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    I recently purchased my 1978 from a friend who has owned it since 2005 It was pulled apart welded and painted inside and out but never really finished it came to me several years ago for a type 9 gearbox to be fitted but I’m not a fan personally This is the picture I received but had been looked after and since then it had been left outside unfortunately It arrived probably a month ago now and I’m slowly going through it new door pins ordered, need to loose the spots, sort the front spoiler and ordered some Aldridge seat covers which arrived Friday headlights need the inners rechroming and as they are carrello FORD ones so need to keep them on the car, the radiator fan switch was a manual one which I’ve now changed to thermostatically controlled switch
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    To me unless your doing a 100% concours resto what difference does it make what year they are ? They're round have the right style what more do you want ? I think if some went round looking at year dates on my car with those on and saying they're different dates, they'd be getting a swift kick up the arse!!🏃
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    Woo got my v5 first registration Ta vista for help
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    I had also bought some 7x13 replica 4 spokes with some decent Yokohama tyres which I put on and removed the lowering blocks and bought some standard height front springs Im still planning on fitting some roller bearing top mounts to ade steering slightly, and since going back to standard height it drives much better
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    Even though the 'Twink ' is under powered, notoriously unreliable has only 8 valves it's still rated and admired by shall we say the older generation as been the one and only twink! Even though it has been overtaken in the power and reliability by the modern engines with the likes of zetec and red tops it's still the dogs the round ones of the twink world😉 That LOTUS word across the rocker cover is enough to attract anyone's attention and conversation no matter what it's in, can we say that for anything else NO.
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    Ahhhh I get you now! Yes you are right. There are simple versions without the extra bling as well.
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    That's what I was saying, "but" for the gutter trims we don't have all the extra chrome bling.
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    Hoping to get the 1/4 bumpers off mine on the weekend to go on yours
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    Hi @tyler I own your father's old capri. It is alive and well and going through some restoration work. I am hoping to have it back on the road for next summer. Regards Brian
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    I’m debating wether to buy panels as I go before I start, inner wings, upper bulkhead etc wings are good and I have a new front panel already it’s the big debate wether to sodablast it!
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    Early 4 spokes don’t always have stamping in them, depended on who made them I believe this set are mainly 72 dates my other set have markings
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    These are my mk1 alloys I’ve had refurbished centre caps are avaible on eBay or avo club which I’m a member
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    There are replica 70mm centre caps available once you have machined the centre hole out. I will have to dig out from where though.
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    You have bought a nice car.
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    Have fun Zetec pinto engine useable giggle car
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    hi rallypack2000, i got the wheels, with nuts, a few problems have appeard, they look like crap, they are capri wheels, with number H71AB-1007-AC-C and a centrehole from 63mm instead of the 70mm for an escort, you could make them larger and grind the last C of the rim, then they would be escort rims, i have clean them up a bit to have a good look at them, they got small rust dimps in them, witch will show up if you would polisch them. the good thing is i got them for 50 euro's, the bad thing is, they weight 21,80 kg, the wheel nuts about 1.2 kg, postage for 20 kg would be 105 euro's, for 30 kg would be 350 euro's, ridiculus, but for 10 kg is 58 euro's, one rime is 5,45 kg, it just go's over the 5 kg limit, i have to split them, i don't want to do that, i can sent them by ups, in a box, that would be the best thing, it would cost 168 euro's, i know it a lot, you just live to far away. you don't have to take them, i can clean them up a bit, and sell them to eeb43, he could sell them on the classic ford show, it always would be good for everybody sorry i could not get beter ones, there are no caps with them, the best thing is they are cheap, cheers marcel
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    Lots with Zetec's - do they count LOL!
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    That's correct Colr6, it's a 1953 Nimbus. Wondered if they were known outside Denmark. It was a Danish motorbike, produced at a factory called Nilfisk, best known for their fabulous alloy vacuum cleaners. They were very popular and used in large numbers by Mail Service, Police and Military. Has a flat iron frame, no rear suspension and a prop drive. Their straight cut gearbox makes a whinning noise which nicknamed them "the bumblebee" I've done some repairing to this one, as well as giving it a fresh MOT. It arrived on a flatbed truck, because it only ran for 3 minutes at the time. Ii'll spent winter at my place, since the owner is rebuilding her house and the Nimbus was destined to live outside.
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    AVO Southern Day
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    a certificate of conformity is an sva/iva pass certificate
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    As its completely finished now, I've had to take some photographs for my insurers to give a guaranteed valuation so thought I'd share with you I've removed and kept the old basket wave seats. They are in amazing condition so sourced some replacement ones and had them recovered in leather. Same with the dashboard. The original one is in storage and this one recovered in leather The only "gap" that winds me up is the bonnet. When viewed from the left hand side, it's slightly raised on one side. My OCD goes into melt down!
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    I would be happy to have a set of Capri ones on mine. My Mk2 has Capri Lasers as well. Here no one can tell the difference!