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  1. and while the airbrushing is pretty good, Maybe for an eight year old ! As art, it is atrocious!
  2. Not here - service has been sketchy over the past couple of days - front page just loads blank or half load and stops ! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
  3. Depends if you can get your hands on a decent 3 piece, 3 angle carbide cutters! A single 45 degree cutter - sorry in advance - cut it! LOL! The 30 and 60 degree cutters are used to get the 45 cut seat to the correct width and provide a secondary benefit of nicer transitions. Assuming all the valves are the same length then spring seat heights may vary (subject to valve recess / projection in the chamber) will give different spring pressures, which could be an issue subject to cam and proposed rpm's?
  4. I did extinguisher use training a while ago and the guy was pretty emphatic powder or CO2 was pretty much for any 'dry' fire ie. paper, wood etc and electrical. Any fats, oils or liquid fuels then the foam is the go to, as it smothers by covering the fuel and preventing ignition. He did admit that dry powder could be used on liquid but it takes 'shed loads' of powder as it must exclude air to work (which would be difficult through a barely cracked bonnet!)
  5. Can't really answer for a mk1 in particular but I think Ray has nailed it above?
  6. Totally agree on those 'air-arsole' extinguishers! A 1kg CO2 hand held as a minimum is better than nothing but for under bonnet, i'd go foam anytime - crack bonnet and send it!
  7. I think i'd be asking for a cash settlement 'due to the complicated nature of the claim' . . . . . . . yeah its more work for you - but do you want it done right or not? I generally always settle for cash and fix things myself and mostly i'm in profit at the end!
  8. Unlikely - the stalk just directs the pulses left or right and an earth fault wouldn't allow the light to light and cause the others to flash faster due to the lowering of circuit resistance!
  9. Nothing wrong with a 'bit of mix and match' - I like it, its got the look of a doorslammer just right!
  10. I'm confused as I thought if the valves were both closed in a cylinder it was between compression stroke and power stroke and gaps for that cylinder could be adjusted - all other valves would be opening or closing and so not adjustable? Ot is that what you mean by 'rocking'? Rocking to me means 'loose' / not under spring pressure / having a gap? And the rule of 9 requires no more engine turning than your method - #1 & #2 - check #8 and #7 etc. etc. Either case its no more than two revolutions - hardly a big chore LOL!
  11. That's if your cam is ground accurately and you can rely on the figures that come with the cam! If I wanted to be super accurate, i'd measure max valve lift 0.050" either side, allied with a degree wheel and split the figures but if you are adjusting #1 where do you measure - oh yeah #8 !!! LOL! Yes i'm an argumentative git!
  12. Eh? 1 + 8 still equals nine whether its a tractor or a race engine! Its not a definition of measurement just an 'aid memoire' to identify which valves to look at / adjust.
  13. Exactly - fairly foolproof!
  14. My first thought also - unfortunately LOL! Surely your insurance works the same as ours ie. the vehicle shall be reinstated to a condition that it was before the incident inclusive of parts and labour and be paid for by the offending parties insurance. The body shop shall quote or an assessor will compile the value of loss - this is where classic cars are a problem - you can't get the parts or they are extraordinarily expensive and so the insurance co will try to right off the vehicle and offer a cash settlement which tend to be piss poor! Start getting your evidence of parts availability and costs inclusive of carriage as you should not be out of pocket for someone else's mistake + if this is your 'daily' then claim for a hire car whilst yours is repaired. As a biker i've had insurers of people that have caused collisions, try to piss me around - i've taken two of them to Small Claims court - and won! It can be a fight but it can work out, just don't give in or accept first offer!
  15. katana


    Isn't a twin bowl odd in a RWD car - I assume there is only one pick-up? so effectively the front bowl just collects sludge?
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