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  1. Still looking for a reasonable Diff for my MK2, I am replacing a Koln axel and would like to get the car on the road, I have a std Escort axle casing and halfshafts just need a diff or if you can send a complete axle to Cornwall on a pallet let me know, thanks
  2. Hello all, I am looking for a std Escort /English diff not to fused about ratio just trying to get car on the road, thanks
  3. I will have this if you still have it, would need posting to Cornwall, thanks Richard

  4. I will have this if you still have it, would need posting to Cornwall, thanks Richard
  5. That would be very helpful and much appreciated, where abouts in Cornwall are you going?
  6. Re Flywheel yes I have got one not the best, what have you got, cost?
  7. Could you put on a pallet and send to Cornwall? thanks
  8. That is right 1.6 pinto box is a type 3 box input shaft 7/8" x 20 spline, 2.0 pinto box input shaft 1" x 23 spline, reason I do not have mine rebuilt is I do not have one, I am fitting 2.0 pinto in a MK2 and am waiting on the box, did not really want a five speed. As I said I find it strange not many years ago the yards were full of scrapped rusty Cortina's,
  9. Thanks for the offer of 1.6 box, Needs to be a 2.0 box to match 2.0 pinto, thanks
  10. What happened to all those MK3,4,5 2.0 Cortina's?
  11. All sorted now, thanks for your offer
  12. Thanks could you check when you get home and let me know, thanks
  13. Wanted 2.0 pinto Flywheel to suit Ford Sierra, need posting to Cornwall
  14. Still looking, if out of the area could you send ? thanks
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