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  1. Apols, I hadn't spotted the classifieds section so will post my wanted ad on there, many thanks
  2. Looking to buy a very good condition Escort Mk2 1600 Auto. If you have or know of one for sale, please message me. Not looking for projects, needs to be all up and running and in good order. I'm a genuine enthusiast, not dealer etc. Thanks, Roy
  3. Hi all, Just to say hello and introduce myself. I recently bought a facelift 1973 Mk1 Capri 2.0 GT. Dark blue with beige interior. Its a std V4 Essex engine with auto box. Plans are to do a number of upgrades ie, twin headlamps, PAS with electric pump, uprated ARBs and replace Laser wheels with more original steels. I decided to convert to manual gearbox and have been working that over recent weeks. Got a long input shaft T9 5-speed box, Granada Mk1 bell housing and later propshaft. Also got a flywheel off a manual box'd engine. Not sure if this gearbox mod has been done before to a V4 but hopefully it has as I've got one big question to ask which has me stumped at the moment. Which clutch arrangement should I use. I understand the friction plate needs to be a 23 spline. The flywheel dowell pins appear to mate with an 8.5" cover plate. But I don't know which Ford model clutch parts to buy. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Roy
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