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  1. Seems I forgot what my own release schedule was when i posted last week, so no engine mounting today, instead you get to see me starting work on repairing the scrap yard fibreglass bonnet. The more I work on this bonnet, the more I have come to realise, it really wasnt as good as it looked in the photos, and realistically it wasnt worth the "saving" over buying a new one. Having said that, if I had bought a new one then I wouldnt have had much I could get on with while the car is still at my mates, so in a way, it has been quite nice to have this to focus on during the weekday evenings when
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  2. Eeb, Im happy to be your sponsor as the next PA meeting.
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  4. Well they do say, if its got wheels or tits its going to cost ya!
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  5. Thought everyone had seen it here there and everywhere so didn’t consider putting them up. Got a couple to hand
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  6. Good pal of mine has a Mk1 currently totally submerged. Once the water goes we will see how bad things are.
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