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  1. booked the grey van, again, and 3 tickets, we will have a nice show again, cheers marcel
  2. hi, here in holland, the 4 doors all have the expanding foam in the wheel arch, but on both sides, it's the same with cars from belgium, it's don by ford, i don't know why they did that, maybe to make it stronger, when you need to fix the arch, you have to take it out, or it will started to burn when you are welding, cheers marcel
  3. a pinto will go on a 13 xfow box, you need a 1600 pinto flywheel, and the presureplate from an escort, this will fit the schaft on the box, and will fit the coverplate of the 1600 pinto, but the box won't last long, a 1300 will break a xflow box, mostly the small middle bearing so it will start to make noise, witch will get a lot more when you keep driving the box, cheers marcel just use the cover from an escort and the presure bearing, this will fit the 1600 flywheel, the 1600 pinto corver uses a differnt bearing, i am not sure it will fit the escort box, cheers marcel
  4. bought an other 4 door, original from greece, i got in germany, if it dosn't sell here in holland like it is, i will fix it, it looks bad, but with a few things to weld it's a solid car again, i will see how things go, cheers marcel
  5. hi eng622, you got a mk2 escort, with a kent engine, the pumps are all the same, there is no differents, cheers marcel
  6. hi RSchofield, i sent you a pm, and thanks for selling it to me, cheers marcel
  7. hi rallypack2000 just got lucky, i found number 5, it was in my mums car as a spare, i will put a 6 inch in it as a spare, they don't cost me anything, so it's no problem for me, just his postage will go up, cheers marcel
  8. hi rallypack2000, i got the wheels, with nuts, a few problems have appeard, they look like crap, they are capri wheels, with number H71AB-1007-AC-C and a centrehole from 63mm instead of the 70mm for an escort, you could make them larger and grind the last C of the rim, then they would be escort rims, i have clean them up a bit to have a good look at them, they got small rust dimps in them, witch will show up if you would polisch them. the good thing is i got them for 50 euro's, the bad thing is, they weight 21,80 kg, the wheel nuts about 1.2 kg, postage for 20 kg would be 105 euro's, for 30 kg would be 350 euro's, ridiculus, but for 10 kg is 58 euro's, one rime is 5,45 kg, it just go's over the 5 kg limit, i have to split them, i don't want to do that, i can sent them by ups, in a box, that would be the best thing, it would cost 168 euro's, i know it a lot, you just live to far away. you don't have to take them, i can clean them up a bit, and sell them to eeb43, he could sell them on the classic ford show, it always would be good for everybody sorry i could not get beter ones, there are no caps with them, the best thing is they are cheap, cheers marcel
  9. hi rallypack2000, i got him on the telefoon, i will have a look this monday, and let you know how they are, and witch ones they are, cheers marcel
  10. hi rallypack 2000, postage from holland to you would be 105 euro's, the wheels could be taped together, they will be 55 cm by 32,5 cm, and it's possible to sent them bij post, i got a friend in belgium near by, who i think has a set, they are the 5.5 inch rims, i am not sure if they are escort or capri, but i could look at the cast numbers, i think if i gave him 50 euro's for the set of 4, he would be glad, i have to say they are ugly, but i think they are not scratsed, if they are something for you i will ask him, cheers marcel
  11. hi eeb43, thanks for thinking of me, but i can't use it, i am looking for the same small axle with a 3.45 diff in it, from that axle the halfshafts have the biggest bearings, 35 on the inside, and 72 on the outside, they only fitt in that axle, it's got the same splines as the english axles. the one you got, has bearings 30 on the inside and 67 on the outside, the same slines as english axles, the halfshafts are the longest, they are used by some of the f2 boys by the oval speedway, also by the banger boys. you can put the diff in a small escort koln axle, the differents between a 3.89, and a 3.75 is 140 rpm's less, you wouldn't see a differents when drive a car. i got a few 3.45 diff's, but always interested to buy more, if the other guy here finds a big atlas axle for his cortina kitcar, i can buy his small axle. cheers marcel
  12. hi, the end caps are on there way, to colr6 and rallypack2000, i hope they can be copied, cheers marcel
  13. hi folks, the update, i got the second right one for colr6 just tonight, for rallypack2000 i got them aswell, i will put the stuff together tomorrow, and get it posted, colr6 will have it this week, rallypack2000 will take a bit longer, he just lives to far away, cheers marcel
  14. hi rallypack2000, i think it a tray for a mk1, it's got strait edges on the front, the mk2 has rond ones, i found one in my stuff, witch is strait, i will sent them to you, they could be of use for your twincam, cheers marcel
  15. hi rallypack2000, don't bid on them, i got a right one, so your set is complete, and will go to you, if have someone whom has got an other one, and someone else whom got more i believe, these will go to colr6, so you will have sets and left ones to swap, yours i will have today, and will be in the post on monday, cheers marcel
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