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  1. the old van shell is really starting to come together now.. heres the latest few progress pics..... the wings and doors fitted up and checked for gaps etc,.....looking like all will work out fine with a bit of fettling... theres a bit of a wait for some more of the required panels to arrive due to good old covid....rear corners etc from expressed panels... so in the meantime, damien is concentrating on a few other repairs that need doing, like the upper bulkhead under the heater bubble...
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  2. Thank you all for your various reports, I knew something was a amiss when my phone started going crazy in my pocket! 40 odd spam accounts through the net in a single afternoon (likely all the same person / bot) they're all now banned and IP addresses blocked so please delete whatever crap they sent you and don't click any of the links. Now off to update the re-captcha settings, report their IP addresses for spam and amend the question and answer challenges
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  3. Set of 4 lotus rims arrived today
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  4. Strut brake pipe holders were knackered, so I made up new ones.
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  5. Collect few panels today and tried them on for size. Great to see few holes filled and that beautiful front grill lookin at me again after a long long time. [emoji16] Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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