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    Next was to repar or wafty bits in bay plus smoothing it and fitting a Fiat uno wiper motor (single) and then also painted all suspention up
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    New front chassis rail fitted, strut towers rebuilt, battery tray deleted and inner wing repaired.......
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    Hi all here’s the build of the 4 door I ended in doing a deal on my old 2 door it’s a really solid shell and very original some one beat me to modifying it.. so I mainly refined it lol and got carried away..
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    I have a P5b Rover, my mate bought it in about 1993, had lots of welding done back then! I ended up buying it! This it when it first arrived My mk2 golf 20vt 4wd
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    Cheers notenoughtime. Not really the right forum for the SC, otherwise I would. Cool as she is, she ain't an old ford. Only got away with putting her pics up cos of your thread.......
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    I thought I would expand this thread for anyone to post those lost and abandoned Old Skool Fords Searching for parts can be an adventure. How far will you go to get that illusive original part? To be fair I've seen worse than that for sale on Ebay UK labelled as a barn find!
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    I’ve mentioned mine in previous threads, something I’d like to own. Pref the saloon or coupe whatever you want to call it but the estate would also be nice. Take the single cam 2300 unit out and drop a Jensen Healy twin cam in them for a little bit more grunt and the wow factor when you lift the hood.
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    I’ve got a small trolly jack in my boot, got it from the local motor factors. Will get you a pic tomorrow night.
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    ok, we all know you cant beat the genuine seals, but a few tips to try first where the seal joins at the bottom, leave a gap, don't butt it back of the seal where its bonded, the D section on the ford seals has 1-2mm holes about every 10-12 inches, drill these holes in your pattern seal if your car has had new floors and sills etc, remove the seals, with the window open, shut the door and look for the tight spots, straighten the seam with plastic mallets to open the gap back up, use a rag to protect paint the best pattern door seals I found was from works escort, but not tried the above, but you still cant beat ford if you can find them a lot of pattern seals are just far too fat end of if you have wood on the door cappings, too large a seal catches the wood, causing additional shutting problems
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    Not driven it since the last time it broke. If it's not they ignition barrel at fault then I've got no idea. Driving to test the car to brake it to find out what is broken feels a bit pointless, so I havnt driven it. Find out Rally Day though.
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    How you doin??
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    I drove that as it was shipped through where I worked many years ago
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    Then squirted some paint around the place lol
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    I discovered these a few weeks ago built only in South America. Volkswagen Brasilia's, They are really ugly but it makes them so quirky that I also really like them. They seem very popular with the slamming mod crowd but moderately lowed with bigger wheels they look pretty good. Its a shame they aren't more widely available around other parts of the world.
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    I’ll give you 7k everyone’s a winner
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    You give him 5k and I’ll give you 6k 🤫
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    I think the XJ220 is a very cool car, good looks and now super rare. And love the Montecarlo Vista, just a gorgeous looking motor that one.... Current state of the SC, getting there but it all takes time and money, and I am trying to do as much as I can myself, except the final coat of paint. The back end is ready, the front still a work in progress, but all welding is now complete. I am really hoping she's good to go for Spring 2020. Oh, and the welding skills are my mates, and when he's not welding for me he on his 2.8i special.
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    Assume you mean ther 6r4 but with twin turbos i believe
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    Then started on the filler work I stone chiped the bulkhead and rails then primed her up
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    There seems to be a loom boom going on? Maybe we can pool our resources and find a supplier to properly copy them and buy all at once?
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    😆. Back when they were around I couldn't afford a GTE but did own the 1.6SR. Both were a cracking little FWD hatch with great handling. The Mk2 GTE though? Not so much. Seen here proudly cleaning / polishing it as an 18 year old in 1988.
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    They're pretty rare over here but you do see them from time to time. Like all 60's /70's cars in our climate though, they rust like nothing on earth. There's a rare RHD one being restored for sale in Ireland here
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    I use them on my suzuki swift sport. Find them great pad for the price. They Stop well and they last to Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Dt, she is finally taking shape
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    I used to carry a very small trolley jack in the boot. Fitted under my lowered car....just, However what I'd overlooked, when the tyres go flat it drops the car by the amount of tyre sidewall height obviously, so the trolley jack was completely useless as I found out on a hard shoulder one day. My mate I was with following, had one of those cheapy ebay scissor jacks which fitted under perfectly and did the job. So I also bought a similar smallest height scissor jack I could find off Ebay, only cost a few quid, perfect doesn't take up hardly any space. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-TON-TONNE-SCISSOR-JACK-LIFT-WIND-UP-FOR-CAR-VAN-GARAGE-HOME-EMERGENCY-QUALITY/292140705425?hash=item4404f16691:g:7GEAAOSw9NhbB7vd
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    I use a scissor jack, small light and very low so that it fits under the suspension when the tyre is flat, make sure that it has a wide base though.
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    Plug lead breaking down? My Rover V8 was a sod for cooking leads and also cross firing, it could be like Chinese New Year under the bonnet with the lights out. I fitted some competition silicone ones, sorted. Try fitting a different lead on the dodgy cylinder.
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    Hi, here’s my mk2. its a 1980 1600 Sport imported to NZ from South Africa. i bought it knowing the floor was damaged, but as you all know, until you start stripping you don’t really know how bad things are. Got it media blasted from the roof down. Boot floor is good.... Otherwise it needs floor, sills, firewall, chassis rails , wings,arches, rear 1/4, door A posts, the list goes on and on. its one of those jobs, you get so far in you just have to keep going, what 40yr old doesn’t need surgery..... after doing some research I’ve got a really good Resto shop doing the work. Because The damage was noted at import, all the repairs have to be inspected and certified along the way. it arrived to me with engine and gearbox already out so I’ve not even seen it running. the plan is to rebuild as a std 1600 sport, use it for a while and then look at a repower bit later, funds allowing. cheers Phil
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    Is your oil filler cap connected to a catch tank? What did you do about the crank breather on the side of the block? Cool pic by the way.
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    Last update was 2017 with an empty bay stating it wouldn’t be long till she was filled but took a bit longer than expected
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    I know the feeling. My heart hurts every time I close a door on my mk1. baaaaaaaaam And I even haven't fitted front and rear screens, so no pressure effect yet.
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    Should be a 5 car stand again this year, with a nicw MK2 Lotus Cortina added to the clan - Please pop by and say hello. Grab your discounted tickets with club code CC6623.
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    Looking forward to it already 😃😃😎
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    I had this on a mini and an old metro a partially blocked fuel line you check it it has fuel but then after a bit it don't get quite enough to keep running we changed everything exactly the same new fuel line fixed it Im not saying that's what it is but it might be worth a look??
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    News!!! HISTORIC WRC MACHINERY ADDED TO RALLYDAY 2019 LINE UP Ian Gwynne's BGMSport will bring 21 cars belonging to various customers, with Rally Replay ensuring more genuine Italian WRC heritage than ever before. Highlights of the event will include a display of Ford machinery from through the generations, starting with an ex-Roger Clark Lotus Ford Cortina and ending with an ex-Colin McRae Ford Focus RS (WRC01). http://rallyday.com/news/
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    140 mls....BLOODY HELL think of the fuel man😳😳😳😳😳 No probs the wife will have to push it a bit further 😅😅 Put me down for it👍
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    Sounds good to me 👍👍👍
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    140 miles is fine with us.... Sounds great Chris Will be fine [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Message rec'd. Thanks, and looking forward to catching up with a few of you at some events down south!
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    The Escort is a bit meh ....... for the wheels and tubbed rear end it should have a Weland and 3 blade blower hat to balance it out! But the Mini behind is obviously packin' more than an A series! Now on the other hand - w***ers like these should get pulled up by the Bizzies and get defect notices and a fine and a ban if I had my way! This is plain dangerous - oh yeah it got clearance on lock! Throw a bump or pothole at it and it'd rip the damn wing off! Morons!
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    Thats incredible guys thanks so much, here I thought I was pissing into the wind and you come up with 2 people that offer the service for those very switches. While one of mine is too far gone to be repaired I think one is perfectly salvageable.
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    And I think this was the guy who did mine-perhaps not as good as the Switchmans but quite a bit cheaper-and I was more than happy with mine. I sent him a load of mk1 switches-maybe a dozen or more-and we agreed a deal where I wanted 5 restoring and he could keep the rest-worked for me and him so both happy. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-mk1-Capri-mk1-switch-refurbishment/223494921794?hash=item340955de42:g:oHcAAMXQ-BZRAqdX
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    I got all my early ones done by a guy on Ebay from Poland-it was a few years ago mind but he did a cracking job-not sure if he's still on there i'll have a look. So yes it is possible.
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    That's just about perfect to me. But then I would say that, wouldn't I?! Cornering is optional one presumes?
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    Some that were sent to me a while ago........
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    White mk5 Cortina registration number MDP208X was stolen from a layby in the village of Charfield near Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire on Friday 16th August 2019. The car is a white 2.0 Ghia with brown cloth interior. The car was loaded onto a truck between 11pm & 11:30pm on the Friday. The car had been posted on a spotted page with a council removal notice stuck on the windscreen as the car was on SORN & had no MOT, the location of the car was given including the postcode. Hours later the car was stolen! The council has been contacted & it wasn't them who removed it. Anyone with any info can contact the police on 101 or phone 01275818340 quoting crime reference number 5219189277
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