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  1. Hi. I'm Alesh, I'm from Slovenia. I am currently in the final stages of restoring the Escort Mk1.
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  2. Few parts for sale as going for a more standard spec. All parts were working prior to removal from a mk2 escort/2L pinto. Prices do not include postage. Collection preferred but can post if needed. Twin Weber DCOE 45s (65mm trumpets) complete with pinto manifold, throttle linkage/cables and 83mm oval webcon filters (k&n equivalent). Carbs were fully cleaned and serviced about 100 miles ago (can confirm jetting if needed). £650 Electric fan + in-line thermostat (11.5" fan dia/12.5" fan casing dia). £30 Short shift for type 9 (9” total length) £30 Kent RL31 cam + kit complete with double valve springs, rocker posts and clips. Parts bagged and numbered. 100 miles usage. £300 Vernier. £55 TransX lsd. £400 Location: Glasgow/Ayrshire Tel: 07891225516 Allan
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  3. so weve been back on it today, had a few wires to tidy up and put the dash back together which Jack did while i was tidying the wires in the engine bay, then played about with the seat position, then we started it up again to make sure we were still all good, 👍 Then we checked the fuel and nitrous solenoids, all good and the nitrous fuel pump, which i did have apart to fit a new fuel filter inside, just need to get the slick tyres swopped over from the minilights and need to make a couple of simple brackets to mount the light board to the back of the car looks like were ready for the 7th june cheers for your help Jack more soon 🙂
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  4. Retrorides is another UK based forum that caters for all marques. They have their own annual weekend event in the same way we do the Tour of the Moor (but minus the tour)
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  5. tunnel starting to take shape quielty,
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