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  1. katana

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    None of the Mk2's ever had elec adjust mirrors - only the little joy stick adjust!
  2. katana

    Just plain wrong!

    Likewise - gotta have guns!
  3. katana

    Pinto Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

    How else can you shut an engine down - nicely with gentle persuasion ? It's a CI manifold bolted to an even bigger lump of CI - the engine block...... which has no cracking issues. I think the manifold is just a piss poor design as plenty of other manufacturers use CI manifolds that don't experience cracking! I wonder how many have cracked after having the manifold bolts tightened TOO tight so allowing NO expansion and contraction?
  4. katana

    Pinto Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

    Not surprising - the RS cast manifold isn't (whatever anyone tells you) a performance enhancement - virtually any tubular header set would perform better! Ceramic coating is not specifically done to retain heat - that's a side effect. It is used to keep gas speed high (thermo-dynamics - gases flow faster when hot than when cold) Their other side effect is reduction of under-bonnet temps from reduced radiation. Reduced cracking - never heard of that one but would imagine any cast iron going through a water splash say, would crack, coated or not - can't think of any other situation to cause rapid cooling / heating? One thing I noticed on the photos is the 'over-size' bolt holes - are they standard? Surely Ford could drill 8 stud holes in the head with a degree of accuracy not to need 6 10mm holes in the manifold as 'tolerance'
  5. katana

    Just plain wrong!

    The 2nd picture says it all really - a Deliveroo guy delivering lunch to someone making £3.00 / hr (maybe) and someone else spending probably the GDP of a small African nation on a party? Yellow lines ? - I don't give a toss about yellow lines Peasant!
  6. katana

    Australian Twincam Thread

    Lots with Zetec's - do they count LOL!
  7. katana

    Mk1 Mk2 Escort Van

    Not thinking of selling the 'Shag Wagon' eh Vis?
  8. katana

    Not going to end well

    Even SWMBO laughed at that one!
  9. katana

    Just a quick check

    Don't know if any UK cars had oil coolers fitted as std. - maybe std. in hotter climate markets? Could be an aftermarket cooler retro-fit?
  10. I know nothing about trailers and their hitches but the moving part would seem to be part of a braking mechanism? If this isn't connected may be this is why it's 'crashing' back and forth? Isn/t a braked trailer a necessity over a certain load / all up weight?
  11. Never heard of 'Neptune Blue'?
  12. katana

    Rear discs

    So a couple of washers as spacers or a little bit of grinder action and it'll be golden - good spot. I had the same kit from RD but came with bolt on alloy caliper mounts so all mounted as it should ....... once I figured that the calipers had to mount opposite sides to normal - left on right and vice versa to get the H.brake cable pulls right - live and learn!
  13. Nordic is right for an earlier car - mine is Riviera Blue on a 79 plate which wasn't available in 77.
  14. katana

    Rear discs

    Looky! We used to have to thaw our cup o' water out in't fathers armpit whilst sucking a mouldy soft biscuit that mother found down back of sofa! Tell that to yoof of today and they won't believe ya!
  15. katana

    Rear discs

    Whilst it would be nice to think that 'Rally Design' and other smaller retailers bought all their caliper stock new from Ford - I believe it unlikely and so it's a strong possibility that it is a 'refurb'd caliper - not done very well by the sounds of it. You either strip it and refurb it yourself or swop it out for another?