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    I don’t know, all these lights !! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a pair of specs to see where your going ?????
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    Had a call from the trimmer today and seats are ready finally so will post pics up once I collect them tomorrow
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    Done Daisy Driving....got big RON ⛽️ onboard & now at the seaside.......😎
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    it all depends on how you do it, as tbh, round headlights and cibies can look just as wrong everyone will have their own opinion on it cant say that the one above does anything for me, whereas Nick Heers does, but that was me who pushed him that way lol, and that's 2 up 2 down straight verticle and all frosted glass and larger ones at the top, and that wouldn't matter if the car had round or square lights, and of course the other important thing imho is the backs have to be body coloured the staggered/ angled look and or clear lens dosnt do it for me frosted is the wrong word really, patterned shall we say
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    In case anyone still doubts square headlights and round spots don't go together?
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    Mk1 fiesta it is then. I once went out with a girl from tredegar and you could hang your coat on her nips. Her beaver was like a butcher's bucket.
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    In this day and age they should be a piece of piss to knock up?
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    Daisy’s xflow engine thermostat is 53mm in diameter here’s a couple o pics Re Ockendon Motor spares as suggested by ‘notenoughtime’ 👍- great & easy to use website for spares for info 😁
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    Looks awesome mate, a job really well done - I personally, wouldn't change a single thing......😎
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    PIAA have just launched their H4 LED bulbs. I have a friend that is a PIAA agent, and has had a pair on demo. I went for a look, and was very impressed indeed. They are just over £200 though!
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    I am in favour of LEDs where I think some benefit is to be gained so not opposed to them in certain situations. I do preproduction reviews for LED torches for a manufacturer. Some may remember I have spent alot of research on finding the idea instrument LED for Mk2 Escorts. So im in no way a traditionalist stuck in my ways. on the matter of bulbs. However I have not yet found satisfactory replacements for headlight or tail-light bulbs. The H4 4200K Philips Halogen are the perfect white and brightness combination. I haven't found them for the Mk1 Lucas lights however which is why I prefer the Hella H4 Mk1 square headlight just so I can use that bulb. LED Tail-light bulbs proved to be even less usable. With LED often they are uni-directional and that direction is not suited to Escorts once bayoneted in. The omni-direction ones spread their light so its very weak compared to a filament bulb. You can still get new old stock of many of the higher quality halogen tail-light bulbs from the popular Japanese manufactures like Polarg. My experiments with indicator bulbs even with the suitable change in relay would see three bulbs flash at once. The car simply didn't want to work with them. Parking light bulbs however are LED on my Mk2. Philips have matching colour temperature ones so you dont notice they are LED as some are bluer than the headlight beam when they are both on at once.
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    Ockendon motors would sell one shall I get one ordered for you?
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    if you can find one, the motorcraft part no is ERT9 theres loads of patterns out there to buy off the shelf but the motorcraft one has a hole in with a little loose float, you put that towards the rad and it helps prevent airlocks and aids filling and draining, most patterns don't seem to have it, but you may find a pattern with it
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    somethings need to be changed to keep up with technology
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    Just measured the Sierra flywheel, tooth to tooth 11 1/4 and 135 teeth. That’s from a 87 2.0 injection.
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    Yes it does or near enough 🤔
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    and of course the special lowered stance helps make them
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    Go to your room and think about what you've said. When you're ready, you can come down and apologise.
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    I thought it was most likely English as the only other place you see Mk2 Sports is South Africa. If it is in the UK it seems you get less rust storing your car in a pond than at home!
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    The flywheel you have ain’t for a pinto, cast or alloy bellhousing it won’t fit. I’ve a 205 Sierra engine in the garage I’ll measure that flywheel and would say without looking it will be the same as dt36s. poss the big flywheel is off a v6?
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    I'm assuming it's the original flywheel, but it has been lightened. It was the block that was in my MK2 RS when I bought it. Built a 2nd engine on a 202 block, so pulled this and stuck it under the bench as a spare. Just remembered I have another flywheel here that is full weight, also came off a 2.0 pinto. It is 135 tooth. This is important to know when choosing a starter. This measures exactly the same and also came out of a mk2 Escort with a type 9 fitted.
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    This is a 205 block with a flywheel that fitted inside my RS Alloy Bell housing. Apologies for pics looking upside down, but the engine is under my bench, tight against the back. Basically, I didn't want to get my hands dirty spinning it 😂😂😂
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    Yes mate that’s in ‘Chassis tweeks & Body mods’ 😂
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    Looks more solid than the stuff in England lol
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    Not a massive fan of a wild growing bush personally, but I think that's a different thread 🤔😂
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    looks easy to identify to me , because I took the picture.😁 The black part is the N/S Kick panel, the silver bit is the floor and bulk head, the white piece below the nodiz is what the parcel shelf sits on. Can you see it now👌
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    A tribute to @YellowTaxi and inspiration for @dt36 for when he gets out the tin snips and extra door pins.
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    I like mk1 orion but in white or red. Has to be a ghia though.no DIESELS here. Got my eye on a mk1 fiesta non standard. I have had a cheeky bid on a mk2 fezza as well.
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    Think I prefer the stocker! As usual with Aus customs but reversed this time, the wheels were ok but then transformed to 'full on' awful LOL.
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    If you fancy seeing a few classics on a Sunday morning you can meet at Young’s farm opposite cranham golf course (upminster) from 9.30 for couple of hours
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    I believe this, regarding ticket refunds, is becoming more common in the current climate - but law is quite specific, if the organiser cannot put the show on or has cancelled the original dates, then that forms a breach of contract and a full monetary refund is due. Taking an alternative reduces your legal remedy ie. if they go bust you lose any chance of refund.
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    Looking great and looking forward to seeing it built up
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    If you're gonna do it, go for the Fez.
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    What was wrong just using a bit of Valvemaster with Etha-guard before lobbing some fishing tackle in your tank? 😕
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    That was a bit of car quackery,hockus pocus,was supposed to save your engine when using unleaded 🙈
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    Modern fuels like about 15 degrees static, but you need to restrict the total advance down to what ever your engine build wants, maybe between 32 to 36 degrees total. That requires a dist strip and restrict the Bob weights. Not a straight forward job. So as said , retard slightly , and test. Once you have checked for air leaks. Personally I'm converted to the nodiz now, it's great , but expensive, compared to a distributor , but you can , adjust your ign till the cows come home.😬
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    1 order of 'Snake oil and chips' please. If you haven't done anything radical with the dizzy i'd say maybe vac. hose disconnected / cracked / leaking or the vac. advance pot on the dizzy has failed. If that all checks out, a couple of degrees off the static timing may help as said above . . . . . . . or drive Daisy, like Miss Daisy!
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    1941 ford coupe deluxe running a 305 Chevy, has air ride and the front sits on the floor, solid shell and clean underneath Dakota digital dash. all info in the photos paintwork Is good some chips in the paint Ideal deal would be a swap for a mk1/2 escort could p/x with cash my way as I have none spare 😫 £21,500
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    Some titanium scrap machined up at work to make some nice rose joint bolts for the crossmember 👍🏼
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    Maybe they just mean bumming a lift cause they are too lazy to walk?
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    Love the colour of this.
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    V8 you say? Sometimes it's very difficult to like you Southern Hemisphere people!?
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    Well , it got finished, MOT'd, rolling road at Emerald, Classic Ford then LeMans, then cormnwall All in the space of two weeks
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    This is my sons , Hope to get to LeMans in it in June
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