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    Huge thanks to everyone for putting me straight & giving me advice Re Weber service & Project Daisy - she now idles 750 & sounds/drives brill tomorrow set Carb up as best I can 👍😁😁 then........ more small 👣
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    Stripped the engine bay as I’m going to repaint it, I’ve found a bit of damage to the inner lower crossmember behind the front panel so I’m going to replace it whilst I’m there, will get suspension off this week and get it stripped and blasted then I can paint them, whilst I’m getting those bits blasted I’ll get some of the mk1 bits done at the same time pics to follow
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    I got no problems with it - used on Zetec install due to varying hose diameters / non standard rubber availability and used for boosted air installations - no problems to date.
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    get genuine ford, or pattern rubber, silicon are junk, ask Nick to his cost, lousy fit, leak and wrong shapes
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    Gearbox oil seal, PCV grommet, Inlet / Outlet manifold gaskets - from Burton Power, helpful on the fone & received on day2.
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    Buy it now, the frustration will age you and then you can retire early!
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    Still for sale, too much work for the last viewing, lost their deposit. Will advertise in the for sale section, possible price drop too, needs to go, still losing garage space.
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