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  1. Hi, Im after the correct adjustable mirror to fit a Mk2 Escort either ghia or rs2000. cheers
  2. Hi, On the lookout for a black RS2000 Custom fishnet interior and door cards please. Cheers
  3. Anyone got a set of genuine rs 4 spokes, the later 6x13 mk2 ones with flat seat inserts. Cheers
  4. apollo1600

    Quick mk2 wiring query!

    Hi guys, Just a quick one, this yellow wire coming from my ignition barrel turns into a insulated brown wire and I have no idea where it goes! Any ideas?
  5. apollo1600

    205 block wanted

    Hi, Has anyone got a 205 or 202 block for a pinto for sale? Just need the block please. Cheers
  6. apollo1600

    Boot spring tension mk2

    Hi guys, What's the best way to go about adding more tension to the boot springs on a mk2, is it best to adjust them inside the boot or with the boot open? Cheers
  7. apollo1600

    Rs2000 loom wanted

    Hi, I'm after a Mk2 rs2000 wiring loom please, ideally custom but non custom would be fine. Cheers
  8. Hi everyone, Just after a bit of advice, I'm looking into fitting a line lock into my Mk2 over the winter and was wondering what people recommend with regard to using an electric one or a manual valve type? Are there any benefits to either or is it really down to personal preference? If you have any recommendations for a good branded item id love to know. Cheers
  9. apollo1600

    Rollover jig

    Hi everyone, I'm after a rollover jig for my mk2 escort, has anyone got anything?
  10. apollo1600

    Rs2000 gearbox

    Based in kent. Cheers
  11. apollo1600

    Rs2000 gearbox

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a rs2000 gearbox, if anyone has one for sale give me a shout! Cheers