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  1. Yes SmokeEm, you`re right. He sent me a message a while ago, telling me that i`d been refunded. Paypal refunded me the money about an hour ago. Let`s see if the money appears in my account, as Paypal is telling that could take up to 7 days. I`ll let you know the end of this "story" when my money`s back. Cheers
  2. And sorry about my poor English...
  3. Hi, i am from Portugal, i usually buy some stuff in UK, the sellers send them to my friends company in Thetford and he brings them to Portugal. Easy... I bought a strut brace and an exhaust manifold from user Slammed last 11th September, payed by Paypal and nothing arrived to my friends company. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/79112-pinto-4-branch-and-escort-oval-strut-brace/ My friend told me a few weeks ago, that the parts haven`t arrived yet. I spoke with the seller, but nothing... I was on Retards Club a few minutes ago and the same parts appear selling at this group as you can check: https://www.Retards Club.com/groups/221430008020566/permalink/380774345419464/ If sommeone can read my and his private messages, can confirm all that. Just to warn you... Be careful! Bought lots of parts here and always trusted people. I`ll try to get my 57,35£ back, but i doubt it. Thanks for reading. Cheers
  4. Hi, i am from Portugal and i love old school Fords. I have a Mk2 Escort RS2000 and a Mk2 Granada Ghia 2.8. Nice forum you have here! Congratulations. Regards
  5. Thanks my friend. I`ll postsome pictures of my cars.
  6. Hi, i am Helder from Portugal. I have a Escort Mk1 from 1968 (Mexico replica), and a 1979 Mk2 RS2000 wich i want to rebuild soon. The Mk2 is rally prepared. I want to buy a new pinto engine with more power and a good gearbox. Regards Helder
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