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  1. turbo matt

    Swap toyota engine for????

    Bump, any takers???? Swap?????
  2. turbo matt

    1300E resto number 2

    Just found your restoration as I do not come on here as much as I"d like too. Wow theres something about a 1300e that I love and as much as I love modded fords I do like a standard restored on too. Great work....
  3. turbo matt

    My mk1 project

    Looking great..
  4. i also beleave it was in the mag twice immsmr.
  5. i think it was late 99 with a red mk2 on the front.
  6. This was in classic for in the very late90"s Looks loverley...
  7. Got my issue this morning,Had a quick flick through it. Liking the sr20 powered capri..
  8. turbo matt

    2jz escort drifty van

    She sounds hard and fast just ticking over..
  9. turbo matt

    15" four spokes on a escort.

    They look good.
  10. turbo matt

    15" four spokes on a escort.

    I think they would just as its un arched,would have to roll them.
  11. I have seen the 15" 4 spokes on JBW website and in classic ford. Does anybody have a set on a mk1?? I am a lover of13" wheels on an escort as it suits then to a tee. Has anyone seen a st on an escort yet??
  12. turbo matt

    2jz escort drifty van

    Love this build..