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  1. Its a simple circuit - if the light works via switch then its getting power so its either the door switches that aren't earthing correctly or dirty contacts in the light, Boot light is wired into the side light circuit so its on all the time the sidelights are on - no switch!
  2. https://classiccars.fandom.com/wiki/Ford_Granada_Altair So being 'designed' in 1980, Ford would have been using those wheels for a while and Ghia just 'went with the flow' - why redesign the wheel so to speak?
  3. Like it or not the DVLA cannot divulge the info you want due to Data Protection - this service was withdrawn about 3 years ago. And unless the owner is a member here its unlikely you'll find out where it is. Its obviously squirrelled away somewhere either under resto or as an 'investment' - either way, the purchase price maybe what you may call excessive as most cars seem to be these days!
  4. Get out! - exit stage left you Heathen!
  5. You are quite correct - so the guy can ask what he wants!
  6. I'm surprised you aren't complaining about it missing a couple of doors!
  7. Bound to be! Boris says there won't be, so that means everyone bend over and prepare to be rogered! I just love the naivety of the Government expecting a foreign company to charge a VAT amount - that could be different to their own countries duty - keep it separate to their own VAT receipts and then pay it to the UK HMRC every 3 months! Even most of us don't understand the 'import duty' that used to be added by the PO on goods from outside the EU and I think it was 9%. What pisses me off is the tax on a tax applied, say, £100 item + p&p £10 then add 9% ID, so another £9.90, then you get hi
  8. You can buy new from Autosparks - not cheap but is brand new which is no bad thing!
  9. Bow to your better 'resto' knowledge but didn't know Blue Beta cloth was a thing ! I thought Beta only used with mk2 RS models and then only Beige, Brown and Black? I've seen blue cloth used in mk1's but didn't think it was Beta?
  10. I think I prefer the original !
  11. Don't care what the blurb says - Unless its of Australian heritage its not a Flat Front RS2000! It is a 2.0L Mexico. I don't deny its a nice car - just not a RS2000! Other than Aus, no flat front RS2000's were produced anywhere for road use, purely homologated competition use! Why Ford choose not to fit a BDG engine to an RS1800 is a mystery that would have obviated all this crap is anyones guess LOL!
  12. Probably a locomotive top half, a load of Russian tractor axles, an asthmatic diesel and all held together with bailing wire - at a guess LOL!
  13. Er - that is exactly what its built to do - just happens that class rules dictate it has to be road legal as well! And as its not yours, he (the owner) don't care what you think LOL! I think its blinding - proper sleeper - NOT!
  14. If you'd started with that first up you might not have got such a terse response - you brought the subject up!
  15. I don't have anything against the Mk3, even the wheels are fine (for a change on a Aus car!) but the interior - NAH! It's very well done but just doesn't jell. And yeah those wheels look ok on the 'scort as well!
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