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  1. deadly456

    Bad parking

    May need some t- cut
  2. Orange all the way for me
  3. Pete dont sell it,I'm sure you will miss it when it's gone. I say I'm going to sell mine all the time ,but my wife says you will forever regret it
  4. deadly456

    RIP Ron Harris

    RIP Ron
  5. deadly456

    What kind of pants man are you?

    Pants I don't have to pick out my arose every minute
  6. Been looking at classicford tickets and noticed a classic ford and ford fest combo,what it ford fest ???????
  7. GJUK great pic pal,sure I seen car a pod last year
  8. Zpower,it is infuriating and I understanding.I finally got all my stuff after 2 years and loads of calls,it had been that long he didn't even know what I had ordered. So I put some extras on and got some money back when I sold them. Good look to anyone who is still having trouble
  9. I've put comments on here in the past about him,terrible person . How he is still trading I will never know,I had a load of stress and hassle after he had £2500 for 2 years and only got £200 worth of stuff
  10. deadly456


    Mint idea,love the free style 1 though
  11. deadly456

    Ford Fair 2015 are you coming?

    I'm up for it and my mate with mk1 fiesta supersport. Did you not have 1 last year,as you usually next to classic Ford stand SebringRS Rossmk2 Antz748 x 2 mk2 mike deadly456
  12. deadly456

    Yorkshire Meet ups!

    I'm up for 1
  13. Would love to make it down to a meet,bit of a trip from Sheffield. Try and make it in summer