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    F.O.R.D & Escort boot lid badges re-fitted & Daisy’s boot is .....on & I’m proper excited! My preparation work where I’ve taken the chrome strip off is pants! (Must learn patience) The paint colour is great in fact too lovely compared to the rest of the faded car ! The result ......well pleased, learned loads 👍😁😁.........NEXT!?🤔
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    Three top coats on the Boot Lid top. But first found out what the 2 knobs on the gun did! (YouTube Paint Society) Then practiced on cardboard to get paint quantity right & fan shape correct, mixed accurate 60/40 & prepped Lid with 800W&D - off I went. Very pleased with result & no hiccups here’s some pics...
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    Daisy’s out at the seaside showing off her new booty - total 63 miles 👍
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    Yeah - probably only take . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . maybe 40 years!
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    I want to sleep with them...
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    Some titanium scrap machined up at work to make some nice rose joint bolts for the crossmember 👍🏼
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    Yes upgrade on the cards and better preparation tools, I think Carey said this back in August & JB recently Re preparation 👍, really enjoyed the whole ‘Air’ use & defo want more practice, the finish is much better than rattle cans!......small 👣
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    I guess you know why sprayers don't use/like those curly hoses - a soft pvc / rubber hose allows easier movement. Maybe an upgrade for the future?
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    I see you're also wearing the correct safety Crocs.😜 I too am never out of my Crocs, must be an age thing🤔 I think this could be the start of a new " show us your safety Crocs" thread.
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    Done it! First ever spray paint ‘job’ on the underside of Daisy’s boot lid (thought it best to practice there) First I made myself a spray booth 😂 with an old shower door, sheet, cardboard. Rubbed boot down with 800 w&d, had a practice on cardboard with only thinners & set psi to 45. Mixed thinners & paint 60/40, put it in the gravity feed bowl attached it to gun - off I go. Three important lessons, 1) There was a loose nut on the spray gun, paint dropped out onto floor everywhere like having a tap on - tighten nut! 2) The trigger has sort of 2 positions, paint ONLY comes out when fully pressed! 3) Mask is a MUST lucky with my choice no smell at all. Thanks to all for advice, every days a school day. Overall very pleased with result see what boot lid is like tomorrow when dry 🤷‍♂️ Here’s before & after ......small 👣
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    You're best off just getting the engine and gearbox you want to fit , and make it fit. I think different people have different ideas, and skills . Some conversions are well done, but a lot are not that good on closer inspection. You can make any fit, but some are easier than others, some have a good support of conversion parts, like the zetec . Modifying things to fit , and work is all part of the build process, and getting over problems encountered on the way is fun , if you do it yourself, or expensive if you are paying someone to do it for you. Get stuck in😁
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    The car is still around and is back on the road. I know its 8 years to late.
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    So popped to Aldi this morning with the missus to get some groceries-then onto Jenn's Diner near Redruth for a bacon n egg bap-which was delicious by the way-and these beauts were in the car park.
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    Shakedown testing all done. It drives great, goes well, I don't know how it compares to a duratec. Carbs run the car well, only a bit weak off idle, but certainly ok till it's dynoed. Gearbox is very good and tight. Axle is a helical 3.9 and is a good match for the gearbox. Suspension choice was good, flat in the corners, but not a bone shaker. All in all I'm very pleased. Too noisy , but it's a screamer. I had to replace the alternator this morning, because they packed up 🙄 Cooling is good. Seats are comfortable and just the right hight. And all that sound proofing is very noticeable. Just got to sort out the fuel gauge.
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