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  1. Oooh a lawyer would love you to say that - its tantamount to admitting there IS something wrong and you are choosing not to declare it! Reducing the price is part of negotiating a sale based on faults or discovered problems, your not offering a warranty!
  2. Sold as seen and tested means what it says - no come back unless anything you said is and can be proven as untruthful - tell him to swivel !
  3. Don't mean to harp on but LED or not if the fitting isn't certified (proper IP rating) for use in a) and enclosed shower and b) in a toilet enclosure likely to have moisture in the air can be potentially lethal - more likely to f**k up your day than smelling of diesel ! Sorry as an Architect I get a bit touchy about things like this
  4. Hope you'll change the light fitting? Posh tiles
  5. Ok - i'm right handed so read picture left to right and assumed filter after pump - now see you are pre-filtering? And I get the volume thing but you aren't achieving it like that. To get volume you would need two independent feeds to the pumps, then join out feeds into one of approx 50-100% bigger diameter. As the picture, its plumbed for pressure but strangled on the in feed side! Think carbs - what breathes better / or passes bigger volume of air . . . . . single Solex or twin 40's?
  6. Why two? The single fuel line, in and out is strangling both. And the filter is fitted backwards ie. you should be able to see the crap before it goes through the pleats.
  7. Really - these cars are from an era before Clear Coats and 2 pack paint - it was Cellulose or nothing!
  8. Yes Ray he can do that but learns nothing - you may as well go over an do it all! We all learn by experience, Huge has already learnt that he is a magpie attracted to shiny, expensive baubles, oh, and impatient as well! I can't remember if your garage roof trusses span side to side or front to back because if you try to lift the engine AND gearbox out, and you've still got the car sitting on those spare wheels, the crane arm is likely to hit them. It may be easier to separate them IMO
  9. Never really rains in Holland anyway - light showers mostly
  10. Huge got the uprated version that was only fitted to Twin Cams, Rs2000's, Mexico's and RS1600's LOL! I actually didn't know they had the extended ht. pick-up - obviously Ford knew fuel would get / have water contamination, shame Ford didn't make the tanks rust resistant at the same time!
  11. What annoys me the most is the almost automatic addition of 'Sport, RS2000, Mexico' when it was never fitted and would look right out of place if it were!
  12. No purple spots indicating restriction - nice uniform colour!
  13. But surely you are outside the EU so VAT isn't chargeable this side - what you get hammered for in import charges is another matter!
  14. Where are you getting these prices from? Grayson Website - all the same?
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