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    I recently purchased my 1978 from a friend who has owned it since 2005 It was pulled apart welded and painted inside and out but never really finished it came to me several years ago for a type 9 gearbox to be fitted but I’m not a fan personally This is the picture I received but had been looked after and since then it had been left outside unfortunately It arrived probably a month ago now and I’m slowly going through it new door pins ordered, need to loose the spots, sort the front spoiler and ordered some Aldridge seat covers which arrived Friday headlights need the inners rechroming and as they are carrello FORD ones so need to keep them on the car, the radiator fan switch was a manual one which I’ve now changed to thermostatically controlled switch
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    I have two old raised letter plates here Ray , the letters are 3 inches approximately and I have two 1s on each , they are just plain straight 1s though james
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    Couldn't find the plates, by the way it's bloody freezing ? I'm 99.9% sure it's a straight 1
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    Yes they look like Lasers on the silver Twink-the metal thickness around the nut holes looks the same as the spoke thickness-easiest way to spot from afar. As Vista said we had chrome gutter trim and possibly front/rear screen rubber inserts but no sill, boot or window trims on our RS models.
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    Ahhhh I get you now! Yes you are right. There are simple versions without the extra bling as well.
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    That's what I was saying, "but" for the gutter trims we don't have all the extra chrome bling.
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    I had also bought some 7x13 replica 4 spokes with some decent Yokohama tyres which I put on and removed the lowering blocks and bought some standard height front springs Im still planning on fitting some roller bearing top mounts to ade steering slightly, and since going back to standard height it drives much better
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