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  1. did minichamps ever release the rs in 1.18 like they were going to back in 2008 ?
  2. found this pic on rods and sods looks like someone loved it once
  3. hello fleur,how's the old girl going.some pix's for u and one of how i wanted her to look
  4. bye bye old friend gone to a cool couple from dorset.
  5. did you try any of the one's i said before http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... highlight=
  6. try majorgeeks.com all u need is there. avast antivirus malwarebytes,anti malware spybot spyware blaster ccleaner
  7. spooner

    Gary Glitter

    lock him in a room with a randy wilder beast then see how he likes it.
  8. in that first vid the rs has the back seat missing
  9. you want one.........got £24000.00 to 45000.00 to spare http://www.lastinterceptor.com/build/costs.html
  10. the most sought after rs is slowly being restored after many years of hiding see here for the thread http://www.thetvlounge.co.uk/profession ... c.php?t=45
  11. spooner


    hello there,i'm back after a two week stint in s/wales.just looked a last posts since, 59 pages,got lots of reading to do.
  12. i take it's a 1.8 ford lump(to dark on my screen),might be the sound on my laptop,but that don't sound right on startup could be a tooth out on the belt timing
  13. you better put the pads in the right way round first mate,the pad with the three prong spring go's on the piston side with the prong's inside the piston.
  14. keep at it mate,be worth it at the end get some TERRACOTTA rattle cans,and paint the vovo,at least it'l be a terror.
  15. spooner

    i cant sleep...

    i'll 2nd that,go mate
  16. he might have lazer's for sale,but used a pic of rs wheels to make ppl think that there getting a bargain
  17. no need to mate,you might get a little dribble but thats it
  18. if it's the sender behind the dizzy........thats the water temp sender,u'll get no oil from there,if it is wet there then it's prob the rocker gasket. the oil sender is just above the starter,if it's leaking there,pull the wire off,undo it with a 24mm socket (think thats the right size) thow it across the yard and fit a new one (about a £5.00-10.00). do not try to screw it all the way in,just till it feels tight.a bit of ptfe tape is not a bad thing but not really needed.
  19. go to ford mate,still fitted to the 2.3 scorpio block
  20. one here,bit pricy thou http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... :IT&ih=016
  21. spooner

    new ad

    must have been filmed at ba's new terminal 5
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