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  1. Thanks for your reply’s everyone, he’s tightened up the Exhaust manifold and it’s no longer blowing and put it back on the rubber hooks as I thought. I think he was just trying it on! The car is spot on and I knew that, some people seem to forget a 50 year old car isn’t gonna have little problems like this every now and again! He has a receipt stating sold as seen so I think it’s up to him if he finds anything he doesn’t like!👍
  2. Hi I’m just trying get some people’s opinions on a car I’ve recently sold, I’ve sold a recently restored mk1 escort the car was sold as seen with no warranties given or anything like that (I’m not a dealer) and he was happy with the car he looked over it, took him for a test drive and I knocked £950 of the asking price for him. the chap lives 8hours away and it drove him all the way home faultlessly except he’s now saying the exhaust is hanging low and blowing. The exhaust is literally less then 2000miles old and in my opinion would just need a tighten and putting back on the rubber hangers at
  3. Ford Cortina Mk3 1600XL pre face lift. The car is in lovely condition for its age with only a few minor imperfections. It’s recently just had loads of work carried out including some rust and paint repairs. I have loads of before and after pictures documenting the work Carried out. The Sapphire blue paint polishes up lovely and so does all its chrome and stainless trim. Inside is in lovely original condition with only a few minor imperfections. Being the pre face lift model it has the sloping dash with the imitation wood insets. It’s fitted with its original 1600Xflow that has recently had
  4. Hello mate have you got any pics? Regards, Ben.
  5. NOW SOLD Ford Capri Mk3 LS car is in good condition for its age. There are a few bits here and there that require a little attention but it polishes up lovely and is very presentable for a 37 year old car. It’s recently just had a full detail and had the S graphics fitted. The interior is in lovely original condition with only a few minor imperfections. It’s running on 13inch Minilite wheels with Dunlop tyres that all have good tread. The 1600 pinto always fires up straight away and runs beautifully! It sounds very good through it’s 4 branch manifold and aftermarket exhau
  6. Here's my new toy, it's a 72 Mk3 Cortina 2door running a cologne V6, Real fun motor to drive!
  7. Got this reoccurring problem with my escort recently, basically it seems as if the solenoid is sticking and won't turn the car over! as soon as I give it a little tap with something it turns over and fires up like usual! Took me a while to establish exactly what the problem was as I first thought it was the starter sticking or a bad earth and it wasn't making that "clicking" sound that a solenoid usually does when they decide to pack up. Anyway I found the problem was with the solenoid so I stole one off my cortina which is practically new! I then put that one in the escort and it worked for a
  8. Unfortunately it's a engine out job, had to change my sump gasket last month, there's 2bolts at the back of the sump that are impossible to get to as the bell housing was in the way, either way it's not a huge job, can be out and back in, in a hour with a helping hand
  9. They do panels for these but they are crazy money! It put me off getting one I was looking at a while back
  10. Cheers for the reply mate! Got in all in a running now! Goes very well!
  11. Hi I've got a mk2 1300 escort and I've got a 1600xflow lump in the garage, There's 2 different clutches online and I was just wondering if the 1600 clutch would fit in the 1300 box? Or do I have to use a 1300 clutch? Silly question I know haha
  12. Glad to hear a few people use there oldskool motors daily!
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