiator , pedalbox [self made] witch i did made a little bit shorter to get enough space for the brake cylinder at the ingition lock/steering , and much more.[waiting on a vacuumpump/switch] The engine must go about 10/15mm to the front to make space for the long EFI ignition house , so the fat 24V oilpan must come out and in goes the granada mk2 oilpan that needs little changes. And after this is done we go to work on the EFI system and try to start it. Maybe i wil put more power in this engine , but i have also a 4,0 OHV engine witch will fit if a can keep the inlet manifold low , becourse i don`t want to change the bonnet. And put on some old pic how it started.
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    Home at last! being booked in for the exhaust later this week, looking forward to finally driving with a smile on my face (unless i am parked in a lay-by with the RAC in my rear view!) Got a fantastic quote insurance wise, limited to 5k miles, but everything declared, even down to the bonnet and tyre size! just waiting on the rear seats to be returned from being re-covered, and have to sort the carpet out due to a much bigger tunnel! still unsure of the door cards and the colour 'contrast', but if i get sick of it, i will re-arrange it.
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    Always liked an E. Would have liked to see a 1600 in there. Ford should have made it a 1600 to rival the mexico but a bit plusher. All smoking jacket and slippers
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    so wrapping sorted, couldn't get the stuff all the way down the manifold as it's pretty close, so as long as the wiring is covered, i am happy, linkage a tb's back on, all water pipes sorted, alternator in place, guessing at another 2 weeks before pipecraft, then to see the ecu guy!
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    All coming together now, just need some pipes with a reducer for the heater, and will be contacting SBD in regards to the screw inpipe attachment for the inlet manifold, still looking for the top shroud, had my time wasted by the usuals, so my search continues. Moved the radiator up an inch, and now need to buy some flexi hose for the tight angle from the rad to the front of the engine water pipe, and also going to look for some 2.5 inch exhaust pipe to finish off (plus the over the axle section and a couple of 45 and 90's) Then off the Chris Isaacs for the Microsquirt to be sorted, and then it's nearly time.......
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