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  1. hi rally pack 2000 and colr6 and everybody els on the forum, i am still around, i will sent a pm to you how things are, thanks for thinking of me, i still look at the forum, cheers marcel
  2. just booked 3 tickets and 2 passes, it will be 2 escort mk2 van's, see you at the stand, cheers marcel
  3. hi, i will be there, don't worrie about the plastic cars, there where not so many last year, so i don't think they will show up this year, and if we show up in big numbers, there wil be no room for them. i did liked it last year, great place, nice people, to bad about the rain, so you wait a bit, and go on, it's just water. cheers marcel
  4. hi terry, you are in luck, i got a non locking cap for a van, i am never going to use it, i like to keep my petrol in my gastank, not getting it stolen by someone, and i don't want any funny stuf in my gas tank, witch people could stick in and now for the price, i now people will ask silly money for these and pay for it, if you sent me in a pm your adress i will sent it to you, and the price will be 0 ponds, if that's good for you, it has to come from holland, and could take a few days. cheers marcel
  5. hi, here are the pictures i made, you have to up load them, i will put some up and make a comment, later, cheers marcel 2019-06-11.zip
  6. ticket sent by pm, have a nice show, i will be there, cheers marcel
  7. hi i got one ticket witch i won't use, if someone here wants it, please pm me, i will sent it free of charge, or i will print it, and give it to someone at the gate, cheers marcel
  8. hi, i got mine yesterday, i got one ticket left to give away, please pm me and i will sent it to the first one, free of charge, cheers marcel
  9. hi katana, i will bring one to england and will post it there in england, it's a lot cheaper, would you please sent your adress in a pm, it will be still for free, becaurse you help a lot of people with info, cheers marcel
  10. if you come to the show i will bring you one, for free, i didn't see the different bolt location, when i got time i will have a look at that, cheers marcel
  11. mk1 has a 17mm bar, mk2 20mm or 22mm, i think rs could be 23mm, i am not sure, it looks like your bar is about 10mm lower mounted than ours, cheers marcel
  12. the left is a mk1, the right is a mk2, there is no differents with a rs 2000 cheers mmarcel
  13. hi the starter ona lhd is on the righthandside when sitting in the car, if you need a lhd bellhousing i could bring one to the classic ford show, free of charge, let me know if you want one, and you come to the show, cheers marcel
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