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  1. Hi mate sorry to sound daft. But we want to come with you this year do I simply pay via paypal and send you our details separately if so where do we message you cheers Pete
  2. Kink in photo under Ghia X badge I am in Barnstaple and will be attending Tour on the Moor on 16th June.
  3. I have a nice chrome one but no ends or rubber as put on my NOS bumper. It does have a slight kink but could be sorted easy. I had a NOS so did not bother.
  4. ON EBAY ITEM 252051842080. Stunningly nice Mk5 Cortina estate 2.0L pinto engined with 5 speed gearbox a great useable classic car recent restoration new tyres MOT dec only 46500 miles keep as classic or be the only one in works car park. Why have expensive car when this attracts attention. Repainted in original Sirius Red. Barnstaple Check Ebay item 252051842080 Sale due to new old Capri.
  5. I'm in North Devon if anyone going can meet at J27 M5 or I'll minster bypass A303
  6. Hi guys does anyone know when 2014 calander will be up for grabs please. Thanks Pete
  7. Yep shes a beauty ok guys like us have to keep them alive for the future classic car lover. With taste that is.
  8. Thanks for the nice post regarding my 1600E. This is what it is all about keeping the old girl on the road and just bringing back memories of days gone by to many people. Not all good I would imagine, But at shows she gets a lot of comments and adoreing looks and belive it or not many more than some of the exotic and expensive cars in our club. Have a good christmas to all.
  9. Here is my 1967 Ford Cortina Mk2 1600E Series 1 I am the second owner and she only covered 30,650 miles. And winning Best car in show has made my day.
  10. Well what can I say Ive been a Ford nut for many years my current Ford ride is a early 1968 series 1 Cortina 1600E that had one owner prior to myself and not covered 31,000 miles yet. I love taking her to shows. I am a member of an open classic car club with various type attending shows Rollers, bentley,Triumphs etc but my Cortina attracts loads off intrest. Well many years ago they could be seen on every corner, up every street, And if you never had one then you knew someone who did. But not many now and some can fetch as much or more than a Roller of similar year. Will post pics sometime. All the best Pete.
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