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    Awesome little bits of kit on the back roads, handle well, fly well, land straight, buuuuut, can bend slightly at the screen base on heavy re-entry which also splits the exhaust down pipes. Panda cars, driven faster than hire cars.😁
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    I bought a pair of crystal h4 headlights from bearmach for a landrover .They needed a small tweak to remove some excess plastic on the back. Fitted some updated bulbs from halfrauds, If you look for bearmach on ebay you will see they sell some halo ones and even smoked glass effect.nice Neil
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    So works stalled on the Escort for the moment mainly due to work commitments and the DVLA taking an age to sort out my V5. The windscreen trims were finished along with boot lock and door locks. I have a small leak on the water pump which I can’t cure! So looks like a new one is in order.. £10 a litre I can’t afford to loose to much waterless coolant. I started it up today just to make sure it’s getting a turnover regularly. I’m getting a fair bit of spitting back through the carbs.. anyone else had experience of this? I’m assuming perhaps idling jets? I will have it set up properly when it’s on the road but just wondered if there was a cure that anybody knows?
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    I'd feel a right tit if i had to wear that.
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    hi rallypack 2000, postage from holland to you would be 105 euro's, the wheels could be taped together, they will be 55 cm by 32,5 cm, and it's possible to sent them bij post, i got a friend in belgium near by, who i think has a set, they are the 5.5 inch rims, i am not sure if they are escort or capri, but i could look at the cast numbers, i think if i gave him 50 euro's for the set of 4, he would be glad, i have to say they are ugly, but i think they are not scratsed, if they are something for you i will ask him, cheers marcel
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    Numbers looking good so far for 2019. 18 of 18 Tour only packages gone and 16 of 32 camping packages with a further 4 confirmed pending payment. Mexican Gerbil x 1 (camping) Vista x 2 (camping) Deltamal x 1 (Tour Only) GT65 x 1 (Camping) Sean Coles x 1 (Camping) RSMark x 13 (Tour Only) Danish x 1 (Camping) Russsssss x 1 (Tour Only) Steve Charlesworth x 1 (Tour Only) Mr G Down x 1 (Camping) Colr6 x 1 (Camping) David Jones x 1 (Camping) Kevin Lowe x 1 (Camping) Robert Ould x 1 (Camping) Jammy 14 x 1 (Tour only) Mike Meyers x 1 (Camping) Tucker x 1 (Tour Only) Darren Trim x 2 (Camping) Xp197777 x 1 (Camping) Shill-Scaff x 1 (Camping)
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    Finally, there is much rejoicing. Don't know whether to kick myself or attempt a cartwheel. Stripped the caliper back off again earlier and everything was running free with it when off. Refitted it and there was no free float again and binding. So, off it came again, then I noticed a scuff mark on the underside when I was about to wind the piston back. Fitted the caliper back on again, noting the scuff point and immediately it lost its float again. Lying under the car from behind I could then see that the casting was pressing against the axle bracket when bolted up and was stopping the caliper from moving freely. If you look at the pics you can see the area that was scuffing, so I took the caliper back off again and filed off the high spot on the casting. Put it back on again and bingo, freeplay. I haven't checked the other side, as it got late, but I'll definitely be giving it a look over to see if there's any rubbing. Fingers crossed, that's it all sorted for my binding and transmission loss to back wheels on recent RR session.
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    1.Mexican Gerbil x 1 (camping 2.Vista x 2 (camping) 3.Deltamal x1 (Tour Only) 4.GT65 x 1 (Camping) 5.Sean Coles x1 (Camping) 6. RSMark x 13 (Tour Only) 7. Danish x 1 (Camping) 8. Russsssss x 1 (Tour Only) 9. Steve Charlesworth x 1 (Tour Only) 10. Mr G Down x1 (Camping) 11. Colr6 x1 (Camping) 12. David Jones x 1 (Camping) 13. Kevin Lowe x1 (Camping) 14. Robert Ould x1 (Camping) 15. Jammy 14 x 1 (Tour only) 16. Mike Meyers x 1 (Camping) 17. Tucker x 1 (Tour Only) 18. Darren Trim x 2 (Camping)
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    No reason why not? Escorts are great value with parts that are inexpensive that always fit trouble free and all readily available. They are a joy to work on free of frustration. Woops I have moved to one of those alternate parallel universes in my sleep again haven't I? I hate when that happens.
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    Iirc, gear change was slick, early base model brakes needed anticipation if you weren't wearing your Big Boys Pants, and faded quickly if left foot braking with the throttle pinned in 3rd (4spd box), and a Kent engine is a Kent engine whichever way it's facing.
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    Brilliant chaps … well done
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    Got a pleasant surprise for some gen Ford parts for my transit custom sport. The engine oil change warning came on, it's it first service @ just under 12k Gets on with the factors for the price of oil,filters and so on. Well I say oil it's like piss, grade 0-30!! Prices come back just short of £150 Gets on the net and I can get a full genuine service kit. 10ltrs oil/ oil filter/ air filter/ fuel filter and sump washer delivered for £96 Had to ring up and confirm it was correct. Yep it was, so ordered 3 sets😍 Just goes to prove always best to shop around and check dealer prices, sometimes they do get it right!
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    Water! What the hell is that? You guys throw it around like it drops from the shy then you freeze to make your lawns white, make a holiday out of it and give each other presents and sing songs on it. Instead our lawns turn to dust that blows all over your old Fords that you cant wash cause theres no bloody water! You put a sign on the screen saying there is NO WATER its only coolant but the creatures just ignore it. What can you do? Turtle Power! (PS the shot was just to make the gag OSF relevant. No turtles were harmed in the making of this film.)
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    this year and last year
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    Whilst it would be nice to think that 'Rally Design' and other smaller retailers bought all their caliper stock new from Ford - I believe it unlikely and so it's a strong possibility that it is a 'refurb'd caliper - not done very well by the sounds of it. You either strip it and refurb it yourself or swop it out for another?
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    round headlight was a common conversion
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    Wiring now complete brakes bled it’s had it’s first drive up and down the yard. Just a few more things to finish off. SGS vehicle inspection is next Tuesday so fingers crossed!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    a certificate of conformity is an sva/iva pass certificate
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    couple of my old cars from about 10 years ago...mk 1 rs, and my tawny brown mex...wish i had them now....will get some pics of the lotus over weekend...its a project in the shed...done some racing/rallying over the years.
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    couldnt wait for the tyres to turn up [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk