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    I kind of like this actually but didn't know where else to post it.
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    as far as im aware, you are correct RP, the door capping's were specific to the 1300E, and even here are getting hard to get, even the dash parts, about 3-4 weeks ago a set that imho needed re furb, made £480 on e bay, I had lots of people at the NEC asking where to get the wood from, but there are people making and selling bad repro, that would look ok veneered properly, the veneer is American Cherry, but ford didn't veneer the door capping's, they just stained it to get it close, but mine are veneered so it matches as an aside, those flat RS wheels are SH1T, even Nick reverted back to an early E / TC wheel
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    WTF, I didn't realise it was sail powered, I was thinking V8 not land yacht! You won't catch me friggin' in the riggin'
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    Some better images. The Ford Explorer SV Concept Pickup Chicago Motor Show 1973
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    No we never did. I think that may be a good thing though. Although I have seen that grill on a factory air vent once.
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    its about 45 minits from me. if theres nobody closer let me know.
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    You know I didnt even realize it was an Escort until you said that. Thats scary.
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    thanks for the conflicting advice ? got a set of r1 carbs on an st and started it for the first time last night. it took forever before it kicked into life, hence the question for what it will take I might just connect it up
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    I wonder if they have vented rears as well?
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    Well that’s another year closer to me...lol happy birthday Jo.....XXXXXXX?
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    222hp 224ft/ib torque
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    then the motorsport dished steering wheel or something like this i bought for a tenner from the auto jumble.
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    yeah i see what you mean, maybe the capri type center cap with an early mk2 base model middle. that had the writing rather than the blue oval also the script is same as the mk1 escort boot script. ive got one in the garage, i'll try and get a pic up for you.
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