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  1. Pete dont sell it,I'm sure you will miss it when it's gone. I say I'm going to sell mine all the time ,but my wife says you will forever regret it
  2. Pants I don't have to pick out my arose every minute
  3. Been looking at classicford tickets and noticed a classic ford and ford fest combo,what it ford fest ???????
  4. Zpower,it is infuriating and I understanding.I finally got all my stuff after 2 years and loads of calls,it had been that long he didn't even know what I had ordered. So I put some extras on and got some money back when I sold them. Good look to anyone who is still having trouble
  5. I've put comments on here in the past about him,terrible person . How he is still trading I will never know,I had a load of stress and hassle after he had £2500 for 2 years and only got £200 worth of stuff
  6. I'm up for it and my mate with mk1 fiesta supersport. Did you not have 1 last year,as you usually next to classic Ford stand SebringRS Rossmk2 Antz748 x 2 mk2 mike deadly456
  7. Would love to make it down to a meet,bit of a trip from Sheffield. Try and make it in summer
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