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    Wow, the cleverness of the modern world ay? And here's me just getting to grips with overhead valves! 😂
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    First thank you all for coming. These events don't happen with out you lot turning up and supporting our events. I hope you all enjoyed it and will join us again for next year. Thank you Scott for your assistance in getting this off the paper 3 years ago. What was a dream several years ago became a reality with 40+ old fords driving around the moors in glorious weather. My good wife for bringing us lunch and driving around with me many many times perfecting the route and getting treasure hunt questions. @steve caf577k for stopping and getting Top Banana going again. Now on with the review. Saturday morning we all gathered at the River Dart country park camp site for the start of TOTM 2019. The air full of burbling exhausts and carbs, bright vibrant colours that only old cars seem to have now. After the mingling had finished everyone was called to start their engines and line up ready for the off. Route cards were handed out and cars set off in small groups. We left the campsite and headed to the moors. Driving the back road from ashburton we followed the road to Saddle Tor and Hay Tor. With glourios weather we could actually see the tors this year. We then headed towards Bovey Tracey. Before we got to Bovey Tracey we turned right for Manaton. It was at this point we had a change of scenery from previous tours and used small back roads that only the locals know about. The narrow winding roads took us through Manaton and North Bovey. Once these small villages were past we had a quick blast up the main road heading north. Then a left turn to Chagford and right turn for Throwleigh. The country roads got narrow again with tight turns and sharp hills. Skirting around the moors left a few casualties including my own with overheating. It would soon be over and once at Sticklepath the roads opened up and we all enjoyed an opportunity to open up along the A30 bypassing okehampton. After leaving the A30 we traveled through Bridestowe and on to Lydford. Like chalk and cheese this road was long and straight. Passing Brent tor we arrived in Tavistock under the old Railway viaduct. It was time to head to Yelverton for lunch. Its was great to have all of us gather on the old RAF airfield for Pasties and fizzy drinks. Gave the cars time to cool down and for us humans to soak up the sun. Once the group were fed it was time to do a lap of Burrator reservoir. Now back on open moorland roads Sheepstor was quickly passed and on to cadover. At the highest points you could look out over Plymouth City, the sea in the distance and behind us the reservoir. Cornwood was then passed as we left the moors and headed back to camp via Ivybridge and the old roads before the A38 was Built. Back at base, it was time to chill, collect the treasure hunt questions to mark and socialise some more. With a bar on site the drink flowed and the smell of BBQ filled the air. The less we talk about the quiz the better as my reign as quiz master was shortly lived and the winners will be tasked with setting the quiz for 2020. I hope you all enjoyed it and we see you again next year. Please feel free to post photos on here.
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    I suspected you and others may like that one but that grill does it in for me.
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    I like that. Needs the headlights and the number plate putting where it should be, but still, nice job.
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    Absolutely well done to Chris then Some very nice cars in attendance!
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    I've just read though this, and I'm sorry if it's been mentioned or I'm thinking out the box in the wrong direction... But I had a similar issue years ago and it ended up being the earthing cable to the engine, The black sleeve over the crimped part made it look ok, But under it, it had melted bad and only gave in when the car got hot!
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    If there's a Mad Cow in British politics right now, it's a toss up between Diane Abbott and Wee Jimmy Crankie North of the border as to who's worst affected!
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    It would logically explain Trump in the White House and Boris about to take over Number 10, both look like they were avid burger lovers in the past?
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    A few (ok lot) more pics. Some good convoy shots too. 😎
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    One of the things we came across whilst doing the tour, even the locals wanted in on it 😜 Sorry no plaque no join in lol
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    We really enjoyed ourselves, even my 16 year old daughter had a good time and she doesn't like old Fords! We will be back next year, hopefully with our Mk2 Transit
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    My thanks to Chris and Maija for all their efforts. I just manage the admin and payments, it is Chris who has done 90% of the leg work Who spotted the Royal Navy's newest, and largest ever, capital warship (HMS Queen Elizabeth) anchored just outside Plymouth Sound in that Sea in the distance? See 1st l shot below, she's between trees.
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    The OP dropped me an email saying he'd update the thread. I hope he does as I am also interested in how it worked out.
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