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  1. Wow not been on here for ages! just had to mot the fiesta again I cant believe its been on the road a year! where does the time go? I managed to clock up 1300 trouble free miles in it but It failed the mot on emissions. I'm guessing something to do with me fitting electronic ignition or maybe a sticky choke, anyway I adjusted the timing, disconnected the auto choke and fiddled with the idle mixture and it went straight through so must have been one of them. I have developed a noise that sounds like a wheel bearing but it isn't, I think it might be the diff bearing in the gearbox so next job is to whip the box back off and see what I can do about that.
  2. Last weekend I finally got around to lowering the rear end! I also welded in a silencer to the exhaust to make it more usable, it really was way too loud. interior pic there just for the sake of it
  3. my last mk1, another one I wish i'd kept. I sold it a few years ago
  4. If your intention is to build a fast engine out of it, why not strip it down anyway?
  5. looks like somebody tried to hide the I.d there! or maybe not? why didn't they grind it all off if they were trying to hide something?
  6. its fooking LOUD!!! I'l try n get a vid up later, revs nice n freely now
  7. Adverts with people talking properly, have you heard the latest mcdonalds adverts on the radio with the doped up wannabe gangster sounding chav girl trying to get the weed heads to buy a burger for 99p? So fu**ckin annoying. I think to myself every time I hear it "who are they aiming this at?? Idiots??" Oh yeah... thats right!
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