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  1. Yeah planning on going next Saturday, so I will see if I can tempt someone to sell.....I'm looking for a 2 door budget 14k thanks both for your help
  2. Hi as the title says, looking for a mk1 or 2 cash waiting Steve 07793542195
  3. He he well let me know when you have
  4. Sounds good, what sort of money are we talking
  5. Hi On the hunt for a good mk1 escort. if anyone is thinking of selling up, give me a shout. Cheers Stephen 07793542195
  6. Great event with some top tin, had to leave early but looking forward to the next one.
  7. Hi Lovely mk 1, how much are you after? and didn't this sell a couple of weeks back? How come your selling it so soon? cheers Stephen
  8. Hi yeah ive seen it, looks nice, would prefer a mk 1 ideally but its good money for a nice spec escort. Thanks for your help
  9. Hi i'm on the lookout for a nice mk1 or 2 2 door escort. Really after something thats ready to enjoy that has been someones pride and joy. I owned a mk 1 13gt a few years ago that was a lemon and would like to find a nice honest car this time. I have cash waiting for the right motor, im in no rush to buy so anyone thinking of selling soon and wants to give me a heads up thats fine. cheers Stephen pm me or email me vaughanstephen@rocketmail.com
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