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  1. As always 2 sides to every story - did make me wonder why Aus. was ordering Froggie Nuclear boats but having them redesigned into Diesel power at $$$M's when Nuke boats ultimately cheaper - weird! That's a joke if ever I heard one LOL!
  2. Ah #8 is probably Aussie Ford then - I missed the eucalyptus trees LOL! And then #10 would be 2nd guess - Japanese?
  3. The weirdest thing that I found bizarre was Australia has no Nuclear capability whatsoever - military weapons or civilian power stations! And that these new nuclear subs are only being allowed as they won't need refuelling throughout their service lifetime . . . . . . . then I guess they get farmed off to some other poor sucker to deal with the nuclear waste by-products! Nice one Australia - keeping the 'green' credentials whilst still mining and burning mountains of coal LOL!
  4. Ok - I'll have a stab at . . . . . 1. Jag XJS 2. Ford Consul Capri 3. MGB GT 4. Bavarian Murder Weapon 3.0 CSL 5. Ford Taunus Estate 6. You are having a Giraffe! 7. Ferrari 250 GTO - but the nose is wrong / modified! 8. Its maybe American and Ugly! 9. Ford / Shelby GT500 10. Something German?
  5. The tea leafs guide dogs obviously chose the truck as that colour scheme blends into the crowd so well - what were they thinking! LOL!
  6. Only practical as city only cars - even a commute would kill them without a recharge + unless you go the slowest route you'll never keep up with reasonable traffic flow = a car with no useful purpose - typical French car then LOL!
  7. We can't help that most of yours got turned into Fosters tinnies!
  8. I saw a bit about this but not the full 'in's & out's' as is usual LOL! The Coniston Museum has been there for ages and although everyone knew where the boat was, they couldn't be 'bothered'? to go and retrieve it. So a private individual does so and makes efforts to rebuild / restore it - no doubt spending a small fortune doing it - only for the museum to tell him what he must and must not do with it! So, i'm torn, yes it would be nice to be exhibited as a historical record, the guy is entitled to some payback as he's done the graft from what I can see - the museum shouldn't have spent money on a display, maybe spent it on recovery and resto first!
  9. As English axles have been used on many Ford Models from the 50's through to the 80's it would be hard to identify exactly - Popular's, Anglia's, Escort's and Cortina's etc. But that diff ratio 1: 4.125 is usually reserved for lower powered variants ie. 1100cc or 1300cc as they didn't have the torque to pull higher ratio's!
  10. Very nice but how does someone with a severe drinking problem achieve such excellent work LOL!
  11. I dunno? What is 38,000 and 27,500 in Australian Shekels these days . . . . . . . about £5.000 / £3,500 in real money? LOL! Rarity is a strange thing - doesn't make 'em desirable, just French!
  12. katana

    Paint stripper

    Anything you as 'joe public' can get your hands on won't do the job these days and even industrial places struggle to get authorisation - maybe far quicker, easier and cheaper to find a soda blaster!
  13. What ! Even when there are two of the earlier models for sale in Aus. right now! . . . . . https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/alpine-renault/ The Brewer and Ed did an A310 a while ago! That was an 'ok' car, just a little Tooooo French for my taste LOL!
  14. I always liked a Dolly Sprint - one of the first 4V engines with a rubbish head gasket, shame!
  15. That'll be RP2000 - he'll be waking up soon LOL!
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