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  1. Clay bar Autoglym SRP or Poorboys Blackhole glaze Autoglym extra gloss protection sealant Poorboys natty pastewax. That should give you a good finish and then keep it good by washing with a microfibre mitt & dry by patting down with a waffle towel & finishing with a microfibre. Reapply wax every couple of months.
  2. Ok I haven't touched or even looked at this car in months. It's costing me £40 a month to store so I need it gone. First person with £1000 & a trailer takes it away
  3. mmmmmmmmmmm me likey 14 inch bbs rims same as mine too Cheers, mine are 15" though and I'm going to go 16" as I think they're too small, especially with low profile tyres & lowered.
  4. Sold the Jetta at the weekend, now rolling in this...
  5. The student riots. I was in Wetherspoons eating a curry
  6. They'll look lovely on my Bimmer as well when I finally sell the Jetta
  7. You're only gonna break the halfshafts or diff which are all cheap & easy to replace
  8. Yeah it's a great project, good luck with it
  9. I'm so sick of hearing about the Prince William wedding...... I'm seriously tempted to release Maddie just to get the posh twat off tv!
  10. Does it have to be in the hatch? Mine's under the car between the fuel tank & o/s/r wheel.
  11. Stu_B

    i'm in...

    Nice, used to live down there & my housemate had a lovely mk1 Escort. My first RWD experience was overtaking a corrado into the roundabout at the top of the big hill leading out of town. Hanging onto the rollcage thinking I was gonna die as he flicked the back end out & we drifted all the way around staring at the centre
  12. Gotta love a burnout! They're best done sat at the lights
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