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  1. Got them off the owners club. The 1/4 light rubbers was extruded in Vietniam on a special order, not cheap but you have to have em. Club still has some left
  2. Well msince my last post 5.5 years ago the car has been off the road and resored, well almost, just doing the last bits. 20190103_163643.mp4 20190103_143344.mp4 20190103_163859.mp4
  3. This is the announcement http://www.the-ace.org.uk/armageddon/ Not looking good.
  4. Not sure if this club knows, but ACE is about to make an imminent announcement about new legislation from the EU that is going to affect us all greatly i.e. if the legislation is not stopped or modified within the next 6 weeks the customizing, modifying or hot rodding of cars will be dead in Europe. http://www.rodsnsods.co.uk/forum/topic/ ... ions-64112 The news sounds alarming, but believe me this information has come from Kev Rooney who sits on the ACE committee. The news is starting to break out (I read it on Rods and sods) to car clubs throughout the UK. ACE will be expecting massi
  5. Currently running a 1963 Consul Capri with the running gear off of a 3000E Capri (V6 Essex) Built with lots of Burton's parts and geared to be very quick from a standstill.
  6. Just stumbled across this site, so took the opportunity to join fellow petrol heads on this site. Got a 1963 ford consul Capri with the running gear off of a 3000E capri, currently off the road having the breaks and suspension overhauled.
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