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  1. Thanks for the pictures and input guys - I have found the heater fan switch plug - has the same colours! The genius that made my loom chose not to use Ford wire colours but did it to BS. colours which are alien to me! I'm relying on their pin-out / colour call out to be correct on the stalks but its guesswork on the motor - the dual plug with red and green ford colours are motor connections earth via body. Its maddening when schematic says one thing and the actual wiring (that is working) is different! But i've got something to work with so excellent work chaps!
  2. One item ticked off the list and i'm assuming electrically isolated with two contacts.
  3. Hi All, Sorting out this 'professional' made wiring loom is doing my head in so I need a few things clarified - My Mk2 RS2000 is rumoured / supposed to have an intermittent wipe ? There appears to be a position on the switch to achieve it but how is it achieved as there is no standalone timer to vary the sweep or is it all done within the wiper motor housing? Looked on the Ford Loom drawing - nowt and my original loom was so cut about i'm not sure it ever worked? Likewise the heater fan wiring - switch has 3No contacts - center (I assume) is power in with the top & bottom lugs directing power to either a resistor for slow or direct for fast fan speeds? Anyone aware of how these relate to the contact lugs on the motor - thought I had a piccy but no! 3rd - been a while since I looked at the gearbox which is a type 9 - does it have a single wire or two wire reverse switch and is that electrically isolated from the gearbox as my loom maker seems to be sending Ign. switched voltage to it with what appears to be a wire off other side to rear combination lights? I'm bound to find more oddities so be prepared for more questions as I find them!
  4. katana


    Had 10 x 6" on my Cooper 'S' - good looking old skool wheels!
  5. Happy B/Day Fella - Got you a couple of Porthole, bubble windows for the Shagwagon - carrier pigeon is SW bound!
  6. Hi, I need a favour? If anyone has currently got a Mk2 Escort with the headlining stripped out, could they take some good internal pictures across the top of the windscreen from left to right, that shows the metal profiles where the sun visors, mirror and int. light mounts - as much detail as possible. My problem is the headliner was fitted (not by me!) without any visors so although I can 'feel' some lumps and bumps behind the vinyl, i'm not sure what i'd be drilling into ! If they are big picture files, pls email to i a n y a r h a m 3 @ a o l . c o m (lose the spaces for non robots). Then that will be one more little item off the list.
  7. I'm curious - why Dry Sump a road car? What benefit do you gain?
  8. Agreed with that - with grippy tyres the axle is trying to rotate forward - anti tramp bars should prevent that, but need to be above the axle just like RS models.
  9. We have loads of those bastards round here in the south / south west london - noisy blighters!
  10. Engines are essentially all the same in regards making more power - better breathing ie better carburation / exhaust manifold & exhaust, bigger capacity, improved cylinder head efficiency - flow work, valves, compression, camshafts. Thinking sideways imagine loosing the Valencia lump/gearbox and dropping in a late model 1000cc Blade motor, engineer a transfer box with diff - yeehaar! ! ! I'd pay to see that!
  11. Unlike a bike (whose base performance will be significantly greater than a 1.0L Fester) the air requirements are much lower - you never get a situation of vacuum within the air box meaning the inlet is sufficient for engine operation so making the inlet bigger won't be of any benefit. The carb venturi's aren't any bigger so no more air could be ingested unless you change the capacity to increase breathing.
  12. I'm not a big fan of 'stangs but this one is just bonkers! Whoever came up with the idea should be certified - its mental and brilliant in equal proportions and the workmanship top notch IMO
  13. Ah - an educated bizzie ! They always turn up when least expected LOL! To be honest when I wrote my note, I did check the MOT regs and Const & Use regs but didn't expect 20 odd pages of lawyer speak that i've now lost 15 life minutes, that i'll never get back, reading through it. A pretty pointless bit of legislation as can be seen every day, on any road, you care to pick in the UK!
  14. Not so, although an officer of de law may take umbrance with either position as an attempt to disguise the reg no. from ANPR detection devices!
  15. Some that were sent to me a while ago........
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