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  1. So I've had my mk3 Capri for a while now and fancy a change. I've always wanted a Mk2 Escort but never been able to afford one before being on apprenticeship wages etc. I've been working in Australia for a year and saved up some good money, I've also just sold an R33 skyline here in Oz to fund the Escort purchase. I fly back to the UK on 25th September so I'll be looking to buy one shortly after. I'm either looking for a rolling shell that just needs an engine and box and maybe some bodywork/ paint. I have a 2.1 pinto on twin 40s in the Capri that can come out for an Escort, also restored the Capri from the ground up so I'm not afraid of a bit of light resto work here and there. Or I will be interested in a complete road ready car with some tasteful mods for up to the 8K mark. As stated, has to be a two door flat front. I'm located in Camborne, Cornwall (well I will be upon my return from Oz) So anything that's southwest way would be preferable, but I don't mind travelling for the right car. Any information on anything that you good people know of that's around will be greatly received. Thanks, Josh.
  2. Hi guys, I'm Josh from Camborne down in west Cornwall. Glad to finally get myself on your site. Everyday driver is a white mk3 capri with a 2.1 pinto, escort cossie wheels, recaro half leather interior. Also own a cornish 2000E mk3 Cortina which will be up for sale soon ! Like to get up to a bit of banger racing at the weekends, but don't worry i'm not into smashing up old fords like granadas and cortinas ! Currently racing a 98 Nissan primera, sometimes see a couple of sierras on the track but thats about it ! Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you guys, the ford scene isn't massive down this far in cornwall so any updates on meets or shows down this way would be ideal ! Cheers, Josh
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