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  1. Chris

    RS2000 Stainless Exhaust

    Have a look at the Piper Exhausts, Ford Heritage range. Stainless manifolds and exhaust systems in different configurations depending on engine type and power output.
  2. Thanks Gordon, hows life treating you these days?
  3. The treads in the captive nuts are knackered, has anyone had to repair or replace theirs, if so how did you do it? The only thing I can think off is to drill out the nut and drill right through the chasis rail, insert a sleve into rail to stop it crushing, weld it in place and use a long bolt and nut.
  4. Chris

    Strut Brace Order

    Sorry for my late response but I don't get on the web much these days. I placed my order via the online shop with the request to collect & pay in person at a show. If you want to post it instead please PM some contact details so I can pay over the phone.
  5. Chris

    Strut Brace Order

    Any news on when mine will be ready?
  6. Chris

    Strut Brace Order

    Sorry for the misunderstanding but I ment the Classic Ford Show. Which show/shows would I be able to collect it?
  7. Chris

    Strut Brace Order

    From OSF, as per my first post Which show will I be able to collect it at?
  8. Chris

    Strut Brace Order

    Will I be able to pick it up tomorrow?
  9. Chris

    Strut Brace Order

    How is my order doing, will I be able to pick it up at OSF?