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  1. Thanks , im gong to go for a GLX conversion , i thinks looks to much like a Taunus with square headlights,, and thats fairly common around here .. so it needs to stand out so everybody can see its a Cortina not a Taunus
  2. manage to finish one wing against the door today, the other side is nearly finished to but needs the final skim of filler and the wheels aint going on this car... it needs some wide steel wheels
  3. Thanks , not sure i agree on the square headlamps..... if i find it i want GXL Grille and headlights
  4. haha .. ive seen them on some Taunus mk1s and they did not look too bad thats why i bought them.. but i got a sett of steel rims from a mark 5 cortina im going to flip center on or have them banded Taunus mk1 on 17" http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k205/funkyhunk/taunus/P5030026.jpg Cortina mk3 on 15" http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u89/mk3cortina/MK3%20Cortina%201973/044-1.jpg
  5. Started on the wings today, as i used lower front panel from Taunus mk1 they did not really fit well. so i did some cutting and adjusting.,. then i welded the wings to the front plate and lead filled the seams. also started on the panel gpas.. sadly not ONE gap are nice and strait on the car worst are the back doors/ rear wings but i just take on at the time.. cut , weld and lead fill
  6. Started prepping the bay etc for paint //i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff135/mr_scorpio1/Mk3%20Cortina%20estate/tina1_zps739cb799.jpg[/img][/url] Thats about where i left it a few weeks back got the front wings back from blasting yesterday so started adjusting and fitting them now
  7. think im going to stay clear of the wheels. need something more retro, also need to find me an GXL grille and backing plates for the lights... more pictures coming this afternoon.
  8. Thought i should make a thread on my current projekt a 76 mk3 Cortina 1,6 GL Estate. Its imported from UK in 79 and then converted to LHD it was taken off road in 2003 i bought the car Dec 2012. i just let the pictures tell the progress so far some new parts.. not really 100% sure about the wheels yet
  9. Thanks, had some cars i know , but soon the mk3 Granada / Scorpio is 30 years old... im still waiting for it to become a classic And yes lots of nice cars on this site
  10. Thanks well its just that i needed to find the right cars ,.. my black estate i have owned 4 years now and my 95 daily i have had 3 years , and my track toy 3 years .. and they are not going anywhere.. same with the mercury have not had it long but will not sell it
  11. Now over to what i got now My american summer cruiser 1969 Mercury Cyclone fastback 351W v8 3 speed manual column shift My rust bucket.. 76 Cortina mk3 have done al lot of welding to it but still a lot to do but curently on hold for a while ( thanks to PF mag for photo my 86 2,8 tracktoy , sadly not used since 2012 My daily driver 95 Scorpio "frogeye" 2,3 dohc Ghia and my pride and joy .. soon to get a full restoration to show standards.. started like this when i bought it 4 years ago.. and after some work to get it back on the road and like this now..after A LOT of work , I think its now one of a kind
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