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  1. Just found your restoration as I do not come on here as much as I"d like too. Wow theres something about a 1300e that I love and as much as I love modded fords I do like a standard restored on too. Great work....
  2. This was in classic for in the very late90"s Looks loverley...
  3. Got my issue this morning,Had a quick flick through it. Liking the sr20 powered capri..
  4. She sounds hard and fast just ticking over..
  5. I think they would just as its un arched,would have to roll them.
  6. I have seen the 15" 4 spokes on JBW website and in classic ford. Does anybody have a set on a mk1?? I am a lover of13" wheels on an escort as it suits then to a tee. Has anyone seen a st on an escort yet??
  7. I remember working on the v6 tranny ambulances when the company i worked for got the contract. Road tests were fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Fiesta in the park is on next sunday at godmanchester. If it wasn"t on i may have popped down.
  9. How did you mod the springs to fit as i know mk2 leafs are wider than mk1"s Does look nice on 4 spokes...
  10. welcome, love an estate had one years ago loved it. Have an uncle that lives in desbrough too.
  11. 3 point harness. Seen that done in the back of a mexico..
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