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  1. I have some 7x13 wellers in my garage was going to put them on mk1 but changed my mind
  2. I think I have a 1600 gt head ported and double valve springs fitted at work as need to fund a head for the pinto will check what it is tomorrow
  3. and if u need a spare set of bodys I have some of the none removeable arm type I think
  4. breaks ans sispention if its to be used while doing it up also just poke about for rot
  5. I think the pads were a little it u didn't copperslip the backs but nothing I noticed
  6. tarox g88s with mintex pads I have found good in the past
  7. btw koln axle the center bolts are offset to the right atlas are in the middle would still do me tho lol I need a 4 stud for my p100 instead of the lovely 5x160 pcd
  8. why not zetec insead just coz it will bolt up to the box u already have?
  9. not to be rude but there shit, I used to be removing up to 8 a week went I was fitting tires at work and I didn't do many tires always leak
  10. I agree I don't even have internet on the computer at work unless I connect to the hotspot so I only pick up the phone till I get home
  11. know the feeling every time something breaks on mine its a Friday and part cant get here till Monday or after 4pm on a Saturday when all the parts places shut
  12. I have no idea what they are but im selling thease
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