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  1. As Vista says - no restricted licences and no additional checks - Licence renewal required after 70 and to be done every 3 years. All entitlements ie. PSV / HGV etc. can be retained as long as no medical conditions preclude them! We have similar manual / auto licencing but its the fact lots of wrinklies get confused with auto's - forget they are in drive or reverse and go bumping into things ! It may be discriminatory but a manual does take a bit of thinking about to avoid an uncontrolled take off! Is the distance thing in each direction or daily total - I could just barely get to town and back if its daily total - 10kms / 6 miles would be totally impractical!
  2. Some Audi's seem to manage stratospheric mileages with good servicing - generally water pumps have a tendency for leaking (that could be the bigger engines though) Cam belts a just regular service item - 30k miles or 3-5 years whatever the condition. A licence restriction - now that's a good idea! Let's them keep a degree of independence whilst not clogging up motorways for example + they should be banded from driving Automatics! With a choice of only two pedals, there are far too many - 'sorry I hit the wrong pedal' incidents !
  3. I believe its Thailand - the car / van features a lot on the Rallyesport website. Built there, fairly extreme spec and the bubbles are all hand beaten from sheet - their work can't be faulted IMO! - that is if its the same van !
  4. You missed the fact that the RH cut out has removed the CH from the 'real' place of manufacture LOL!
  5. Concours or not - that is a lot cleaner and more original than mine which i'd put a £25k price tag on! Its not just a car - its the sum of its parts as you might be able to get a replacement for 15 - 20k but without the extras and probably a lot of the standard bits that are the pricey bits to a) find and b) buy! Concours quality cars are heading to circa £50k mark, so I'd say £30k wouldn't be under priced!
  6. Well its RHD and it looks like a Japanese plate so the mods are not surprising! What is though, is an Anglia in Japan in the first place!
  7. Apparently the same - 95 min. by law. So we don't even get that benefit!
  8. I guess women of an elderly disposition worry about reaching up and pulling down (what can be) a heavy tailgate, so I sort of understand her reasoning! Alas i'm no expert in tailgate effort comparisons . . . . . some more modern ones are button open / close though, but maybe not $3000! Do you get Toyota Yaris's in Aus.? We're on our 2nd one, the 1st went over 136k still on original battery and clutch!
  9. Here's the photo's as promised. Thermostat is a 92 deg. one. The rail to block gasket is a bit hard but may be usable, Burtons do an installation kit for about a tenner if not. Will get in the post tomorrow
  10. I think the confusion was caused by the 'use' description against the plate part number - they are opposite between suppliers!
  11. Well the stars must be aligning today, for I have such an item - comes with most of the fitting hardware, a stat, and a Burton's Billet CNC'd stat housing that has been drilled and taped M12 for a coolant temp sensor. It was fitted then swapped out for a RetroFord one, so technically s/hand its never got hot LOL! Make me an offer and lets haggle!
  12. In those pictures - spot the non Fords - must be around Dagenham or Halewood LOL! Nice car btw!
  13. If ever there was a story to define the saying 'making a mountain out of a molehill' this is it! It was all media hype and doom mongers that kicked it all off - I heard of one guy who queued for ages just to put £1.76 in his tank - that's how mad people have become, probably the same folks who were buying bog roll by the gross last year! Social media is the other bane of sane people - the 'panic buyers' are announcing what garages have fuel and in particular deliveries of fuel - then the locusts descend and literally drain it in a couple of days, if not sooner! We normally fill up once a month and were getting low and I should have needed a full tank to do a 350 mile round trip - that didn't happen, only got filled up yesterday morning - by the evening that garage was out of fuel & closed again! F**k it - no petrol, no deliveries, no turkeys for chrimble - just cancel the whole shooting match, no point sitting at home anyway as no one can afford to run their heating with the gas and oil prices going up - Happy New Year from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse !
  14. The only likely difference between the Girling and ATE servo's is the amount of 'assistance' provided ie. the ratio. I've seen ratio's listed from 1.6:1 up to 2:1 for various servo's and I'd suspect that a particular servo ratio will be matched to a corresponding master cylinder to achieve an acceptable pedal travel / pressure / stopping power. So an ATE master may fit a Girling cylinder and it will undoubtedly work, but it may not 'feel' right, either being too heavy or too light a pedal. Only way to know is try it out!
  15. Is that a Glass sunroof inset into a cloth Webasto type folding roof, solid replacement panel - never seen one like that before?
  16. As always 2 sides to every story - did make me wonder why Aus. was ordering Froggie Nuclear boats but having them redesigned into Diesel power at $$$M's when Nuke boats ultimately cheaper - weird! That's a joke if ever I heard one LOL!
  17. Ah #8 is probably Aussie Ford then - I missed the eucalyptus trees LOL! And then #10 would be 2nd guess - Japanese?
  18. The weirdest thing that I found bizarre was Australia has no Nuclear capability whatsoever - military weapons or civilian power stations! And that these new nuclear subs are only being allowed as they won't need refuelling throughout their service lifetime . . . . . . . then I guess they get farmed off to some other poor sucker to deal with the nuclear waste by-products! Nice one Australia - keeping the 'green' credentials whilst still mining and burning mountains of coal LOL!
  19. Ok - I'll have a stab at . . . . . 1. Jag XJS 2. Ford Consul Capri 3. MGB GT 4. Bavarian Murder Weapon 3.0 CSL 5. Ford Taunus Estate 6. You are having a Giraffe! 7. Ferrari 250 GTO - but the nose is wrong / modified! 8. Its maybe American and Ugly! 9. Ford / Shelby GT500 10. Something German?
  20. The tea leafs guide dogs obviously chose the truck as that colour scheme blends into the crowd so well - what were they thinking! LOL!
  21. Only practical as city only cars - even a commute would kill them without a recharge + unless you go the slowest route you'll never keep up with reasonable traffic flow = a car with no useful purpose - typical French car then LOL!
  22. We can't help that most of yours got turned into Fosters tinnies!
  23. I saw a bit about this but not the full 'in's & out's' as is usual LOL! The Coniston Museum has been there for ages and although everyone knew where the boat was, they couldn't be 'bothered'? to go and retrieve it. So a private individual does so and makes efforts to rebuild / restore it - no doubt spending a small fortune doing it - only for the museum to tell him what he must and must not do with it! So, i'm torn, yes it would be nice to be exhibited as a historical record, the guy is entitled to some payback as he's done the graft from what I can see - the museum shouldn't have spent money on a display, maybe spent it on recovery and resto first!
  24. As English axles have been used on many Ford Models from the 50's through to the 80's it would be hard to identify exactly - Popular's, Anglia's, Escort's and Cortina's etc. But that diff ratio 1: 4.125 is usually reserved for lower powered variants ie. 1100cc or 1300cc as they didn't have the torque to pull higher ratio's!
  25. Very nice but how does someone with a severe drinking problem achieve such excellent work LOL!
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