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  1. Wanted: - rear 1/4 panel right side -rear panel In good condition with option courier delivery to Poland. Jarek
  2. I use Mustang 7.5 axel in my Anglia. Milton kit is design for English axel.
  3. Is it difficult to mount this set to 105 e ? http://www.burtonpower.com/parts-by-category/steering-suspension/suspension-escort-rally/4-link-kit-escort-mk1-short-type-mp203.html What else should I install Panhard Rod ? Can use this 4 link with Milton rear bolt on turret kit or do I have to use Escort turret kit ?
  4. Which Volvo model and write about discs and bracekts please.
  5. Which model of 4 pots caplipers can I use with Lotus steels ?
  6. I'm going to use Escort front suspension with Capri 2.8 Bilstein shocks in my Anglia 105 e. The engine will be Duratec with 6 speed gearbox from MX-5. I want to short shock body and stroke lengths but I don't know how much: "1", "1,5" ? What rate and length of the 2 1/4 spring should I use with Duratec engine ? I want to car sit low with 175/50/13 tyres. Jarek
  7. Hi, my name is Jarek from Warsaw Poland. My current project is Ford Anglia 1964. My car is in poor conditionits fully stripped and waiting for welding and Mazda MX5 duratec engine sitting in my garage. Cheers Jarek
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