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  1. Black wasn't on the std. range of colours but was an option on Base and Customs, just like RS alloys and Recarro's were for Base cars. My '78 / S plate came in factory Black with black interior and Alloy wheels whilst having the roll top seats. Not sure the alloys spokes were factory black but mine were.
  2. As i'm currently renewing my entire loom on my RS2, all I can say as they are incredibly complicated and more or less totally illogical in regard the stalk switchgear and the fusebox distribution. Colours are not consistent through the loom and vary from those stated on the available schematics! I'm about 50% done now, then i've the EFI wiring to do - what could possibly go wrong? One thing in the original looms that wouldn't be economically viable with reproduction looms - the weight of copper used! There are lots of sections of 3, 4 and 5mm cable whereas modern looms rarely use anything more than 2mm!
  3. Was it those that were driven by the Mafia hoods in the original Italian Job? Definitely a stylish car!
  4. The difference is the Porsche worked well the Jag not so! The silver Firenza - love it - GM version of the RS2000? The Sporthatch not keen but you can see the link to the HSR Chevette. Now if we want to spend silly money, sign me up for a Porsche 918 Spyder - oh yeah!
  5. There - corrected it for you LOL! The guys in my office always had a varied collection of what we'd now call classics - one had 2 E type Jags both 3.8 Coupe's, another had a Datsun 240Z then a 911 SC, one had an obsession with Triumph GT6's, another had a 2.0L Vitesse (which he still has - bought it when he was 16 and now he's over 50!) The Boss always had Astons - a V8 Vantage, a DB6, a DB5 and a DB2/4 (all gone now bar the 2/4 which just finished restoration last year after at least 30 yrs!) ...... Me I was happy with my '78 mk2 RS2000 Black on Black) and then a 1968 Cooper 'S' but so many i'd like to have, or at least a try of - any 911 aircooled, but in particular a 2.7 RS Carrera.
  6. Dunno about Capri Recaro's but i've got Ford Copies (ie without the badge) maybe Cortina/Capri I don't know but they do not fix straight to the runners AND fit the std mount holes in an Escort! The RS Escort Had additional seat / runner adaption brackets fitted at the factory that raises and changes the angle of the seat, that fits between the std. runners and the seat base. I'll post a picture later - its on my other PC.
  7. The Mk2 steering wheel suits the purple car quite nice - yours on the other hand is just too 'import gangsta' for my tastes LOL
  8. Can't PM pictures so i'll throw them up here. Sorry only one !
  9. I've got a virtually new RS2000 (not Ford made) one here if you want it - £60 ono collected as you are local?
  10. That really isn't how compounding turbos works ie. you don't run them 'back to back'!
  11. That is the usual technique and try to ensure there are few points that air could collect - like a hose from the inlet manifold over the cam cover to heater inlet for example. If you have a set of wheel ramps you could use them to put the rad higher than anything else - air likes to rise so will help, likewise squeezing bigger hoses to 'burp' air out.
  12. The 'author' seems to Pro/Con everything from folding chairs to Bamboo chopsticks to 747 jet engines (maybe an exaggeration there!) but you get the gist so a expert hardly and no doubt info from Google so it must be true! Don't forget the yanks get 91 octane as their regular fuel - sap's!
  13. Wow! I don't think I've read so much clap trap ever! Is the author an expert? - No, she is a Veteran (although what the hell that does for anyone in this regard I can't quite fathom), wife and mother - uniquely qualified then! IC engined vehicles have been water cooled for approx 120 years with antifreeze added in the last 50-60? Addition of which helped with internal corrosion, more so recently with the adoption of more alloy blocked and headed engines - running any of these with 100% Ethylene Glycol would be disastrous! so water is not as bad as the article seems to suggest. Evans isn't a mainstream product - adopters should understand its limitations and where the hygroscopic comment came from - who knows, never seen that ever! Octane as far as I know is used to prevent knock / detonation which is very rarely related to engine temp. more in cylinder temps which NO coolant is liable to cure! An engine is a collection if different metals and corrosion generally occurs due to electrolytic effects - water doesn't help this, in fact it promotes it. The use of Evans coolant totally removes this potential. If mine ever gets running LOL!, I shall report back of the disastrous results (if I believed that arsetickle!)
  14. I think that the internet and in particular Youtube has killed off general car reviews as anyone can do one and potentially to a worldwide audience. You need something out of the ordinary to attract people that shows things that cannot generally be funded by regular Youtube streams. Back in the past Top Gear series were 12 episodes long with so - so content, now they are 6 episodes with higher cost content - I imagine in the longer term they will be down to 4 at greater cost / more daft until it will be un-financially viable - certainly if publicly funded! For normal car enthusiasts there is Car Sausage, Wheeler Dealers, plenty of American stuff - all moving towards 'bigger & better' nore expensive end products. Regular 'Haynes manual' type programming just has no jeopardy or excitement to attract viewers - all takes to long, doesn't condense into a 1 hr. programme, this used to feature in the motoring magazines across many months - a Austin Mini Cooper restoration took about 18 months as I recall - all eagerly awaited, no instant gratification in those days!
  15. Which are used in the above kits - strange that no other manufacturers types are suitable ! ! !
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