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  1. supersport94

    Mk3 cortina 2 door rear windows seals

    There's one in Australia 200 ?
  2. Hi can anyone help me im after some new rear side window seals for a mk3 2 door cortina but cant get hold of any new ones. Does anyone know of any other window seals that are similar that will fit? Thanks
  3. My x1 16inch rs 7 spoke alloy in near mint condition with only only a slight mark on the centre cap with a brand new hankook tyre £170ono based near Peterborough Call me on 07706389820
  4. supersport94

    15 inch 6 spoke alloys

    Thanks I've seen the 14s before but not the 15s I'll get round to doing them up one day ?
  5. supersport94

    15 inch 6 spoke alloys

    They are proper ford alloys as it is stamped on them and they are 4x108
  6. supersport94

    15 inch 6 spoke alloys

    Hi does anyone know what this is from?
  7. Hi I'm after 1 16inch rs 7 spoke alloy wheel please(same as picture) . as long as there's no buckles or cracks, condition is not a problem as it will be refurbished in white. I am located in Peterborough Cheers Kyle
  8. Hi all I'm after a set of 4 centre cars for these wheels please Thanks Kyle Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  9. supersport94

    cibie super competition

    Ha ha sorry to disappoint you
  10. supersport94

    2.3 v6 cortina engine mounts and rear axle

    Thanks mate
  11. supersport94

    2.3 v6 cortina engine mounts and rear axle

    Ok if you could mate cheers need it because putting v6 in a mk3 Cortina
  12. supersport94

    cibie super competition

    Think there competition spots because there made of aluminium
  13. Hi I'm Tring to find 2.3 v6 Cortina engine mounts and rear axle can anyone help ? Cheers Kyle
  14. supersport94

    cibie super competition

    hi bought these the other day not sure how much they are worth but they were too cheap not to get them but ive never seen the competition ones before im half way though restoring them now but does anyone know any info on the competition spots never seen them before
  15. supersport94

    mk1 fiesta supershed