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  1. Yeah! Its different - shame they didn't tuck the spare away and obvs ran out of blue paint for u/side of the lid, but otherwise its ok!
  2. Not altogether convinced on that one . . . . . . There is a distinct flair on the bottom of the bronze car which is absent on the white one, and the Blue oval would imply a later car ? 78 on - how long were Mk1's around?
  3. Can't imagine they will be common but the title has got an appeal - Twincam Anglia - like it!
  4. FFS! You own a classic Ford - everything will be expensive! To do it right all the glass and rubbers need to come out - old rubber & glass don't like being disturbed - take care!
  5. The TVR is waaaay beyond hideous - makes an Eclat look good! And the Toyota looks like Noddy's car but I guess some ducklings do turn into swans.............................eventually!
  6. katana

    Just plain wrong!

    LOL - never liked V12's even std (nor the E type V12's) so not likely!
  7. katana

    Just plain wrong!

    No there isn't! This was the only drop top. Not my thing but Koenig are well respected builders so why not?
  8. Not a lot - I like drums but not enough to keep them on my RS - i've fitted discs LOL!
  9. 8.5 or 10.0mm cable will be sufficient - could double up on 6.0mm if more convenient? HD Ring terminals at ends, flux'd and soldered (unless you have a hex crimp die) and finished with heatshrink.
  10. Please stop calling brake shoes - brake pads! ! ! Shoes live & work in drums - pads live in calipers and work on discs! It grinds my gears when it's said wrong!
  11. #1 - not the foggiest LOL! #2 - Lotus Eclat #3 - Porsche 356 #4 - Triumph Herald #5 - Ferrari Testarossa #6 - Volvo P180 #7 - TVR 3000M? #8 - Deffo a Ford LOL! #9 - Stack of Porsche 914's #10 - Ferrari 246 Dino.
  12. Wouldn't some glue be first choice? Might get another 25 years out of it? Anything mk1 is going to be rare and spendy!
  13. Which is why general recommendation would be - use a dyno! If it runs and drives (even badly) it can be dyno'd. It'll cost you a couple of hours and probably a few jets but its cheaper than internet tuning!
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