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    Got the car via eBay at Walsall, originally from South of France LHD Tawny Brown mk1 more door cost me £1800, plus £120 for transporting it up to Leeds, West Yorkshire 👍 Bodywork bit tatty around the edges due to long storage at farm’s barn but engine bay/underneath chassis/floor & boot floor, all doors and rear boot all mint 😁 Oh and purchase 1300gt crossflow engine at £150 too to replace old 1100cc engine
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    The stonewalling by Ebay is now reaching epic proportions. I filled out a form on an email they sent by their request and now they claim that its not enough they want it filled out with a physical signature where before they stated just to type one in on the form provided. There have been several messages from them since I last posted but here is a copy of the latest round of emails. From: vero@ebay.com <vero@ebay.com> Sent: Thursday, 16 January 2020 4:37 AM Subject: RE: Re: Re: Re: Seller using Photos belonging to me to sell his product SR# 1-240285839306 Hello, I have reviewed the notice you have submitted and unfortunately, as you are located in Australia, due to recent legal changes we must request that you provide us with a different form to enforce your IP in Australia. Although we have provided you the electronic form, we are unable to accept this as the AU notice requires a physical signature and a physical witness signature. Attached is a copy of our Australian NOCI form. Please complete all sections, physically sign, and send the form to us as a PDF attachment to vero@ebay.com Thank you for your concern in helping to keep eBay a safe and reputable forum in which to conduct business. We appreciate your participation in the VeRO Program. Sincerely, Alan K. eBay VeRO Team My Reply read as follows Dear Vero This matter is now being drawn out to such and extent it is causing great distress and concern. I have complied with all your wishes and each time you come up with yet another reason to drag this matter out further. The goalposts are changing with each and every email and even contracting yourselves at times. As previously explained I DO NOT have the computer software to modify a PDF file to then print it out to sign it and also take it to a Justice of the Peace to witness that as well and then somehow reconverting that back into a PDF format to re-attach to this email? If a manual signature or "Physical Signature" as you put it is required and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace then the form will HAVE to be filled out manually by hand with pen paper and ink and posted to you. Its the only possible way. As a matter of Law you cannot force or demand one type of computer only submission discriminating against all others. It begs the question if a "Physical Signature" is required how can it then be returned to you as a PDF format as then its no longer a physical signature? Its totally contradictory. If a hand written form and signature is all you will accept then please provide the postage address for this form to be sent by international registered post. Is it the same as that listed on your website? eBay Designated Agent 583 W. eBay Way Draper, UT 84020 Could you also provide me with the local Corporate Postal Address of Ebay Australia. As this matter shows no signs of progression I must anticipate further obstructions from this procedural minefield I fear that a two tier approach may become necessary, requesting a review through ACCC (The Australian Consumer Authority) through my own appointed legal representative. With thanks
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    I think for the first go at mallory it wasnt that bad, lets be honest its never going to be perfect. Ive been going to classic ford for a fair few years and yeah, its a bit samey. From memory its always been 1st week in june so being near the lakes i dont know? Theres only a small window for fitting in all these shows in the summer. Unfortunately some things will clash although its not really a clash its just near to? The track was something a bit different instead of the strip, again people will have preferences. Most people on here communicate with others on the forum almost daily, how nice to stand face to face and speak, like the old fashioned way? I dont think you can blame mallory or classic ford for the weather, thats a bit unfair, and lets remember the constant moaning about santa pod! I think that if youre not going go and support the show aimed towards old fords, stop your moaning about the invasion of plastic. It costs money to hold these events, somewhere there will be a calculation of numbers it needed to make it viable, if old fords alone cannot satisfy those numbers its got to opened up to newer cars to get them?
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    ok.. Unfortunately the car has been largely rebuilt. If everything were original, as in its time, it would have been better! But that's okay too!
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    Ha, nope, no rod brakes for me, but have had to throw out an Anchor the odd time through the window to stop some of the cack I have had to service/work on !!??, I'm just off to change me incontinent pants, before I liquidize my dinner and soak me teeth in Steradent !!!!!!!!. "What time does the Nurse come to put the cream on me piles" !!?? I THANK YOU.
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    LOL - never liked V12's even std (nor the E type V12's) so not likely!
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    I'll try again, is it, 1, Ford Falcon XM (Australia built) 2, TVR Zante 7, Toyota S800 Publica Sport
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    No - just the ugly side profile!
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    lol think the ford is a mk3 granada
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    Yes I know and I haven’t a clue to be honest, and wondered who would reply first, you have to be on the ball with these Aussies you know? 😂
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    Hi, as said, the proper action is not really achieved until the brake drum is fitted, when correctly set up and with all springs in good order, there is not a lot of movement of the shoes laterally, the self adjusting mechanism (when working as it should), will keep the friction material of the shoe in very very light contact with the machined face of the drum so light that it is contact with the drum but with zero effort on the rotation of the drum, otherwise you have excess pedal travel when you brake while the shoes move to contact the drum. Can you try the operation of this brake once you have the drum in place and acting more in the real working world. Cheers Al.
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    Paint it satin black with yellow Bat Signal logos on it, then burn it.
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    #1 - not the foggiest LOL! #2 - Lotus Eclat #3 - Porsche 356 #4 - Triumph Herald #5 - Ferrari Testarossa #6 - Volvo P180 #7 - TVR 3000M? #8 - Deffo a Ford LOL! #9 - Stack of Porsche 914's #10 - Ferrari 246 Dino.
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    And the NEC.... and the weather cannot affect that one.............
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    Good idea to ask on here Ray! I might ask the sporting escort owners if they have anyone who wants to attend
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    When you breach Ebay rules they jump on you instantly-yet when they do it they drag it out beyond belief-grinds my feckin nuts...
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    Collected the steering yesterday from Power Steering Solutions and had a bit of a general chat about old cars. Good customer service and some quality work going on in the small unit. Waiting on delivery of a new brake cylinder before I fit steering back on. There are 2 types of build I was shown, Rally car or direct replacement. I opted for direct replacement which keeps all the origanal steering lock and indicator cut outs, with original brackets for mounting. Will jump back on this thread when fitting.
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    New covers too Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Never thought about it like that, still, cheaper than the penis enlargement pills the wife sent me in for.......
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    I have been in contact with a very helpful guy at dellorto UK in reading today. They are sorting me with what I need. So we will see what happens next 👌
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    Yes, NE is pinto. however there are "strange" cases. Some road Rs1800s have LE because they started from a Mexico body. Some cars such as the MTW200P Escort Mk2, cars for race, had indicated the NE engine but had a BDA.. I try to ask Gartrac if they have information .. Thank you!
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    Hi all just wanted to say hi my Mk1 is 72 2.0 zetec on bike carbs few upgrades to be done 😁
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    As said already, don’t buy one of those carbs get a rebuild kit
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    I'd like to find the engine cover, like its original.. like this
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    Thats what I was thinking maybe rs1800 but special build body plate is definitely a AVO style plate not the same as a standard mk2 RS
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    Marcus you need to start with these Main 120 air corrector 170 choke 30mm F9 or F16 emulsion tube Idle jet 45F9 I’d go for you should be pretty much spot on with that on a standard 1600 xflow
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    I’m not a Lambo man neither am I a Rat Rod fan, all I can say is the metal would have made a far better washing machine than a car and I use the car term loosely.
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    Well they've ruined that one...
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    Check your first post in this thread
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    Nicola Sturgeon is measuring it up ready for her coronation as Scotlands Queen come her devolution dream!🤣🤣
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    This is such fake news! I have never even seen one of these big wheeled donk things on the road in my entire life ever! Outside of Street Machine Magazine and America I think its all made up! BTW I wouldn't be pointing the finger at Australia for a carriage donk fetish if I were you! Right you are Ma'am. 🎩
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    And to top it all, quick release hubs. Just one pin. Formula one has nowt on the old stuff !!
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    They are very low profile tyres on large rims !!!!!!???????, gold finish as well, top stuff.
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    Very nice, and I love that colour combo, it really suits the shape and lines of the car, as no doubt a lot where in BLACK. That lighter green looks very similar to a colour Ford used in the late 70's early 80's as Highland Green !!??, it used to look very nice on Capri MK3 "S" models, the black "S" decals really showing off the green. Bet that's got Rod brakes !!?? PLUS AN ANCHOR. ??!!.
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    this will make you smile
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    Picking up on Friday now I’ve got the paperwork for it, it’s not a pretty sight. Everything is there and year dated, to say it’s suffered with rust worm would be an understatement...lol But just happen to have a shell waiting to be cut up and make the Harrier good.
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    They must have known people in there surely, to move stuff etc must have been buried
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    We are close to finalising the campsite prices for this years tour. We hope to have tickets on sale by the end on January. Thank you for your patience.
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    So that'll be a pickup bed, then.
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    First of all, thank you those who came. Show stands only happen if you come along so thanks for making it happen. I made it there and back with no issues, I was reluctant to push to car however on the way home it made it flat out up Holden hill so hopefully the gremlins have gone. Back to the show. What a contrast from 2018, weather was fantastic, wall to wall sunshine. A few changes to the day with the introduction of a legends session. This was set up as a "special stage" which allowed cars to weave their way through the paddock, out the pit exit, tight turn before heading through the pits and then out on track. This was for rally car legends, including Coiln Mcrae's 97 impreza and Ford Focus, Peter Solbergs Impreza, Stigs RS200, a few works Lancia's Plus more. Drivers included Jimmy and Alister McRae, Nicky Grist and Craig Breen The stage was adjusted for the Clubmann group, with only the track being used with S bends at intervals. Some lovely motors on show. See photos below, plenty of fords including the Rs capri club, RS1700t, lancia Stratos and deltas, even a tarmac spec Ferrari ....... One trade stand was offering a kit build RS200 project known as RS RETRO, all road ready for 50K. 2020 Rally Day is set to change date and being their anniversary year it's set to be a big one. Once a date has been realised I will be in touch to see who's interested. I will go through my videos and see what's good before posting on here but my pics (mainly fords) are below. Ta
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    hi All, right sorry for being so bad at getting on here of late way too much going on with work etc. Yes I've still go the doors Ronnie Yep has correct V5, its an E reg from memory Pics of the spit here and the 100E
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