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  1. Saw it but wasn't convinced - the green gauges always looked naff when original - an electronic reproduction didn't improve them unfortunately! Good resto though and the owner seems to have been deserving - well beyond normal service retirement!
  2. katana

    Corona virus

    Come up to Surrey and SW London with a big net and you can catch as many as you'd like - they'll soon piss you off though!
  3. I believe Burton's import them - although some have reported defects / 'B' grade suspicions?
  4. I don't think there is anything worth saving on that! Once the rot and knackered panels are cut out, what will be left? There's not even enough to even jig to start getting it straight - sad sight!
  5. Eh? From 10 feet away, most people, even the purists, would be hard pressed to spot the differences - Lazers having slightly thicker 'spokes' and of course the taper washer seats. Wasn't aware of 5.5" Lazers - thought they were all 6" - 5.5" RS wheels are rare as you already found out and again its hard to spot difference between the two sizes.
  6. Nah - i'm social isolating from your quizzes - btw I scored 10/10 on that last one!
  7. katana

    Corona virus

    Because of this non social interaction bollux! If you don't interact you can't spread a disease and if it doesn't spread or spread fast enough you / the population don't build up any immunity and so it persists for longer! Herd immunisation is great in theory but not if it takes two years to evolve by which time the pathogen will have evolved into something else and the cycle starts again! Better, IMO, for 'healthy people' to get it, deal with it - you'll feel shite - and move on. What is the point of shutting the country down and everyone self isolating for 3 months then everyone thinking its over for it to kick off again! Madness!
  8. katana

    Hands Up!

    All essential food groups!
  9. I only see one picture - the 2nd one in portrait!
  10. katana

    Corona virus

    So the green meanie ^^^ gets yer vote as well?
  11. katana

    Corona virus

    Lowered maybe but it does look 'right' - colour suits as well and for a change - good looking wheels. But the orange coupe - yuk, vomit inducing hideousness! Sorry Scott you are ill !
  12. katana

    Corona virus

    Funny how colour and camera angle change things - Purple car looks good, nice stance - the green though, looks naff and jacked up. And agreed - that is a big boot!
  13. Still the start of the slippery slope LOL! Back in the day - about 82/83 an XR3 laid waste to my stock, 78' RS2000 - never liked mk3's since!
  14. Unfortunately a) It isn't a mk1 Escort - no Hatchbacks and b) it ain't 'old skool' - anything with plastic bumpers is too new! Sell it and buy proper metal - welcome to the Club!
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