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  1. Hey buddy I’m very interested in your mk 1 and if it’s still available I would like to arrange a viewing.

    1. Rich T

      Rich T

      Hello mate. Have you messaged me about my MK1 escort  ive got for sale? Got a wierd notificarion. If not, ignore this message.


      Cheers Rich 

    2. Rich T

      Rich T

      Still got it and its still for sale 👍

  2. I have a mk1 escort running an atlas axle. It had mk1 escort multi leaf springs fitted which need replacing. I was advised that Capri 2.8 single leafs fit and would be less harsh a ride with these fitted. apart from the locating pin does not match up, the metal plate that goes on top of the spring and has a rectangular bush between the plate and spring is too big - as it originally had multi leaves. does anyone know if I can buy the plate for single leaf springs or can I fit a lowering block in the gap etc? thanks for any info, I’m not mechanically minded and the car is just rotting sitting outdoors. Need to try get this suspension sorted so I can drive it to a mechanic to try get bit’s done on it.
  3. Hi all. Im looking for a 2 litre pinto EFi (same as below) manifold complete please - injector rail, throttle body etc. Near to essex would be great too if possible. Thank you
  4. Ive been through neil fletcher racings website and found some bits id like to order. His email address doesnt exist and his phone number goes straight to voicemail. Does anyone have any details for him please? I bought some bumpers off him on ebay so sent a message through that but no reply. He lists on his website an indicator cancelling cam and the rubber boot for number plate light wiring i need but cant get to order anything.
  5. Hi. I know this is an old post but was just wondering which model Land Rover it was please? Series 1,2,3?
  6. Hi all. im looking for a reliable and decent re-trimmer near me in romford in essex please. i have a set of rover recaro seats and i am looking to have one side of drivers seat re leathered and the basket weave material put into the middle of the seats so it matches my back seat. ideally id love a set of the rs2000 seats in vinyl with basket weave but theres only one seller that has them and at £1700 and a bad experience before, im dubious.
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows what vehicles within the military ford have a hand in supplying parts for etc. Someone the other day told me that lamp units and some other parts are still available to nato and the military. For example. 70AG15500AA is a reverse lamp unit for mk1 escort On a nato parts supplier in wickford, they list them as 6220-99-825-5790 and status as - available on request, manufactured by ford. Part target lists it as FSC 6220 and the description is as follows MRC Parameter Characteristics ACUP Mounting Device Quantity 4 AFJH Furnished Items Cover; gasket; plate; retainer; 4 screws AXGY Mounting Method Unthreaded hole CQHK Light Transmission Design Opaque lens and translucent lens CSGX Surface Condition Color Black back HUES Color White, aviation lens and black lens MATT Material Glass lens SFCD Surface Condition Painted back and smooth back SFCD Surface Condition Smooth face Honeywell is a linked company as manufacturing them too and something is mentioned about a Hawker Beechcraft having them fitted - cannot find any pictures of the part to confirm exact specification etc but description seems right and the part number of 70AG15500AA is the cross reference number on NSNcentre website. Looking at the price poor condition units go for I was wondering if its some how possible to find new units but without the ridiculous prices being associated with mk1 escorts.
  8. Hi all. I'm looking for a vinyl rear seat for a 2 door mk1 escort please. Similar to the picture attached if poss but even a cloth one would be considered and I'll also consider a full interior too as I'm building the car up. Cheers
  9. I'm looking at getting a wilwood kit for the front of my mk1 escort. The car has a sierra rear disc conversion and I believe it has Capri struts etc as the car was bought as a rolling shell with these bits already fitted I'm looking at the wilwood powerlite kit. Can anyone advise me please on what else is needed? I've seen pedal boxes with wilwood master cylinders fitted and brake bias bar, remote servos, braided good ridge brake lines etc. I am not a mechanic so I want to make sure I'm buying exactly what is needed so that when the car goes in to be put together - everything is there ready and not causing a delay by missing items. Cheers for any info
  10. Hi all. I'm trying to put the door locks and handles etc back in my mk1 escort. All the little rubber bushes have split that hold the rods in place. Does anyone know where you can buy these or are there any newer cars that have these. I bought these off ebay but they are not flared enough and fall back out again http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111203910485?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The one I'm mainly having problems with is the rod that connects to the exterior handle from the lock mechanism. Cheers for any help
  11. Just in case anyone is local to Romford, the company is kk chroming.
  12. Looking on the net I think they are but I didn't know they couldn't be re chromed as such, didn't also expect to be shafted as the company I put them into was recommended by a local car restoration place. Have just found a company called R&S electroplating that I am emailing with pictures and see what they come back with. I'll see what they reply and I'll post it up on here. It could of been worse as I was going to put my rear bumper and rear light surrounds in at the same time as the handles. glad I didn't when I was quoted £200 for the rear bumper to be done and that probably would have come back wrecked.
  13. Cheers for the reply there. I wouldn't mind paying to have it done properly if there is a solution I.e like you said about de chroming and then repair with lead etc as I have chrome bumpers etc. the guy didn't ask me if I wanted them repaired and just gave them back to me saying that's the best he could which is frustrating as I'd paid for a job to be done and they have come back worse than they were before they went in. At the time of collecting I just guessed maybe nothing could be done hence this post lol. Cheers again for the info.
  14. Hi all Just put my door handles into a local company for re-chroming and this is how they came back Are they totally wrecked or can anything be done with them? Cheers for any help.
  15. Hello Vince, I'll give you a call when I finish work tomorrow.
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