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  1. Took the Cortina on track at Brands Hatch at the Ford Only track evening.. Had a great time and throughly enjoyed ragging the the granny out of it... First time on any track but certainly not the last..
  2. Here's mine... Sussed out after 5 years how to add a file....
  3. We quite enjoyed the new venue (other than the weather) a few teething problems especially the narrow bridge that Scott mentioned. Great views of the track, and an awesome breakfast in the diner.. Good to catch up with everyone we spoke to and we'll be back next year.
  4. Tickets and hotel booked.. Looking forward to the new venue..
  5. We will definitely be going.. Hopefully in the Cortina, and if they open the track up then who knows we might even get a few laps in..
  6. We'll be there Col...in the Capri unfortunately the Cortina is still not ready...
  7. Nice... Looking forward to this..everybody who has been ssy it's a great weekend.
  8. We will be at the international Capri show in Germany that weekend...
  9. Cracking weekend again... And well deserved best club stand, all the cars looked amazing. Already looking forward to next year..
  10. Just booked..now hoping the Cortina will be finished in time...
  11. All booked in.. Always look forward to this show...
  12. GT carbs are the rod linkage set up I believe..
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