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  1. hi katana, i will bring one to england and will post it there in england, it's a lot cheaper, would you please sent your adress in a pm, it will be still for free, becaurse you help a lot of people with info, cheers marcel
  2. if you come to the show i will bring you one, for free, i didn't see the different bolt location, when i got time i will have a look at that, cheers marcel
  3. mk1 has a 17mm bar, mk2 20mm or 22mm, i think rs could be 23mm, i am not sure, it looks like your bar is about 10mm lower mounted than ours, cheers marcel
  4. the left is a mk1, the right is a mk2, there is no differents with a rs 2000 cheers mmarcel
  5. hi the starter ona lhd is on the righthandside when sitting in the car, if you need a lhd bellhousing i could bring one to the classic ford show, free of charge, let me know if you want one, and you come to the show, cheers marcel
  6. i just got lucky, my sister will come to holland, so she will look after my mum, and i can go to the show, i am glad it's possible, i think it will be a great show to see, the ticket for my sister will be free, when this arrives by mail, i can sent it to someone from here, for notthing, we don't need it, i will let you know then, so people try to come to the best show, cheers marcel
  7. i am booked on the stand, i hope i can go, becaurse my mum just got in a nursing home, i will leave on the saterday, maybe go back on the sunday or monday. the first classic ford show on santa pod, wasn't so big, but still great, it just grew from there, i think it will be a good show, and if more people will attend, it will be great from the first show, we all make the show. i have to come from holland, so it's a big drive, but it has been great each year, this year will be the same. please try to get there, cheers marcel
  8. hi colr6, i will see you at the show, just a cup of tea, and we are sorted, cheers marcel
  9. hi colr6, these are the original ones you are looking for, they are brand new, i don't have the inner bracket, but you can make them, you just can't see them, rally pack 2000 says thery fetch big money, so i will make you a great price you can't refuse, how about zero pounds for the two, if you want them fast, i will sent them with the post, if you got time i will bring them to the classic ford show, cheers marcel
  10. booked the grey van, again, and 3 tickets, we will have a nice show again, cheers marcel
  11. hi, here in holland, the 4 doors all have the expanding foam in the wheel arch, but on both sides, it's the same with cars from belgium, it's don by ford, i don't know why they did that, maybe to make it stronger, when you need to fix the arch, you have to take it out, or it will started to burn when you are welding, cheers marcel
  12. a pinto will go on a 13 xfow box, you need a 1600 pinto flywheel, and the presureplate from an escort, this will fit the schaft on the box, and will fit the coverplate of the 1600 pinto, but the box won't last long, a 1300 will break a xflow box, mostly the small middle bearing so it will start to make noise, witch will get a lot more when you keep driving the box, cheers marcel just use the cover from an escort and the presure bearing, this will fit the 1600 flywheel, the 1600 pinto corver uses a differnt bearing, i am not sure it will fit the escort box, cheers marcel
  13. bought an other 4 door, original from greece, i got in germany, if it dosn't sell here in holland like it is, i will fix it, it looks bad, but with a few things to weld it's a solid car again, i will see how things go, cheers marcel
  14. hi eng622, you got a mk2 escort, with a kent engine, the pumps are all the same, there is no differents, cheers marcel
  15. hi RSchofield, i sent you a pm, and thanks for selling it to me, cheers marcel
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