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    After decades without its stripes I finally got them back on (Months ago but thought I should update it on this thread.) I had a set of original ones in boxes but they didn't stick any more so had to have them scanned and copied. None of the replicas were the right size or spacing. Most of the modern computer replicas made each of the letters the same width but back when they were made originally each of the letters were designed and sized by hand and were all different widths so none of the modern computer off the shelf replicas were correct. You always have trouble finding number plate covers for the rear as the flap down frame for the fuel filler has a lip on it that prevents you putting a frame or cover on the rear plate.
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    Hello all, my name is Stefan and I live in Germany. I recently sold my Audi 80 B1 to make room for a 75 Escort mk1. The car is "just" a four door 1100 ccm but I love the design, the simple technology, and the way it drives. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about the little car here. 😊 Cheers Stefan
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    Just take your wallet out of your pocket that will lift the ride height and also give a boost to your power to weight ratio 😜
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    Removed my 1½" blocks and replaced them with 1" instead. Took it out tonight for its first run on these and it seems to feel a nicer drive. Preacherman wasn't playing out though... 😀 Not a lot in it I agree, but I got fed up of scraping the exhaust on speed humps down our high street. Ride height still looks good. Pics below of blocks, checking rear of spring hangers while under car and final ride height:
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    It wasn't that bad!! I thought it was funny and that's what counts!!!
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    I’ve just got my classic ford mag this month and we have a two page write up on the tour of the moor well done guys for all your hard work ,great advertising for the club👍👍👍👍
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    How do I put a price on a mk2 Mexico its a good car, with good paint, it’s had welding over the years some of which if you was anal you would do but then it gets to a point can you drive it as it’s to good! there are still a few bits to do! But that’s the point of buying a old stool ford isn’t it Door hinge pins (supplied) new aldridge seat covers (need fitting) and I’d prob replace the rear as would look out of place once the fronts are done but that’s the issue you keep carrying on! needs a passenger kick panel and some gutter trims original strut tops 2.8i front struts fitted with a heathy 2.1 pinto and 5 speed standard height and choice of wheels 5.5x13 4 spokes, 5.5x13 ford sports, 7x13 4 spokes (JBW) In pics ive now added MEXICO vinyl on the bootlid and the ford badge no history apart from a few mots
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    I never intended putting cibies on the mk1. Like the clean look with just the bumpers but they do look good with the cibies too.... I'm with you on drilling holes in the new, painted steel tho [emoji45] Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    🤣 I did but couldn't resist a Mk2 style joke. I wouldn't have thought the box sections needed drilling to access on cars over there. Mother nature created her own for you guys
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    Got to wait a bit longer before it goes in though as the other half is finishing his mk1 Fiesta rebuild first.
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    Ah ok, thanks for the clarification there. Very helpful. The shell is Aussie sourced so the only rust I'm aware of is in the heater bowl. I have stripped it down completely and there isn't any more rust in it anywhere, thankfully. So I'm not really concerned with it coming back in a box.
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    Perhaps I'm a little too cynical but every shop thinks their method is the best and would discredit another in order to sell their own process. I think what I'm going to do is find a few builds on say Pistonheads of various different builds that have all been dipped. The dipping should be about 5 years old and I will see how they're tracking today,
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    I’d look at the market and see what others fetch. Hagerty have a price guide but looking at the Mk1 mexico prices it’s a little off https://www.hagertyinsurance.co.uk/classiccarvalue
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    Seats in progress and rear firewall and floor now sound proofed with Dodo mats under existing sound proof. Fingers crossed they come out as I'm hoping 🤞 What's peoples thoughts on getting the rear shelf recovered in the same vinyl as the seat backs to cover up the old speaker holes? This could be spray glued and trimmed. Alternatively, GS Escorts do a complete new rear shelf.
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    I doubt it. Every panel on my Escort is a different shade of Brown.
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    My old Daytona Yellow Sport. Not the sharpest pic though...
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    Going to fit 1 inch blocks this weekend. Was going for a nice drive thus evening but left sidelights on and flat battery.bugger
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    I don't think the cost makes it a 'premium' product - they are designed to do different jobs. The weld through is a metal preparation that will protect the base metal whilst allowing more work to be carried out ie. welding additional metal in without reducing the protection provided by the paint. An etch primer is really used after all the work is done to provide a really well bonded coating over lots of material bases, steel, braze, filler, weld material, stainless and aluminium metals where normal primers coat the base but don't 'bond' to it. It should be harder wearing and provide the best base for finishing paint. Hope that helps a bit.
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    Im having trouble spotting the difference. Is this one of those puzzles? Ummm ohhhhh the number on the side?
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    I think the mk2 Mexico's are worth about £700, but i'm prepared to offer you £1000😂😂
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    No worries, we wouldn't have found out about your engine if I hadn't started this thread so it's all good👍
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    Where are you working over my way? I'm aiming to be home by about 4ish all this week.
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    Hi, my name is bob and I am from south Scotland I have an 1978 mk2 escort 4 door which started life as a 1.6 ghia has now got a 2.1 pinto and may well develop into something else if I can find the time to get on with it.
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    Alot of the brown you see in the photos are not rust but the brown underfelt that clings to the floor when you lift the original carpets. The drivers side between the seat mounts seems to be the worst part but if you give that a good wire brushing and rust converter I think you will be surprised to find there arent really many rust holes there. You may not even find you need to replace that floor panel. Soda blasting would be beneficial there. One of the door seals must have had a leak in it that allowed the water to collect under the seat. Usually the worst spot is where the floor curves up to the bulkhead but yours isn't that bad there. Most of the rust you see if surface only. I would be interested to see a comparison shot of the floor after its blasted. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how intact the floor still is. There will be small patches for sure but by Escort standards its pretty sound.
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    Yeah the floor always a weak spot on those Mk1s. A few spots around the rim and I would look closer at the rear panel that seems to have a bit of filler in it. They are the kinds of areas to direct your blaster guy too. I would take out the boot floor though and replace in one piece. If you find a quality replacement let me know I need to do the same with my Twincam!
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    Most of the dark patches on the front is simply dirt that collects under the headlight buckets. Just a bit of patch rust along the front apron seams. I wouldnt bother removing the wings either. Australian cars rarely rust out the tops of their front guards only sometimes down lower at the sills but that also looks pretty good down low as well from the images I see. I think a bit of blasting where you see some spot rust will see you well with minimal effort. Just check your sills and lower doors skins and drains.
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    And after. (It's a completely bare shell now and desperately needs some love).
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    The plastic badge is available from the mk1 owners club £20
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    That looks nice and it will still rev too with that profile. Throttle body mapping will also keep it nice down on the lower rev range, so good all round. I opted for an FR30 purely for my driving style and the type of roads I potter around. This gave a decent increase over what I had, but your combination will give a fair bit more again, I reckon. 😁
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    Yes, I have an adjustable bolt under the throttle pedal. My partner is an engine tuner and we decided on throttle bodies for drive ability.
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    If it’s any help I paid around 15 k for this one last year . Gen Mexico although it modified.
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    The Sporting Escort Owner's Club also have a price guide but I think the values are a little low on that too. http://www.seoc.co.uk/priceguide.htm
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    It's a mk2 Mex.....what's not to like??!!! Worth a few £ if you ask me. Stunning [emoji108][emoji108] Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    That looked great Chris....gutted I couldn't get there last year. Hoping for better luck for you and me this year...looking foward to it bud...[emoji106] Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Brilliant - well done!! I think it is going to be a great weekend for all!
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    Heads of the valley, just passed Tredegar.
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    Sounds perfect mate where abouts are you then? I love a locks ice cream 😂
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    I have an old centre console that could be of use that I bought cheap to chop about. My intention was to see if I could get an Android unit to fit it with some old style gauges mixed in. I don't believe it's a genuine Ford unit, but was fitted to a MK1 Escort before I had it. Not far down the road from you, plus you can get an ice cream from Lockes Garage if you fancy it. I'll grab you a picture later.
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    Looking good there Dale
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    Now back to standard height though as I think it drives better!
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    'course it is, like le man green ou signal orange, I really like them, but I have to choose only one. well, maybe I can do a harlequin escort 🤔 😂 naaa
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    Thank you guys. I'll see with the paint shop if I can get samples or something that I can take outside in the sun to help me decide. I don't want to be rude but, maze yellow is out of the question.
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    I had a mk2 Escort that use to eat clutch cables on a regular basis, I always carried a spare in the end! Mind you I mastered clutchless gear changes!
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    About time how bloody long
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    If It looks like a pie, we'll give it a go. Many years ago our kid once forgot to take a huge family sized pork pie out of the freezer, Ma carved it with an electric bread knife and served us up a large slice of frozen pie and salad (whatever that is,....) each as a punishment, thinking we would leave it until later. Nope, we stabbed it with our forks and gnawed it like spaniels on a bone, left the green stuff though. Apparently there are other type of pork lolly, but being a gentleman etc.😱
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    Owned mine 15 years now. Two breakdowns in all that time. A clutch cable failure and a fuel pump failure. Jinxed it now haven't I?
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    A little up date on numbers Participants are as follows: Classic Fords attending Camping and Tour - 26 cars Tour only - 18 cars Meaning of our allocated 50, we have just 6 camping and tour slots left for a full house this year. And the people? 86 attendees booked (including tour only participants) of which there's 8 kids. So who wants one of the last 6 slots?
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