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  1. What is the timber and the shovel for? and how are they supposed to be helping?
  2. Looks like you dodged a bullet on that cos it looked fit for scrap bin! Deffo get some epoxy primer on that bare metal soonish or it'll all start again LOL!
  3. They get worn like that due to slamming into the ring gear - just an age thing!
  4. That's the usual issue and easy to do!
  5. DON'T immerse the whole unit ! ! ! Just the end with the bendix and spring - when clean this should move freely on its helix with just finger pressure. Light grease / thick oil on the helix is as much lube as it requires! The teeth are a bit tatty and could stick but unlikely - some would just exchange the starter!
  6. Picture of your cable may help as most use a Sierra cable. The adjustable section slots into the std. Escort bracket with the inner looping round a U shaped adapter linked to the H/brake lever and the non adjustable end of the outer is held in another bracket located in the tunnel wherever is convenient! I bolted mine but could be welded if feeling brave.
  7. A clicking sound 'from the engine' (not really specific that one LOL!) but allied to the other problem - how does engine turn over if starter doesn't engage btw? and i'd suspect either a dead starter motor or frozen bendix - they do accumulate crap over the years, so upending the unit and soaking in petrol / paraffin / diesel for an hour with some toothbrush scrubbing action thrown it usually cures it!
  8. Silver isn't Grey - is you colour blind Mister?
  9. If it is indeed Zeebart treated then yes it is a bad thing! Back in the day Zeebart was the 'gold standard' in rust prevention, it is a wax based product that was injected via spray into cavities and onto panels subject to damp / moisture. These cars all leaked oil to a greater or lesser degree even before their 1st birthdays - the odd drip sprays a long way when blasted by 70mph air! Cars this old cannot be treated like or expect to behave like modern cars, they leak, squeek, rattle, judder, wander, brake badly and use fuel like its going out of fashion - that is what they do, just accept it as little you can do, will change it! Oh and btw - what is '...small 👣' as this seems to appear at the end of your messages and doesn't mean anything?
  10. I got no problems with it - used on Zetec install due to varying hose diameters / non standard rubber availability and used for boosted air installations - no problems to date.
  11. Love that it was serviced at a Brit. Leyland dealer sometime, no doubt early in its life.
  12. Not to stretch a point, but a mk4 Escort ain't exactly 'Old Skool' and potentially joining 'der club' to find parts isn't really cricket old boy!
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