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  1. Hi Scott not doing the tour this year as we are on holiday see you at classic Ford show Bill

    1. Vista


      No worries mate. Enjoy your holiday. 

  2. My ticket arrived yesterday with an extra stand pass
  3. Back in bristol now after an excellent weekend in Devon that nearly ended before it started when my cam belt snap on Friday night we fitted a new one on Saturday morning and completed the tour two hours after every one else a big thanks to Scott and chris and all who helped see you all next year Bill
  4. I am interested in going can you put me down for this one
  5. My pack has arrived now we will be going down Friday morning as this is the same weekend as Glastonbury so the M4/M5 will be slow going and maybe the M3/A303 see you all there
  6. Stand pass and tickets ordered see you there
  7. Hello Scoot can you put me down for this one just the sunday if that's ok thanks Bill
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