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  1. did minichamps ever release the rs in 1.18 like they were going to back in 2008 ?
  2. found this pic on rods and sods looks like someone loved it once
  3. hello fleur,how's the old girl going.some pix's for u and one of how i wanted her to look
  4. bye bye old friend gone to a cool couple from dorset.
  5. did you try any of the one's i said before http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... highlight=
  6. try majorgeeks.com all u need is there. avast antivirus malwarebytes,anti malware spybot spyware blaster ccleaner
  7. spooner

    Gary Glitter

    lock him in a room with a randy wilder beast then see how he likes it.
  8. in that first vid the rs has the back seat missing
  9. you want one.........got £24000.00 to 45000.00 to spare http://www.lastinterceptor.com/build/costs.html
  10. the most sought after rs is slowly being restored after many years of hiding see here for the thread http://www.thetvlounge.co.uk/profession ... c.php?t=45
  11. spooner


    hello there,i'm back after a two week stint in s/wales.just looked a last posts since, 59 pages,got lots of reading to do.
  12. i take it's a 1.8 ford lump(to dark on my screen),might be the sound on my laptop,but that don't sound right on startup could be a tooth out on the belt timing
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