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  1. am looking for a 2L slandered pinto engine for the wife's mk1 escort must be a very good engine ( no fattle or knocks ) plz
  2. hi all i am looking for a mk1 fiesta drive door cas wating
  3. looking for recaro rolltop seats must be in vgc and two rear seats money waiting
  4. am looking for a mk1 escort 2door must have mot and tax and in very good condition I have the cash here for the right mk1
  5. thanks for the info but am waiting on daz271 getting back 2 me thanks john
  6. here are pixs off my mk2 rs and my old mex / sport hope you like
  7. Am on the look out for a mk1 escort 2door for the wife cos I sold her mk2 escort harrier lol now she is doing my head in about a mk1 now lol so if you have one for sale pm me your mob number Thanks John
  8. Hi all am Hollywood fae fife and am on the look out for a mk1 escort 2door so if you have one for sale then send me a pm John
  9. We will be at the lakes this year with all the Scottish boyz
  10. Nae luck here mate just hard work and a lot off £££ lol
  11. Thanks for the nice replies peeps .. the yellow one is getting a other engine and box put in it at the the moment and I hope to have it done in time for the lakes this year fingers crossed lol
  12. Hi all am fae fife Scotland and own a rs2000 & 1600 sport I will try and get pics up soon ok
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