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    he sent me this one, but only one so far.
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    Someone was talking to old mutton chops at a Mini show as he took along the one they did. He admitted they did the design work but had a team to do most of the hands on stuff. The buyers were all fictional too as he kept the Mini for himself. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    school playmats are better and sparks dont set light to them!
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    Ooh, exercise mats. That's a wonderful idea I said. 🤔 Perfect. 😁
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    Finally stuck mine up on the wall. Notice the exercise mat on the bench? Betty bought 2 over Christmas and said "Let's get fit in January". 🙄
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    Not to take the wind out your sails RP, but I’ve won it three times this week and someone’s put 100k in my bank account just need to confirm my details......lol
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    what was that translated, about £1
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    You could sign up here for the 14 day free trial, binge it and then cancel 😂 You will see them absolutely destroy what could have been a nice Land Rover. Give an Escort a paint job that I think most people would paint again and to top it off, they give a Capri the worst front end of any other Capri in the wholest, wideust world: https://www.motortrendondemand.com/search-results/Goblin/
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