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  1. katana

    Struttin' what model?

    Look Escorty - not RS as these have integral steering arms! All out of guesses now!
  2. katana

    Whats the coolest thermostat you run in your Pinto?

    So.................................now its all tight - does it still overheat or not? - inquiring minds need to know!
  3. katana

    Raising the Insurance Value of my Escort

    A more PC post I am unlikely to read - love it!
  4. katana

    What make of inlet is this?

    That looks to be the World's best - 'Crap flowing manifold' ever produced! No wonder the manufr. doesn't want their name revealed! Seconded by the earlier one above - unbelievabubble!
  5. katana

    Any advantage to Alloy Diff Housings?

    If it was me - and it has been in the past - you could either get a USB storage drive (bigger than the duff drive) restart the machine, connect the external drive and transfer EVERYTHING you want to keep immediately before seeing if anything else is working or going online. Alternatively remove the duff drive, load it into a drive caddy (these can be either USB or SATA connected) or if the duff drive is SATA you may be able to connect it to the new laptop via an external port (they are getting common on newer pc's and laptops) but will probably need a power source. If it were a PC i'd just connect it and use it as a slave drive - it would be the fastest transfer possible if mechanical lifespan of the drive is short!
  6. katana

    Pinto replacement by a ST170

    Have a look at the RetroFord website - Dave has a magazine shoot pictorial install as a download which may be of some help. Only thing I would say is a pedal box isn't required if you have non servo'd brakes - the induction will fit with some fiddling!
  7. katana

    Any advantage to Alloy Diff Housings?

    Yeah CHKDSK can be scary at times and if the disc is near capacity or has a lot of runtime without 'maintenance', it can take days! Regular Defrag is also worthwhile - I did my work PC just before xmas break and I don't think it had ever been done and it took 8 odd hrs - now its minutes. Fingerprint scanner you say.....................I guess it scans your fingerprint! V. clever! Seriously its biometric security - saves remembering passwords etc just scan and go. I think it can encrypt files with the print as the key - great for James Bond, bit ott for saving a bank statement of so LOL! You still can get win 7 original discs with a key but they are OEM installer disc so your PC maybe an HP, the software will call it a Dell, works just the same....... my copy of 7 Pro cost £35 18 months ago and only got that due to some forums / website protocols not supporting XP anymore. The spell checker is irritating but its all you'll get, don't forget the US educated the world whilst beating it into submission with military might!
  8. katana

    Any advantage to Alloy Diff Housings?

    Typing this on my trusty Dell Inspiron 2200 that I got for Mapping as the Motec still runs DOS - it came with Win 98SE ! ! ! but have Win XP pro and it's as stable as you like - better than Win 7 but hasn't got the RAM to run 7 AND do anything else LOL!
  9. katana

    Any advantage to Alloy Diff Housings?

    Nah - we was all asleep! But yeah - yawn, yawn LOL!
  10. katana

    Escort MKII Rear diff and axle build

    Cor you must be minted to get the cam cover - very bling ...... very nice ...... very desirable! I think that needs special spark leads and boots? My car came with the battery in the boot but i've relocated back where it started life - it's an Odyssey type so fills the space nicely and has short run cables for max starter amps.
  11. katana

    Escort MKII Rear diff and axle build

    Query : Coolant header / pressure tank...... is it lower than radiator header tank? And has rad got a blank cap or a pressure cap on it? Looks a big chunky rad btw - should be up to the job - mind you a Zetec is a 'run hot' design so don't get too efficient with the cooling or could lead to other unforeseen problems.
  12. katana

    Whats the coolest thermostat you run in your Pinto?

    The thing with pressure caps is the higher the poundage, the higher the temp the water will boil at, ie water with no cap will boil at 100C, water under 13lb pressure (say) will boil at 106C and under 15lb pressure (say) will boil at 108C. So the higher cap pressure was helping it stay away from the critical tip point.......a 21lb cap may help further but may also expose weaknesses elsewhere. Excessive temps are usually only down to water pump / fan belt failure, rad puncture / blockage, or cylinder pressurising the coolant system. The mayo oil symptom doesn't have to be present if gasket goes between cylinder and water jacket - its a leak, jacket can't pressurise so boils @ lower temp and pukes out of the overflow! Lots to investigate!
  13. katana

    Exhaust Floor Heat Shield

    Always better to have 'too much' than wish you'd bought the longer bit!
  14. katana

    Whats the coolest thermostat you run in your Pinto?

    As said above - new problem or longer term? A new rad cap with new rubber will seal pretty effectively - the seat and neck would have to be pretty well distorted not to! After a couple of miles, the system should barely be pressurised - certainly not enough to blow water out. Either the rad is blocked internally - is it uniformly warm / hot all over the core - check it - if a cool spot, there's your problem, MASSIVE airlock possible but pretty unlikely, otherwise and you know what's coming........................... head gasket time!
  15. katana

    Rules on OSFs in Germany?

    Actually the TUV organisation started in the late 1800's for inspecting industrial machinery and inspection for cars was made compulsory every 2 years in 1951. In Germany, mods need to be recorded and certified parts used - non certified parts can be used but need inspecting, justifying and if ok will be added to the registration. Our MOT is only a 'superficial look' over but it is done every year! Race car scrutineering can only be a brief 'once over' checking essential safety items - effectively the onus is on the driver / owner saying 'it may be a pile of s**t but at this time, its a safe pile of s**t! Anyway them's the regulations - if your car doesn't comply, either you can't drive it or you buy a certified one that you can!