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  1. But no replacement light so it was obviously a frivolous purchase initially
  2. Thanks dt36 - didn't say 'old skool' thinking was correct just commenting on the probable thinking behind it
  3. I guess the old skool thinking was one side would pressurise first then apply pressure to the other side if plumbed with the crossover pipe? A single line to a tee then feed to either side should obviate this but as RP2000 says most people wouldn't notice the difference and it certainly simplifies the bulky plumbing of the alternatives.
  4. One for the diaries if that way inclined . . . . . 30 May 2020, 13:20 BST Bicester, Bicester Heritage https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/261...gth=117&page=1 https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/261...gth=117&page=1 RP2000 may fancy a bid on the first, the second though is a bit too moody, not quite right !
  5. But surely if you have a leak, you have a leak whatever coolant you have - and to try driving on is folly! I've been there with SWMBO - sprung a rad leak 60 miles from home and even after 6 litres of water added every 20 miles it still cooked the engine 5 miles from home! Stop, park and get it relayed home! If anyone thinks Evans fluid will cure an overheating system they are deluded! Personally I know my Zetec is a 'hot run' designed engine - it is designed to run at 85-95 deg C ie. some 10 degrees hotter than older engines. One thing to also consider is a system can shed heat easier the higher the delta is between ambient air temp and the coolant temp - i'm used to a turbo'd Suzuki bike engine that is solely oil cooled - thick'ish oil running at 100 - 125 degrees C with a cooler approx half the size of my car rad and producing 370hp . . . . . that is a challenge on the cooling front!
  6. I haven't seen any such comments but haven't been looking for them either! The fluid appears 'thicker' than water, definitely more slippery but how any HP loss would be measurable - Hmmm! To my thinking adding 1 bar pressure over water against zero pressure in an Evans system is as detrimental for power - its probably bar room speculation and beer bollux!
  7. Good series that - good skills and his daughter can certainly weld !
  8. Don't know yet - just finished all the electrics and discovered 3 snapped exhaust valves ! ! ! So have to fix that first but hopefully it'll be running some time next month! The coolant loss doesn't worry me - Litre bottles are available, so i'll keep one of those in the boot!
  9. Not on faceache (haven't even got a smart phone - such a luddite!) so wouldn't have seen it - Think i'm sorted though, got a refurbed 2.0L head for good money, should be delivered tomorrow if all the starts align!
  10. Possible BSP or BST if taper type - plug type things usually have a taper?
  11. The bay in mine is so jammed I couldn't fit an expansion tank if I wanted to but I've gone the Evans waterless coolant route - always planned so that's sorted. Just got to repair the cylinder head now ! ! !
  12. With all this aggro, why are you fitting a gearbox more suited to a V8 - between a 130hp Zetec and English Axle - isn't it overkill? Ok if you had it, but it could have bought a sorted T9, say, and less major modification?
  13. By coincidence I was looking on the Retroford site last night for something unrelated and noticed their Ultra H/duty axle bits - Plate LSD and 18 spline Atlas Halfshafts - not cheap though!
  14. That I didn't know! I thought the English planet gears weren't big enough to take the big shafts!
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