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  1. amber gambler

    Nudgers mk2 Escort project

    Great work Well done
  2. amber gambler

    My mk1 escort 1.1 super 1968 totally original :)

    A rare find They don't come much better than this
  3. amber gambler

    MK2 respray

    It's a genuine 1979 1300 Sport at the minute it is running a 1640 pushrod BCF cam polished and ported head electronic dist I have the original 1300 Sport engine and wheel's tucked away if i want to turn it back 100% Shay
  4. amber gambler

    hello everyone one im doing for mate

    Looking good Kenny Well done Shay
  5. Few photo's of my 1979 MK2 1300 sport. Just back in action after having a full respray.