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  1. Hi, On the lookout for a set of 9” rear drums and back plates to fit a Mk2 escort. cheers
  2. Hi, I’m on the lookout for a Mk2 escort fuel sender with a return pipe connection in. Cheers
  3. Hi, Ive got my new cut pile black Mk2 escort carpet from my restoration for sale due to using a NOS instead. £220 posted.
  4. Hi, Im after some rear seats for a mk2 in black beta cloth if anyone has any? Thanks
  5. Looking for some original mk2 Escort front seatbelts with mounting hardware. cheers
  6. Hi, Looking for a black loop Pile carpet for a mk2 escort RS. cheers
  7. Hi, Looking for a pair of Black fishnet recaros. Cheers
  8. Hi On the hunt for a pair of cibie oscars. cheers
  9. Hi, On the hunt for a Nearside door metal window channel for a 2 door Mk2 escort. thanks
  10. Has anyone got a set of bronze door glass and quartlight glass for a two door mk2? Cheers
  11. Hi, On the lookout for a set of original mk2 escort front seatbelt assemblies. Thanks
  12. Hi, Im after the correct adjustable mirror to fit a Mk2 Escort either ghia or rs2000. cheers
  13. Hi, On the lookout for a black RS2000 Custom fishnet interior and door cards please. Cheers
  14. Anyone got a set of genuine rs 4 spokes, the later 6x13 mk2 ones with flat seat inserts. Cheers
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