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  1. The rear suspension looks different around the top shock mounts is it some sort of coil overs?? It looks a neat job...
  2. Liking the cage a lot, thanks for the pic. That bottom end looks good...
  3. I brought one of them years ago from a badge decal supplier here in the uk. Never used mine. Will have a look...
  4. I have a front pair of clears and was looking for a rear pair and colour the reflector and tail light so I had clear rear indicator. When they were available I didn't want a pair....
  5. I have wondered if mk1 escort rear light lenses could be 3d printed? I know the inside of the lenses are textured. As I would like a clear pair to play with...
  6. Just found your restoration as I do not come on here as much as I"d like too. Wow theres something about a 1300e that I love and as much as I love modded fords I do like a standard restored on too. Great work....
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