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    changed the number plates today, I think the new plates are a finishing touch, for me it takes it from looking like a new build to a 45 year old restored car this is what i removed these are what I have made and fitted
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    Yep, box's are 299.00 and the mirrors are 50p each, they are REAL FORD BOX'S, very rare, poss R.S. Box as well, so they travel faster in the post.
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    I’m still here, just up to my neck in building at the moment. Not car building but house renovations. Not that we needed most of them, but got to keep her indoors happy. My proposed garage extensions are on hold at the moment due to planning, without these I ain’t got no space to do anything really. The escort was booked in for paint end of March but that’s been cancelled. So that’s buried at the back of the garage, just accumulating parts as I see them, keeping under the radar of the wife.....lol Its nice to know I’ve been missed or is it the case you ain’t got no one to pick on😜...lol
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    Hey that's a really good well thought out guess but its less complicated and more dodgy as it turns out. I had fitted some fancy looking Titanium cam cover bolts to spruce up the plain Pinto engine a bit and when I went looking for some stainless ones for the alternator and alternator bracket I found some titanium ones that matched the cam cover ones and were no more expensive than getting stainless ones so I bought them and fitted them all looking pretty. Then when I had the new stainless exhaust with a ceramic coated RS manifold fitted as some may remember thats when the over heating issues started on the way home from there. So naturally my thoughts all revolved around that. There was excess fluid working past the overflow so I then thought it was linked to that effect I looked at the the old radiator neck being out of kilter (Which I think it actually is but not enough to actually cause the chronic over heating issues just adding to them). Previously I of course checked the fanbelt and made sure it was tight just as a precaution. Then while contemplating taking the water pump and thermostat off and radiator out I was resting my hand on the alternator and it moved. While not easily visible until you get right underneath and look up close I noticed one of the Titanium bolts holding the bracket to block was missing and the other two loose. I know I had tightened them up when I installed them so my thoughts were maybe the Chinese titanium bolts are out of spec slightly and easily work themselves loose. But then I noticed one of the long alternator bolts that go through the bracket bushing had a nut missing as well. These are a different size to the block ones so the chances of them both being crap was a bit too much to accept and then when I pulled the bolt out with no nut it wasn't even a titanium bolt any more! Without a nut attached it had also partially destroyed the bush from excessive movement that go hard with age. So the conclusion is that while at the exhaust place they either removed the alternator for some reason or while changing the manifold they noticed some fancy titanium bolts and decided to pinch them! They could only get one of the three of the bracket bolts out and left the other two but never bothered to tighten them again just hand tight. They then took one of the long alternator bolts and matching nut and replaced it with a zinc one and then didn't even bother to put a nut on it. Now while you can get the fan belt tight initially once to start driving it shifts and without squealing the water pump and fan aren't being rotated quite enough causing over heating which in turn builds up pressure when you stop and forces the fluid out which causes even greater overheating if you don't top it up between stops. The whole issue exacerbated by a too thin Chinese waterpump gasket that weeps because there is not enough meat on it to fully seal and Australian thermostat maker discontinuing the proper 88 degree thermostat only offering a hotter one one and not mentioning it. So the gasket and thermostat will still be changed and the radiator neck replaced as a precaution and the bolts and bushes for the alternator all replaced and it should be back to normal, (crossed fingers). Who would have though some dodgy dealer taking a liking to a bolt sent me off in all matter or directions. Having just changed them all I didn't think of them at all in the bigger picture. If I told this story on April first no one would believe me im sure. We need a thread dedicated to dodgy things so called professionals have done to our cars.
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    Since the insurance on my Mk2 Escort was up for renewal I decided to raise it from the $1500 (800 quid) that it has been since the 90s. It just cost me that much for the new stripes alone so I figured I should insure the paint as well at the very least. So I go into the company office where this car has been insured with them unbroken for 33 years. And the lady serving me asks if its a vintage car. I said no its not pre war or anything. She said then its classed as an every day driver. I said no it was insured as a limited kilometre classic but she didnt know what that was so declared I drive it every day. Not wanting to argue further I just wanted the value increased. She typed all the details on her computer and the highest value their valuers put on my car was $2080 (1100 quid) Im still curious where the $80 comes from by anyways, I say to her you cant buy a rusty unregistered unrestored one for under $5000. She informed me their valuers know more about these things than I do. She then stated mine was unrestored, and I asked how would they know as they have taken my money for 30 years and never once asked for a photo of it or an inspection. She then says if it was restored I wouldn't drive it on the road and only take it to shows. I tried to explain that people drive their restored cars and even tour in them. (Touring in your classic car is even a highlight of their own brochure). She replied why would anyone do that if its been restored? At that point I realised I had drifted into moron world I snatched the papers out of her hand and declared after 33 years it was clearly time for change. So I get home and ring their head office to tell them im cancelling after 33 years and get put on with some young lad who worked in their classic car division and within minutes my car is valued at $25,000 dollars and they increased my kilometre limit to 9000 per year. I haven't experienced that much idiocy since the affirmative action hire for more women employees at the Auto Spares when I asked where abouts the brake pads were and she said she thinks they are in the wheels but needed to ask the manager.
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    While Expressed Panels are twice the price of Magnum ones their quality is worth it if you can afford it. Magnum has many supporters here but my experience with them was a crinkly poorly formed panel that I had to cut in half to get to the usable bit.
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    Perhaps we need to message him each morning, make sure hes ok? Thats what they do with old people, he'll understand if we explain it carefully, slowly and in a loud voice, eventually?
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    That is a nice front shot, I like those shaped headlights. Very nice mate, I will sort out a date with munch and Nick (if he wants to) to pop over and meet you again for a cuppa and a chat about anything and nothing, as long as it is cars....
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    I wouldn’t let my wife drive any of mine, she is a disaster on wheels! She puts radio 4 on and that’s it, suffers with tunnel vision. No idea what the car is doing or telling her, not a bloody clue!!! How she got a license I don’t know. As for parking ...well.....if there was a parking spot in between two cars...the tax would run out before she got the car in🤔 I can only say this cos she don’t know the password on my I pad.....ha ha
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    My missis doesn’t get in my classics and hates them 😂 I had a lovely bay window camper all restored only got in it once, my mk2 golf GTI 16V she hates and we now need the kitchen doing (you can see where this is going can’t you!) once the kitchen is done she said we should get a nice newish car?? What’s wrong with my Discovery 2 TD5 that tows the trailer and goes all over the country I ask? think I’m going to start looking for a late focus RS crash damaged and repair it she must be happy with one of those unless it will be to fast lol
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    Who'd have thought? Sounds like a wind up!! You couldn't make that up!! What an imagination..... Process of elimination and you'd still struggle to get to that outcome....shame you didn't lean on the alternator at the start!! Well done on sorting it [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    I had noticed the old choke cable a tad frayed when I took it off, so time to fit a NOS one
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    The front end looks Rover 25. I think I'd prefer an original Alegro.
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    Is it to do with the fact that although titanium will allow the conductivity of electricity, it has a much higher resistance, which gives a big voltage drop? This voltage drop would also affect the way your regulator reacts and in turn give you a false reading on your temp gauge. However, you've not said anything about your battery warning light or state of charge, so I could just be waffling 😂
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    lol Colin meet Alvin aka Stardust you have seen it in the flesh
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    lol, Alvin not to blame for that one, that's to go into Alvin, as Alvins leaks
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    had a result today, i was having a good clear up, as ive got Alvin coming over on monday, and i needed the room to get him in the workshop, when i found this box of cables under the bench, when i went through the box, there was the little bag i lost in October with my glove box parts in and that all important little handle
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    What made you change your mind?
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    So I’ve finally been persuaded to go for the bumpers
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    I used to own Standards, when I rang up my long term insurer, (who had just been taken over), to get new cover on my Standard Vanguard I was asked for my car details: "What make and is model?" "Standard Vanguard Phase 2" "What make is that?" "Standard" "But what make is it?" "It's a Standard Vanguard" "You have already said it's not modified, what make is it?" "Standard" "I need to know the make and model" "You're new in this department aren't you?" "Yes, I've just come from house and contents." "Bye."
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    Fitted the GPS speedo from speed hut today. The final thing done off to its Mot Tuesday 😁
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    OldSkoolFord will be 15 next year and we plan a few special anniversary activities to celebrate this. Events and merchandise are all now in the planning process and updates on here will come as soon as items are finalised. Look out for Classic Ford show news as we aim for the biggest stand yet and retain the Best Club Stand trophy for the 4th consecutive year. Our very own Tour of the Moor will be happening again on the 21-23 June. So if you fancy a weekend away in the quiet west country town of Ashburton, driving around open Moor land and socialising with like minded individuals, keep an eye on this thread and the events page. With more to come, stay tuned and keep it OldSkool
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    The issue is usually related to one of the widgets on the front page having a glitch. Maybe it was the birthday one congratulating me on my 24th Birthday and it spat the dummy in disbelief.