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  1. I used express full top inerwing,scuttle panel and rear hangers really good but as I didn’t use any other I couldn’t say they are worth the extra but I had no fitting issues
  2. Our Graham is great every time I go it takes half a day to go coz I chat to much it’s like Aladdin’s cave he knows everything
  3. Stunning car fella good read as well
  4. There was a guy in ormskirk called Greg he said he had done a few saw him half way through one
  5. Evening all could anyone tell me if a janspeed manifold and system for a Mexico will fit a 1600 mk1 escort
  6. Cheers I have the original and a after market one on it now just fancied something else but cheers
  7. Robbymag

    What he says!

    Perfect sense if only women thought like us
  8. Hi all looking for a 105speed exhaust manifold I know it’s a long shot but god loves a trier or I hope so
  9. How do you all book entry and camping is there a discount code ?
  10. Need it in the garage at the moment
  11. Really nice car I bet you take a few people by surprise in that
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