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  1. http://magnumclassicfordpanels.co.uk/escort-mk2-1975-80/floor/large-hole-steel-bung-mk2-only.html
  2. My Xpack last year just after we got her running for the first time in years.
  3. No, I would be too scared of breaking something. I build her! I have a MK3 Focus RS and I've never tried the launch control in that either.
  4. I'm running a Nodiz Pro on my Pinto but I haven't put a TPS on mine so I would be interested in any benefits in using one. I guessing a rolling road session would be needed to get the most from it as its own 3D map would just be generic. However when mine was started for the first time, on a fresh built engine, it was run to 5000 only on a rolling road and the map looked pretty close to perfect. Going back for a full power run and a jet check when I've done a 1000 miles, should be some time in the next 10 years!
  5. No 8; xpack arch kit with RS3100 boot spoiler.
  6. Sorry for my late response but I don't get on the web much these days. I placed my order via the online shop with the request to collect & pay in person at a show. If you want to post it instead please PM some contact details so I can pay over the phone.
  7. Any news on when mine will be ready?
  8. Sorry for the misunderstanding but I ment the Classic Ford Show. Which show/shows would I be able to collect it?
  9. From OSF, as per my first post Which show will I be able to collect it at?
  10. Will I be able to pick it up tomorrow?
  11. How is my order doing, will I be able to pick it up at OSF?
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