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  1. Not sure its entirely performance related although hi CR engines will notice it under load - its more of its propensity for sucking moisture from the air and internally corroding elements of the fuel system never designed to be used with alcohol fuels!
  2. I've heard about this in the past but on checking the cost it may be economical for a lawnmower but at about £200 for a tankful I think i'd rather drain the whole system before lay-up!
  3. Not that I would be willing to try this but you can easily remove Ethanol from pump fuel by adding large quantities of water! The Ethanol disolves / binds to the water and because petrol is an oil, it will float over the now contaminated water to be skimmed off. Obvs you'll lose some volume plus you'd never skim off everything but should get about 85-90% from original 100% pump crap. What it will run like or how detonation prone it will be is anyones guess - so who's up for an experiment ? ? ?
  4. Nothing universal about that ! ! ! Probably why its so spendy! Bad luck - bread and grewl for you for the next few months LOL!
  5. Yeah I thought that as well! I'm using a DTA and it can do TPS reverse but the sensor still needs to bolt up correctly and the new one is single sided so can't be physically be reversed even though I can 'apparently' reverse the outputs. It can wait till the sun starts splitting the trees though!
  6. Ah - didn't realise the TPS was internal! Price you pay for retro looks I guess but the mountings are fairly universal - just need the correct rotation / start point. Good luck!
  7. Unfortunately heat shrink isn't an option - sensor connected at one end of cable and mahosive connector at the other. a little piece over the cable splice might be possible but that's all, that's why I suggested 'self amalgamating' tape - seals and protects. The Jenvey TPS IMO is junk for the cost of it - i'm replacing mine with a OEM Rover part - cost about £15 off Ebay! Only issue is its opposite direction operation so have to fit it at the most inaccessible end of the fuel rail, which means the TB's all have to come off AGAIN! Ho Hum!
  8. Tell me about the cost its beyond eye watering - and they are not the most robust things either! The internals of mine are pretty loose and the TP dances all over the place! Make busy with the scalpel, cut the sheath off and patch some new wire in between the cut ends, finish with some self amalgamating tape, jobs a goodun!
  9. I guess there is nothing stopping a person boring out the centres from 63 to 70mm to fit the 'correct' caps.
  10. Is it a 'just touching' or 'huge interferance' type fit? Although not ideal, would a 1/4" / 6mm spacer help maybe with a touch of caliper grinding? I had to do both with my Cossie calipers at the rear under RS alloys!
  11. 5.5" RS alloys only fitted to Mk1's and seemingly quite rare'ish.
  12. Figure this - if fire under bonnet you have to a) crack open bonnet to fight it and b) be close enough to fight it! Problems occur with opening bonnet - it allows air in usually with a woomph and due to b) you are in a really bad place! Maybe a CO2 or dry powder might be ok for a wiring / dashboard fire but you do have to hit it hard to smother. A mate had a fire in a 'classic' mini, luckily whilst at work in a garage and got through 2x 2kg dry powder cylinders and what a mess!
  13. Turkish will have yer caravan - it looks 'tip top' Tommy LOL!
  14. I'm not honestly convinced of the 'benefit' of handheld small extinguishers in connection with any type of car fire! I got trained by Chubb Fire to use various extinguishers - water, CO2, powder and foam and was surprised by the amount of extinguishing substance required to kill various fires, even in controlled conditions. Petrol / diesel / oil was hardest to smother and i'd imagine in connection with an engine bay fire, quite impractical with hand held equipment. Even in competition vehicles, the 'plumbed in' systems of 2.5kgs are only there to buy time for driver / crew escape or rescue, no
  15. I have seen a mk2 on a Y plate - can't be too many though!
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