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    Trophies are in the post and donations have been made to - The National Autistic Society Jenny Lind Children's Hospital Thank you all again.
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    I think people like to see other people's projects. I know when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the project, looking at other people's projects , helps to get back on track😀
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    I put some 'before' photos up on here as a new member and at the time couple of you asked for pictures of my car once the work was underway/done When I started I had no idea what I was going to do with it but a Silver Top Zetec and Type 9 with some of the RWD parts included along with a set of 45s and the promise that the engine was good which sort of made my mind up for me. The installation has been done really neatly by Tickover and, after I put the car in to have a pair of Mexico wings fitted, one think led to another and a full restoration and bare metal repaint of the 'rust free' shell was undertaken. The engine runs really well but is going in to HT this week to be set up properly. Then it's just sorting out niggly electrical issues and trying to source hard to find items like an interior mirror, rear seat base etc I've lowered the car 2 inches but, to my mind it still sits too high and I'm torn between the 6x13 RS 4 spokes that are on the car and a set of 7 inch JBW steels I have in the garage. Any suggestions or opinions on this? Also how far of the ground should the car sit (mines 220mm to the bottom of the sill in front of the rear wheels and 190mm at the front of the sills) Hope you like the pictures. I work in sales so I have a thick skin if any one has any constructive criticism
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    That just says volumes about americans - nothing to add!
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    What’s up, are we all bored so it’s pick on the old defenceless old man miles away ???
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    I removed all the choke flaps and linkage. Knife edged the butterflies Bought a kit that changes carb operation to a dgas.it has an extra hole in venturi so both chokes open and squirt petrol immediately I changed the linkage to get rid of the bar and remove any slop. K and n filter Cleaned up the inlet manifold with a dremel to remove casting marks. Pump pedal 5 times starts and idles nicely.
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    Finally a bit of forward movement....... engine built, ready to go. Hopefully be in colour by the end of next week
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    Escortosis claims another victim. The pandemic spreads
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    Today's job, make a MDF under dash parcel tray, and carpet it.🤔
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    Good to hear you are on the road to recovery! I'm getting on in years (73) I think youve' got to get things fixed as they happen, Ive had 4 new hip joints (to one side) a left knee, glaucoma fixed, cataracts fixed, on blood pressure and colostrol tabs, and waiting for a new right knee, but still working walking and driving - a bit like an old Ford, keep fitting the spares and keep going! beer helps a lot!
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    I don't want to live forever either just long enough that both Escorts are finished ....... Oh I guess I do want to live forever now that I think about it.
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    Been busy on the Cortina, cut out the gearbox tunnel,and welded a capri tunnel in.This was still not big enough in height to fit the Mt75 gearbox,so had to split tunnel and lift up to make room,then as the drive flang on the gearbox is high i thought the prop would be getting close,so cut tunnel all way to back seat and raised the front ,just spot welded at moment. Fitted engine and gearbox using retro Ford engine mounts,and sierra gearbox cross member,modified to fit on the capri tunnels bolt holes.Will have to modify the drivers side engine mount,so it is about 20mm lower ,I'm using the blacktop plastic manifold and it just hits the top of mount
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    Subframes painted, ready to fit.
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    think I may have a pair in my scrap bin tbh, will look in the morning, if I don't answer then send me a mind jogger, ill pm you my moby no.
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    can see why he shys from the camera now lol
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    Episode 11 of Garry's Garage is live! I didn't realise at the time that this was the start of quite a large rabbit hole I have led myself down!
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    I think that's an American set.
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    Bleeding hell, your warning labels are really really specific arent they?!!!
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    Looks like you’ve done a nice job on that carb Huge, I could tell by the pics you don’t normally get to involved as you hands haven’t got grimed in dirt lol (won’t be long and they will be like the rest of us haha)
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    Thanks Johnny Boy you were spot on! Just taken the carb off & taken both Venturi flaps out & re-fitted them this time more precisely and more central. Car started & revved normally. Proper looking forward to a toad test tomorrow - Thanks again Huge
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    My mk2 transit still has work to do my mk2 cortina is still on the spit my mk5 cortina needs tinkering with and my xr4x4 is making a funny noise so why have i just gone and got this 🙄
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    quite alot comes in i sell about 25% of it i would think and scrap about 25% rotten shells etc so i COLLECT and keep about 50% not a bad average i dont think
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    Top man, project's are the meaning of life!
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    I know you shouldn’t laff at your own jokes but I nearly wet myself guess a key ring’s out of the question! 😂😂😂
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    That looks very clean. I would keep the viton one , or replace with viton , they are a bit more forgiving that the brass ones.
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    It doesn't have to be clinically clean outside or inside, it just needs a clear filter, all the orifices clear, and no lumps of crud inside. aerosol carb cleaner, is a good alterative to compressed air.
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    and a happy belated birthday!
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    Top ones look like airline quick release fitings, from my (limited) experience they are standard other than there seems to be 2 different length of fittings. https://www.amazon.co.uk/bsp360-Set-Compressor-Quick-Coupler-Connector/dp/B01M8O7I4F/ref=asc_df_B01M8O7I4F/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=389455173012&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3121078455170125489&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045432&hvtargid=pla-834575496172&psc=1&tag=&ref=&adgrpid=79329977946&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvadid=389455173012&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3121078455170125489&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045432&hvtargid=pla-834575496172
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    Wow! You don't want him near yer sarnies, looks a hungry lad!
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    Standard jack mk1 mex jack
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    That’s proper kind thank you! I’d really appreciate that and I’ll PM you later.
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    agree with Katana, you need an ultrasonic bath, tomorrow I can post an exploded view parts list for you, it wont just be down to a kit tho, the butterfiy spindle bores in the main casing I bet will be worn as well, parts are available from web tec, and on e bay you can get sealed bearings to repair the lower butterflies, but setting them up to shut correctly isn't easy if you dont know how, if the choke one is bad though, its not repairable and a new top from web tec will be needed, fast road cars also hold a few parts that web tec no longer do, and the bases normally warp and need facing off
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    As a biker, carbs are always an issue so a lot of us just pass go and directly to an ultrasonic bath - get the jets out so fluid can get into the drillings and the results can be remarkable - won't hurt plastic or rubber either. If you want good external clean / finish then soda media blasting is excellent & can be cleaned out with water.
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    See Im not sure if that's meant to make it better or worse?
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    How's this for rare? Robbed it off Faceache (so I guess it is good for something) 1963 Ford Cortina Ogle GT Coupé, of which only two were ever built by Ogle. This is one is now in the Philippines and once belonged to Stirling Moss. It is unique in that it was a 4-Seater instead of seating 5. *Ogle Cortina GT, 1964. Commissioned by Stirling Moss (pictured with the car in the last picture) who wanted a 4-seat GT Coupé based on proven components. The car was presented by Stirling Moss at the Earls Court Motor Show. Two were built by Harold Radford Coachbuilders based on Ogle’s designs but plans for a limited production run came to nought. And the post from Brian Oinks on Faceache "I thought I would share this very special Car with you all. I found these old pictures in one of my Folders here, so I thought I would throw them up here. You cannot find these online (well, until everyone else shares them now) as they were shared by a close friend of the Family who ended up Custodians of this rare machine after their Father passed away. Their Father was a well known Filipino Racer and bought this from Stirling Moss and had it shipped to the Philippines. He raced it regularly at the Clark Track in Manila until he retired it, where it sat under cover until it was eventually rediscovered and verified to be indeed Stirling Moss' old Ogle GT Coupe." Oh and the final picture is feedback given on Twitter when I posted a tweet about the car.
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    Hell NO! Don't care how its described its not food! Apparently fruit (which I do love) cannot be exclusively be used as your 5 a day - bummer! I suppose curried / grilled vegetables would be ok! Well i'm around all week with nowt to do - may not have Hobnobs but sure I can rustle up something suitable LOL! I do have a new TPS to fit - was going to do it last Friday before it all when 'pete tong' so may do it this just to keep me active. Car SOS - there's a plan, unfortunately they prefer wreaks not things that are just about finished LOL! Good one - I liked that but not sure where i'd stick it! Thanks to you all for your good wishes - as I don't actually know any of you in real life, the thoughts are appreciated - Old Skool Rulz!
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    They obviously never met Nick....😁
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    Never has so much shit been said in such a short paragraph.....lol
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    In this weeks video we build a new tube front end for the Ford 100e Prefect project car as unfortunately the last setup was removed before we bought the car. Plus side is we get to build it how we want! With that complete we finally have something we can mount the radiators too - Yes, for those who arent familiar with the previous car, we have 2 rads in this setup! - as well as get the bodywork on at least a little bit straighter than it was before
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    It is with great Sadness I have to say that envious eyes, extreme values and lack of secure parking is influencing my escort use, in something I don't like but I put it down too old fart paranoia! I just keep thinking I'm being followed or that someone is going to damage it, I almost wish the value of the car was declining then it would then be easier to use, less of a risk and probably more enjoyable. value has a double-edge to it . increase the value and maybe use it less, I am considering doing a deliberately rough capri to increase my use of it, and therefore reduce the risk of theft or damage . I think I am over thinking it . Does it effect others this way?
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    I don’t use anything! Not seen any issues on cars I work on day to day and do you do 12000 miles a year? dont bother is my opinion
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    had a move round today, so I can get ready for a little winter maintenance on the two of them
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    I had the same idea. Didn't see any other oldskoolers but got a few waves and headlight flashers!! Weather was ok, no salt or rain about so out I went....love driving it. So much more fun than the modern stuff....looking foward to next summer's tours and shows [emoji109][emoji109] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Well , it got finished, MOT'd, rolling road at Emerald, Classic Ford then LeMans, then cormnwall All in the space of two weeks
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