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  1. Got the car via eBay at Walsall, originally from South of France LHD Tawny Brown mk1 more door cost me £1800, plus £120 for transporting it up to Leeds, West Yorkshire 👍 Bodywork bit tatty around the edges due to long storage at farm’s barn but engine bay/underneath chassis/floor & boot floor, all doors and rear boot all mint 😁 Oh and purchase 1300gt crossflow engine at £150 too to replace old 1100cc engine
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  2. Boots, 28p for a Chicken BLT sandwich, use by today, eaten today - and I am still living. And the fact it was 28p, it hasn't gone to waste, and I wasn't even looking for a sandwich - I think made taste even that little bit sweeter. Damn, it's good to be me right now......
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  3. As said already, don’t buy one of those carbs get a rebuild kit
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