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    Yep, I think they look OK too. I'm not one for trying to make the car something it's not, ie yet ANOTHER Mexico or RS clone. I quite like any base model car that has been hopped up but still retains some base model features or looks. Gives the car more "attitude" in my opinion.
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    Jesus, I haven't even watched the videos and I think they're boring! Way to sell it to us guys!
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    Let me know how you go with them. I have a new type that will work in both the instruments and gauges like that and are all the one size so will fit with the odometer as well.
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    Looks like a big ol show to hang out at. I may be up for that if I am back up and running...
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    Alright Nick, I might venture over there, it looks like a really big show from the link. Besides, you need a shiny car next to yours to showcase its originality!!!!!
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    Haven't posted for a while had the cars 1st mot, passed with no problems. The next morning found fluid on the floor in the garage under the car,quickly worked out I had a brake fluid leak it must of happened on the mot rolling road brake test.I thought it was a bit much on a 45 year on car. The seal on the brake servo unit was the problem with brake fluid running down the front of the master cylinder,there's no luck with brake fluid and paint. Had to repaint along with a new set of seals. It was not to bad a job and the brakes are far better now than previous outing so worked out well in the end. New registration now received so hopefully ready for a few local shows this year.
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    Just run servo on fronts, do NOT buy one of the cheap Lockheed repos servos. Their shite, look out for a girling powerstop one or get an original Lockheed ones.
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    Speed Hut - not cheap though - just shy of $700 US!............. I think I still prefer my RS2 binnacle as an overall collection !
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    Here's a thread on here where someone over your way made a tasteful upgrade of a two clock pod James. There's someone else on here that made a nice job upgrading them with mk2 Cortina gauges too. Will see if I can find that.
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    Gordan does know what he wants but my only real small niggly issue I have with the project is that when they don't want to go the direction that Gordon clearly set out then they cut the conversation short and deliberately try to force it a certain direction. The instruments were a case in point. They from the start wanted to create a centre gauge arrangement. That however would conflict with the original 6 dial dash design and maligned it in order to do so. Gordon's original concept is for effectively a remade Twincam and the 6 dial dash is foundation for that design for all the sporting Mk1s to come. Using the smaller dials to facilitate a secondary gauge cluster in the centre doesn't gel with Twincam homage to me but rather smacks as a teen chav sticking on gauges to make his 1100 popular seem more sporty. I do like the smaller instrument cars in their own right however and the question above was not to imply they look bad but rather to see how many people have still kept their smaller instrument clusters. (I bought one just yesterday to try some bulbs in) They also move the project down the IRS route which I think could ultimately backfire on them. If you watch the episodes where they are discussing the paper concepts the guy does a whole lot of giggling and hastens decisions about certain things that they don't want to dwell on in case it changes their preconceived ideas. To be fair though I think he is nervous and doesn't want to aggressively challenge Gordon on certain aspects so he pushes in a more subtle way. While it grates on me I do understand it. While its true I challenge some of their ideas and direction but that's the fun of having a discussion about it is how we would do it differently and is in no way meant as denigration of the series. In fact the opposite is true. It wouldn't be much of a discussion if we all said wow isn't that great and that was it. I really quite enjoyed it and given its free to watch would thoroughly recommend watching it. To their defence and a point alot of people may be missing is that they aren't making a restoration video and you have to keep that prominent in your mind as your not going to see much of the actual work taking place, only interim progress reports when the workshop is quiet enough to do so with an overlay of their future plans and ideas. I respect it for that reason and am not bothered by it not being a conventional restoration program. Its that difference that makes it unique. As Katana states the workmanship is incredible and I enjoy that aspect of a professional build as opposed to the usual home builds constrained by budgets and family pressures. Its a reflection of where these cars now have a higher respected status to warrant spending budgets that we have only previously seen on upmarket sports cars before. We all may have ideas how we would do things a bit differently but we can also draw ideas from it. The steering wheel discussion in the Australian Twincam thread is a case in point. The series highlighted Gordons preference for thinner classic steering wheels in period cars and made such a valid case that I am now looking to do the same and I see how my modern fingergrip wheel really doesn't do the classic interior any justice. I even like the very wheel they chose for his car so I have definitely derived positive inspiration from it. I don't think any of the criticism of certain aspects of the build I have seen here is in any way suggest this project is a waste or pointless far from it. (Only the format may make it hard for some to watch.) Im getting ideas from the show and from others pointing out how they would do it differently. So please dont interpret any discussion on aspects of the build as a total rejection of it. Its a great project. You have to admit though the idea of tartan gauges was worthy of castigation LOL
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    Yup, two dials here. 1100 wing badges too. Pretty much everything else has been upgraded or modified though.
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    Nice sun visor dude!
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    agreed, an old car should drive like an old car if its an old car your after. albeit faster, stop better and more reliable.
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    Haven't posted here in a while. - Front is now a little lower still. Much better stance now. - Had an oil pressure problem (pump drive shaft spun resulting in a scored big end.) Cheers to Pete @ Performance Thumpers for getting me back on the road with a days turn around to make a cruise the next day! Between the two us we had the motor out, apart, new bearings and pump drive in, reassembled, back in the car and on the road in a few hours. - Nothing much too new has happened on the car really. Not too much left to go really (Coil over front, Vented front discs and MK2 rear drums, engine rebuild, rear seat recover, wrap the headers so my left leg doesnt get so hot when driving it hard on a hot day) but putting the eski on the backburning a little atm to get a few things done on my Chevy Luv. Some pics of our local group.
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    As an alternative to hacking up your dash board for a six dial dash you could try this conversion i did for my mk1= You need the rev counter, speedo, fuel and temp guage from a mk2 cortina 1600e, ( i bought mine on ebay a few years back for £20, but they seem to have gone up a bit since then) pop out your dials, unscrew the speedo out, screw the cortina one in its place and the drive fits right in! the rev counter is a bit more fiddly, pull out the escort fuel/ temp guage (i think you have to trim out the metal with snips) the trim out a circle in the back of the escort pod to fit the whole cortina rev counter through ( the rev counter is its own complete unit) get in in the right depth judging by eye the either put a couple of tack welds on it or pop rivet it in securely, you will find that the wiring is colour co-ordinated and that the standard escort loom should already have the 2 grey wires that clip straight into the back of the rev counter and works straight off! i made a little bracket for the fuel/ temp guages (though i think you can buy these new) and mounted these next to the steering coloum and the wiring from the escort loom when cut from the back of the back of the white connecter block on the loom ( these are easily identified from looking at the original dials) just about stretched over to fit on the new guages. I also cleaned and satin blacked the instrument pod, then fitted the chrome bezels off the cortina dials to cover up the grotty yellowish escort plastic. I've tried to be as clear as possible with this description but its been a few years since i did this, but believe me its self explainatry when you compare the escort stuff with the cortina dials, i'm shite at wiring and did this conversion easily, and it gives you a really nice 60's style alternative to the standard dash !
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