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  1. Hi, I am looking for any information on a 1982 Ford Capri, 1.6. Think it is a cameo. The car was owned from new by my dad in the 80's and he sold it in the Gloucester area in 1988 I believe. Would love to know anything about this car, Hasn't been taxed since 2002 so thcink it is no longer with us but any info is welcome. Thanks, Jonathon
  2. Hi. I currently have a reconditioned ALD4-E gearbox out of a 1995 scorpio cosworth for sale on ebay. The gearbox was reconditioned in 2007 and has covered less than 10k since. The work carried out cost £700. I believe it is uprated comapared to standard but cannot prove this. I have the paper work to show the reconditioning work and the millage but it does not mention the upratted element so please assume it is a std recon box. Drove very well and was really smoth in it's opperation. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321213268603?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Feel free to ask any questions through ebay, Auction runs unless good offer is made. Thanks, Jonathon
  3. Hi, I am in need of a set of four 350cc/min bosch injectors for my 2.0 efi pinto. I would prefer low mileage units. Used some from trigger wheels . com but have had two of them fail on me, annoying when they are only a few months old. If anyone knows where I could get a set or if anyone has a set could you please email me at jon_hockley@hotmail.com Thanks, Jonathon
  4. Hi all. Bak in the UK now. All the stuff is being junked within about 3 weeks so please let me know asap if there is anything you would like. No reasonable offer refused and the postage I charge is what it will cost to send. Thanks, Jonathon
  5. Hi all, I will be away until the 19th of this month. If you message me about any parts I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks
  6. Hi, Just updated the list with what has sold and some revised prices. I also have a set of pistons and rods from a 2.0 pinto engine. I believe they are 0.5 oversized. I also believe they are on the stronger injection con rods. no piston rings. they look to be in good condition but definitely used. thanks
  7. I also have 2 good condition grey long console carpets. looking for £15 each collected. already sold are the EBC green stuff pads, Thanks
  8. Also have a Brand New pair of std coil springs for a 4 cyl capri. £15 + postage
  9. Hi all, More parts for sale, Carb fuel tank, No leaks when last used and been stored in my garage for a couple of years. Looks crusty but all pipes still connected and will clean up well. £20 NOW £15 collected Pinto performance manifold, taken off my capri as I fitted a new one with a welded in lambda boss. Didn't leak and still in good condition. SOLD collected QH brake pads, brand new in box. £5 + postage EBC Green stuff brake pads, Brand new in plastic, SOLD + postage 1.6 ford VV air box, £5 + postage 1.6 brake servo, needs a repaint but was in good working order when removed. £15 + postage 2X Cam belt covers, one was painted but needs redoing, £5 each + postage 1X fully stripped dizzy, SOLD + postage 1X complete Dizzy, SOLD + postage 1X leccy fan, no idea what car it is off. £5 collected will test if interest. 2X pinto manifolds for twin choke webers SOLD each + postage matched pair of front brake disc shields, need recon. £5 + postage, off 2.0's Ford jack, designed to run on the sill lip, £postage only if someone wants it. Pinto rad fan shroud, Cracked but repairable. Free if collected 3X coils, 1 for 12v unbalasted system, 1 for balasted system, 1 unknown. £10 each + postage. 1 std type nine gear stick. no Knob. £5 + postage 1 brake calliper, left side of pinto capri, needs recon. £5 + postage 1X rotor arm, 1X points, 2X condensors. SOLD+ postage or cane be included with either dizzy for free. Some sort of drive shaft/ prop assembly. No Idea what it is so postage only Rear section of a CCI performance exhaust, will fit other systems. 2" exit. SOLD collected Laser interior, Good condition with no rips or tears. Bit of wear. Comes with good door cards £50NOW £40 collected 2X bosch spark plugs, +1 WR 7 DC+, postage only as only 2. Pair of front floor mats with MG symbol, came in my 1.6 laser. Good condition. Postage only if someone wants them. Also have a Brand New pair of std coil springs for a 4 cyl capri. £15 + postage All parts are open to reasonable offers as well I am happy for posted parts to be collected, anything That is collection I am not willing to post either due to size or problems with courier's willing to take it. Let me know of any parts ASAP, Parts are located near Reading. either respond to this post, pm me, email me at jon_hockley@hotmail.com or text me on 07584249121 Thanks
  10. Looks good so far. Keep up the good work.
  11. Will make a note of that one. My granny will be 30 but got to celebrate the marques 40th.
  12. Thanks all. Hope to meet some of you at the upcoming shows.
  13. I know, I was gutted as it was virtualy rust free. Still there was nothing I could do, Road I had been round many times went slower due to the conditions and the car when straight when I turned.
  14. Ghia15

    Snow Check!

    Nothing in cov but aparently coming tonight
  15. Ive already got my camping ticket booked, Going to hopefully run my tuned 2.0's on the strip. Looking to best my time of 20 secs when it wasnt tuned and the carb was playing up. Will be going from the cov area if anyone wants to convoy there or back.
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