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    MK2 Mexico being brought up to a show in North Wales (RS Owners club show or something) in 2016 on a service station on the M5. Car had come from PORT ISAAC, where the series Doc Martin is filmed. Is a 1976 car, one owner, and I forgot the dealers name it came from, it is in the rear window. Car had less than 4000 miles on it, but was not interested in parting with it, inside was as nice as my new modern car, if not better. As can be seen on this one, 1.6 badge on wings in silver, silver door handles, silver boot lock, silver gutter moulding, the wiper arms were silver as well, the only thing not silver was the door mirrors, they are both black. Boot lid had "ESCORT" in silver on L.H.S, and MEXICO on R.H.S. Would love to have seen it running, would have been as tight as a drum. Inside was strange though, no clock, no radio, no glove box, but it had a roof aerial.
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    I'm now fairly confident that the back wheels, more so the passenger side were both binding. I've now replaced the drivers side with a new disc and that runs much more freely now. Passengers side has been stripped down with disc removed, but stopped at that point yesterday as both my kids turned up for Mums Sunday lunch. This side was binding much more heavily, to the point that the wheel wouldn't spin freely. I'll get back on it some time this week hopefully. All in all though, I think the RR session was good in the fact that it allowed for my carbs to get balanced and mixture adjusted. Additionally though, what was also good about it was that it identified my trans loss/bind issue that I wasn't initially aware of. Admittedly, I was going through the process of finding the correct discs for the rear which I was looking to change due to a squeeking noise. The flywheel figure of 153bhp, assuming it's accurate was also more than I was expecting. I was thinking of a figure around 140bhp with the choice of cam I went for. I think when I get it back together and take it for a run, it will not have the binding issue. Fingers crossed, I might even notice a bit more go in it when driving. That would be a bonus. Again though, thanks to all of you with your feedback and help when I've asked the odd question etc while building this engine. I was looking at building a 2.2 over this winter, but the way this engine responds and felt while driving it from the RR, I'm wondering whether it's going to be worth it for the needs of what I use the car for.
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    Car is back in the workshop after a bit of sanding down lots of filler and some extremely awful previous repaires have shown up. Panels tack welded and filled over Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well that's a new one on me!!
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    I like the way the site changes it when you write wo man to Doris lol!
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    Apart from the price wouldn't say there would be a great deal of difference, poss the carrello has a more definitive pattern. As for the bulb in the carrello looking at the aperture it would be the halogen equivelent of the 410 bulb as pictured.
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    it's good that you now have it sorted. Paul
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    Door to panel gaps look good, that’s a key to getting a car looking right once it’s painted
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    Would do if it was an OSF. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
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