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    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Because I've zero interest in drag racing, I see a nice classic car ( a 2 door Mk5 no less) with a giant nose on the bonnet, enormous wheels and tyres at the rear, likely horrendously loud and uncomfortable to be in, very heavy up front and no practical use as a car..............whereas you no doubt see a race car that's enormously powerful, huge grip, very fast off the line and gives a great adrenalin rush when the lights go green (just don't mention corners eh )? Lol, it's MOT'd too. Though I'm laughing my off at this advisory from 2017. No shit sherlock! Date tested 20 June 2017 PASS Mileage 3,689 miles MOT test number 9412 4915 7130 Expiry date: 19 June 2018 Advisory notice item(s): Exhaust noisy (7.1.4)
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    After seeing the two colors side by side I decided immediately on Signal Yellow code 9. You don't get the real idea from images, even different phones/cameras give different colors from the same car.
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    Wow. That already looks stunning and it's not even built yet. I'm going to take a guess at Signal Yellow. Either way, I want your car 😁.
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    I'm sure the Drag fans will like it and I recognise it's built for a purpose........but it's a no from me
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    Wow Talk about Deja Vu! Its like my friends and the car washing all over again! They were all Old Skool Forders too. Except they weren't old skool then.
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